The REMY FX Elite Lasers are Available with a $4K-$6K instant DISCOUNT! Plus receive up to $7K FREE Guaranteed Success Package.

Premium High Power Class 4 Therapy Lasers

FDA cleared Class 4 therapy lasers ranging from 9W to 90W. Superior Class IV Therapy Lasers with unparalleled versatility and performance. Dual, Tri-wave, and Quad 4-wave, High Intensity Laser Therapy Machines. Enjoy faster, smarter, and more effective treatments in 2-5 minutes. Our comprehensive laser packages include everything you need to launch your practice into success fast.

Advanced Class 4 Therapy Lasers: Power, Precision, Performance & Results

Unrivaled Quality, Versatility and Affordability. For Concierge Service & Support Call 1-800-575-7963

Find the Ideal Combination of Power, Wavelengths, Features, and Price for your unique needs. Starting from 9W or 10W Single-Wave options, all the way to the NEWEST, highest-power 90W, Quad 4-Wavelength REMY FX Elite, + 30W & 45W Dual & Quad. Hands-free Class 4 Laser packages are also available with all MEDRAY and REMY lasers. Additionally all Class 4 Lasers include 50-100+ Laser Protocols, & a $3k to 7k Complimentary Guaranteed Success Package that includes: Hand-Pieces, Training with Certificate for your entire team, a Proven Customized Marketing Package, Ongoing Support & Free Shipping. We stand behind our 20 year reputation with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Words are cheap, but experience is priceless. Let us take care of you! You’ll be glad you did.

The Future of Powerful Light Medicine is Here Now

You Have Seen the Rest. Now Learn About the Best Class 4 Therapy Lasers for Rapid Pain Relief and Rehabilitation! Our Class IV Lasers are available in various distinct categories, all designed for maximum performance for patients and user, with many versatile features.

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See Class 4 Lasers in use. Learn more about what our lasers can do and how you can use them.

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Affordable, High-Quality Class 4 Lasers for Practitioners

Some of our customers have been skeptical about how we can provide such high quality class 4 laser equipment at 30-60% less than other companies. The answer is simple. Lower overhead, no door to door sales team, or expensive showrooms. We have been providing lasers and medical equipment online for 20+ years, saving our customers money with exceptional products and service. Once customers experience our laser products, 100% of them celebrate their savings, experience a rapid ROI on investment, enjoy incredible clinical results with patients and value our training, marketing assistance and dedicated customer support. Your SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

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Over 20 Class 4 Laser Therapy Machines for Sale at Affordable prices, with exceptional quality, service and support. No BS. Our business is taking care of you with honesty and integrity. We look forward to earning your business and providing top level assitance.

We are Dedicated to Providing Affordable Turnkey Class IV Laser Therapy Equipment Packages. You get FREE Shipping & Training, a 5 Year Warranty, Over 50 Built-in Preprogrammed Protocols, 2 eBooks with over 500 Laser Protocols, a Customized Full Color Marketing Package with Unbeatable Service & Support.

Choose from 20+ Class IV Laser Models from 9W to 90 Watts with 1, 2, 3, or 4 Wavelengths. Class 4 Therapy lasers Priced from $8,950 to $24,995. Our Customers Love our Flagship REMY Classic SPORT/PT/LAC 30W Dual or QUAD, and for Practitioners who can afford the absolute best, most powerful Class IV Therapy Lasers, we offer the REMY FX ELITE Models:

 REMY FX90 ELITE 90W QUAD – The all time BEST Technical Laser Package EVER. A Complete “Game Changer!”
• REMY FX45 ELITE 45W TriWave – Perfect for a wide range of practices and  modalities.
Enter the realm of PHOTON DENSITY. All lasers live or die by their ability to maximize Photon Density. The FX ELITE RULES!

Customers often come to us comparing another class 4 laser for sale, such as LightForce Therapy Lasers, LiteCure Laser, Eltech K-Laser, Aspen Laser, GigaLaser, Pegasus laser, Summus Medical laser, Diowave and others. The fact is, we guarantee that our lasers are comparable or better on all metrics of quality, performance, features, FDA clearances, effectiveness and specs, while cutting out the middle man to reduce the cost to you. We will gladly help you to compare specs and ensure that your needs are met with quality, power, service and support at the most affordable price, guaranteed. Following are links to some comparison charts:

Compare REMY FX ELITE with other Class 4 Lasers such as: SummusLightForceKlaser, and Aspen

The Class 4 lasers for sale that we offer only use the newest, state-of-the-art components, cloud based software operating systems and precision surgical grade quality laser diodes, resulting in a more advanced, powerful, compact and effective class 4 therapy laser, at the most affordable price. Click Here if you want to learn about treating Peripheral Neuropathy with Class IV Laser Therapy. Our Class IV Therapy lasers are high quality, built to last, and they all have the best FDA 510k Clearances. Some REMY lasers are also CE Cleared for our customers in the UK and Germany. 

Why Buy from and Discover Lasers LLC

We Value Every Customer and Pledge to Provide YOU with Exceptional Products and Service. Discover Lasers LLC is an Online Therapeutic Laser Pro Shop with over 20 Years of Experience online. We are a dedicated team of Laser specialists and Doctors who are committed to your success. We will help  you get up and running fast, with high performance Class 4 laser therapy equipment that you will love. A+ Rated by the BBB and Accredited Since 2008 with many 5 STAR Reviews. Now you can help your clients get out of pain & recover faster, while increasing reliable and significant cash profits. Class 4 Lasers help you bring in more clients and earn higher revenues. Class IV therapy lasers are only Sold for use on humans to Medical Practitioners, or by order from a Dr to home users. Purchase for Veterinary, Equine or Animal use has no additional restrictions.

Our lasers are used by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, Equine Care Specialists, Acupuncturists, functional medicine and pain management clinics, medical practicesveterinary hospitals, equine facilities & top sport leagues throughout the country. We look forward to serving you too, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Discover Lasers LLC - Dedicated to providing outstanding laser products and service. 

Now offering 20+ Class 4 Laser Therapy Devices for Practitioners Including:

Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Rehabilitation Facilities, Pain Specialists, Veterinarians, Equine, Podiatry, PT, DO, DC, LAC, LMT, Athletic Trainers, Sports Teams with Sports Injury Recovery, Acupuncturists, Clinics & Hospitals. It is now possible to treat the widest range of conditions with speed and effectiveness, due to multi-spectrum wavelengths and high power densities from 9 Watts to 90 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) and pulsed. All of our Class 4 lasers are fully adjustable and programmable from cold laser to hot laser. You can dial in the exact specifications you want, or choose from any of the many fully integrated preset protocol settings that can combine numerous pulsed sweeps and continuous wave to deliver a comprehensive and effective treatment every time.

Why Buy a REMY Class 4 Laser or MEDRAY Class 4 Therapy Laser from

When compared with Lightforce Therapy Laser, K-Laser, Summus Laser and all the top brands, you can see from the specs and comps that the power, wavelengths, and features are comparable and yet, in many cases we have a longer warranty, superior training and the most comprehensive FDA 510k Clearance, which includes Pain Relief, Relaxing Muscles, Reducing Inflammation, Supporting Rehab, Treatment of Warts and Fungus and basic Surgical Procedures (due to specialized handpieces, medical grade laser diodes and premium wavelengths). Our REMY Laser training and Certification is done at no charge (a $2000 added value) with our Medical Director, who is one of the world’s top laser docs for 20+ years. 

• Our prices are the most cost effective and the added value features can’t be beat, including dedicated concierge service, professional training with certification, customized marketing kit and dozens of built-in touch-n-go protocols, plus hands-free capabilities.

• With you get factory direct pricing made available directly to the consumer. Manufactured by  a team of laser practitioners and master engineers. We know the important components and features that make the best lasers in the industry and most of our lasers have a 7 year proven track record of reliability. We also know the importance and value of supporting our customers with complimentary training, and dozens of built-in touch and go protocols for the whole body. You also get immediate, free access to our in-house brochure and poster designer. Our professional marketing templates will help you to quickly and easily get the word out to your patients about the value of this additional therapy that you now offer, helping to speed up your new income stream and ROI with your new laser therapy patients.

• Class 4 Therapy Lasers offers the ULTIMATE in Pain Relief Therapy without drugs, surgery or side effects! We empower practitioners to better serve their clients, while improving working conditions and cashflow.

• We Have Over 20 High Quality Class 4 Therapy Lasers, and 2 Portable High Power IR+RED Light Therapy Devices and 1 Shockwave System to Choose from.

Free shipping, Free education, Free training, Free eBook Protocol Guides with Purchase, Free customized marketing packages. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED! Click Here for a 2024 Guide to Class 4 Therapy Lasers PDF

About and Discover Lasers LLC

Celebrating 20+ Years of Service as an Online Therapeutic Laser Pro Shop. We are a dedicated team of Laser specialists and Doctors who are committed to your success. We will help  you get up and running fast, with a high performance Class 4 therapy laser machine that you will love. We always include at no additional charge, FREE Training with Certification, a Marketing Kit to help speed your ROI and more. 

We are A+ Rated & Accredited by the BBB Since 2008 with many 5 STAR Reviews.

Are you wondering, “What is the best Class 4 Laser for Sale?” When you compare, price, power, performance and service, we deliver the best Class IV Laser models and options on the market. RAPID Pain Relief in 1-5 minutes, Rehabilitation, Deep Tissue Therapy, Wound Healing, joint and spine care and much more including FDA Clearance for minor SurgeryWart, Bunion and Fungus Removal. Providing Exceptional Lasers for Practitioners, Clinics, and Hospitals. We have the Best PAIN RELIEF Class 4 Chiropractic LasersPhysical Therapy Lasers & Sports Lasers to rapidly melt pain, regenerate cells and tissues, restore cartilage and range of motion. We also specialize in Class IV Veterinary Lasers for Clinics, Farms, & Equestrian Rehabilitation that cover both pain/rehab and most minor surgical applications in a single, lightweight, easy to use, FDA Cleared Class IV Laser.  

Get to know the Most Versatile and Affordable Physical Therapy Laser for Humans Here and for Animals Here.

Now you can help your clients get out of pain & recover faster, while increasing profits. Class 4 Lasers helps you bring in more clients and earn higher revenues. Class IV therapy lasers are only Sold for use on humans to Medical Practitioners, or by order from a Dr to home users. Purchase for Animal use has no additional requirements. Our lasers are used in top clinics, medical practices, veterinary hospitals, equine facilities & sport leagues throughout the country. We look forward to serving you too, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

More About Class 4 Lasers

Guide to Class 4 Therapy Lasers and Class IV Laser Therapy Equipment



It explains and compares Class I, II, 3b and Class 4 Lasers, provides an overview of the the most popular wavelengths and clarifies the difference between pulsed, super pulsed and continuous wave laser therapy applications. Download your free copy now.

C4 Laser Concierge Service

Call for Exclusive Laser Assistance from Mr Kalon Prensky, 20 Year Laser Specialist, Author and Teacher. 

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Watch the Videos & Learn About REMY Laser Therapy & Training & Medray Chiropractic Lasers

View this Class IV Laser Training and Demonstration Video to see our REMY SPORT/PT/LAC 30W QUAD Laser in Action. A popular and highly versatile Class 4 laser package.

See All 12 REMY LASERS Here: 9W, 10W, 27W, 30W, 45W and the NEW 90 Watt Models. Turnkey Class 4 Therapy Laser Packages for Practitioners, Physical Therapy, Podiatry & Pain Management.

Click Here to see MEDRAY Lasers for CHIROPRACTIC:  30W QUAD & 45W QUAD + Hands Free Class 4 Laser Options.
Guaranteed Best Prices!

Discover Lasers LLC is an Unbiased, One Stop Laser Therapy Shop. Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau - Online Accredited Since 2008 with Many 5 Star Reviews.

We offer several top laser brands. Over 20 laser models to choose from. We specialize in a wide range of Class 4 Therapy Lasers, High Power Optical Red and Infrared Light TherapyCold Lasers, low-level lasers, and healing lasers for all types of laser therapy applications and consumers.

We specialize in serving Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Athletic Trainers, Veterinarians, Equine laser specialists, and Pain Management Practitioners who want full-featured lasers with up to 45 Watts of power at affordable prices. New products are coming to market all the time and while some are good, many are questionable, or simply way overpriced. We test the lasers so you don’t have to. Ask us for help, we love to support our customers. Ph 800-575-7963

Our Class 4 Lasers are FDA 510K Cleared for purchase and use by Practitioners or by home users with a Dr note or for Animal Use.

All of our Class IV Lasers are easily serviced in our Florida service center if ever needed, and they are manufactured from the newest and best quality components, built to work all day every day and last a decade or longer. All of our lasers are FDA and 510k Cleared and Some of our Class 4 Lasers have received FDA 510K for surgical procedures and therapeutic rehabilitation for Podiatry and Veterinary applications. Other FDA clearances include Toenail Fungus, Aesthetics, Inflammation reduction and Pain Relief from countless complaints, and rehabilitation across the board. These are high quality, multi-purpose therapy laser for treating the widest range of issues. 
Click Here For REMY CLASS 4 THERAPY LASERS in the  UK & EUROPE w/ CE Mark

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