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Kalon Prensky

20+ Year Laser Specialist, Founder of Discover Lasers LLC &

Dr David Zuckerman DPM
Location: Cherry Hill , New Jersey
30 Years Experience working with Podiatrists, Chiropractors, PT’s and Animal Care Providers.

Executive Profile – Who is Dr Zuckerman?
• Board-certified podiatrist with over 30 years of experience.
• CEO and Founder of Zuckerman Future Technology.
• Direct importer and designer of FDA cleared Class 4 high powered, light-weight portable therapy Lasers.
• Co-Founder and CEO of Clearly Beautiful Laser Solutions and the Co-Founder and CMO of Excellence Shockwave Therapy.
• Serves as the Podiatric Medical Director and Partner at Aspen Laser
• A member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society, the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Core Accomplishments
• Introduced extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to the Chiropractic profession, and, along with the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors, worked to pass regulation to enable chiropractors to use ESWT in New Jersey.
• Selected as one of the Top 150 Podiatrists by Podiatric Success in 2012.
• Trained over 700 podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons in the use of ESWT for upper and lower-extremity Tendon Pathology.
• Published numerous articles about ESWT and laser technology in Podiatry Today and Podiatry Management.
• Developed the Remy Laser | 30 watt, Class IV Laser | Clinical Indications: Therapy, Pain/Inflammation, Fungal Toenails, and Warts with no need for local anesthetic

Professional Experience
• Zuckerman Future Technology LLC CEO and Founder
• Developed the Remy Laser System available through
• Obtained FDA 510 K for Pain, Fungus Toenails and Wart Treatment with or Without Local Anesthetic
• Developed the Remy FX Laser the only 45 watt triple wave laser under 10 lbs. available through
• Podiatric Medical Director, Partner 2014-current, Lecture, train and assist physicians in the use and operation of Chiropractic & Podiatric lasers that increase practice revenue
• Implemented a self-pay business model to enable doctors to increase office revenue.
• Developed the nail, pain and wart protocols for the Nexus and Diowave Laser systems.
• Lecture and certify Chiropractic and Podiatric medical assistants on the use and safety of lasers.
• Excellence Shockwave Therapy, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer 1999-current, Co-Founded the company to teach non-invasive ESWT procedures and practices. Formed the first Podiatric ESWT company and the first company to use shockwave therapy in an office setting. Developed ESWT procedures for the podiatry profession to treat Achilles Tendonitis,
Sesamoiditis and Plantar Fasciitis.
• Lecture at the local, national and international level on lasers and ESWT procedures. Develop management webinars to teach doctors about the scientific background of ESWT and about patient management.
• Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery, New Orleans, LA
Scientific Chairman, Board of Trustees 1986
• Developed the minimal incision surgery cadaver course for the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Organized podiatric seminars and training modules.
• The Foot Specialist, Private Practice, Woodbury, NJ 1983-2012
• Helped develop the Plantar Percutaneous Partial Fasciotomy under Fluoroscopic viewing. Treated many professional athletes in the National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League.

John F. Kennedy University Hospital Medical Center, Stratford, NJ
Surgical Residency 1981
Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Kent, OH
DPM, Podiatry Medicine and Surgery 1980
Upsala College, East Orange, NJ
Bachelor of Arts, Pre-Medicine 1976

Need a Class 4 Lasers? Contact 18 Year Laser Specialist, Mr Kalon Prensky at and when you buy a REMY laser, your training and certification will be scheduled with Dr Zuckerman. Just our way of saying thank you for doing business with Discover Lasers LLC.

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