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INTRODUCING: The LZR UltraBright Class 4 Powered Light Therapy Device with Class 4 Speed, Yet No Prescription or Glasses Needed.

20W LZR UltraBright on Face
LZR Ultrabright-On Shoulder-768x432-1

LZR UltraBright comes in 3 models and the newest one features up to 20 WATTS OF POWER with dual wavelengths. This is true power, not pulsed or super pulsed power. True class 4 power but without the high cost, no prescription needed and so safe that glasses are not required. It also covers a large treatment surface area (7″ x 4″) and treatment times are extremely fast at just 30-60 seconds per large area.

DISCOVER the LZR UltraBright, which comes in 3 models, all good for humans and animals.

LZR UltraBright on Dog
LZR UltraBright on Dog
LZR UltraBright vs LED

Fantastic for humans and animals of all ages and types. 
The LZR UltraBright is the closest thing to a Class 4 Laser for Home Use without the need for a prescription. If you have the budget for a full featured class 4 laser and you have a prescription, then give us a call and our concierge service will assist you and provide training with a Doctor. However, ANYONE can buy the most powerful 20W LZR UltraBright and start treating themselves at the “speed of light”. Built by a team of Doctors and a Class 4 laser manufacturer. You can now get the speed and performance of class 4 laser therapy for home use at an affordable price with 3 models to choose from and NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED. Doctors are even using them on their clients and renting them out for rehabilitation at home.


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UltraBright OPTICAL Class 4 LED Power delivers FAST Red and Infrared Light Therapy like never before. With this form of optical power we can deliver high dose laser therapy. A true therapeutic dose of healing energy in a blazing 30-60 seconds. Far more powerful than any other LED Light therapy device we have tested over the last 10 years. Manufactured in the US by a team of Doctors and a Class 4 laser manufacturer. The equivalent of Class 4 laser for home use. Healing with lasers is easy when you have the right product. This next-generation technology is available in three models. 20 Watts, 12.5 Watts or 10 Watts. All three units combine Red Light and Infrared Light for maximum therapeutic benefits.
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People often ask, where can I get more laser protocols and how do you know what points on the body to use? Every laser and light therapy device purchase INCLUDES exclusive training along with over 500 Light Therapy Protocols at no additional charge. Learn more at our website: Learn more



Over 500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols. Buy one book and get the second book FREE. Learn how to apply cold laser therapy (CLT) to affect positive benefits for hundreds of symptoms and conditions, naturally, painlessly and with ease. Order online

The LZR UltraBright Light Therapy Devices are also great for: Vet, Pet, Equine, Canine and small Animals.

Choose from 3 LZR UltraBright Models Here. Call for FREE Assistance 800-575-7963

TESTIMONIAL from Dr Ghazi –

I LOVE my LZR UltaBright 12.5 Watt!!! My friends love it too, and my mom loves her 10 Watt LZR UB10W for her knees and brain! She was having issues remembering words with her age of 86, and is doing amazing now after just 2 weeks of twice daily brain sweeps! I’m hoping it helps her incontinence as well, since her knees and shoulders are so much stronger since starting the LZR UB therapy daily. I have also started using my second 20 Watt unit in my clinic and patients are doing remarkably well. My partners are stunned!!

Thank you so much for these great products. They are honestly life altering for me as well. I have been using the LZR UltraBright for my Necrotizing Vasculitis, which causes massive vein and nerve edema (of up to 800% enlargement on MRI and ultrasound scans); as well as painful open sores on my legs (vascular eczema). The damaged blood vessels released inflammatory cytokines and histamine causing burning and itching in the skin and deep down into the bone where I cannot reach. I have been using this device starting at L5 and S1 segment of my spine traveling down along the course of the sciatic nerve to the back of the knee and then tracing all 3 branches of the sciatic nerve to my feet and shins. I probably spend 1 minute over the spine and sciatic nerves bilaterally, 1 minute on the thighs and back of the knees where the sciatic nerve splits, and then 1 minute between the shin and calf on each side and then 1 minute over each foot top and bottom. It is absolutely remarkable! It stops the burning and itching within a few minutes. The UltraBright has done a remarkable job healing the open sores quite surprisingly and eliminating a lot of the prior scars and discoloration that have developed over the last 15 months of having this disease. It is absolutely outstanding and has allowed me to continue working throughout the day without the need for pain medications.

– Dr Ghazi

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