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Why Class 4 Laser Therapy?

Does it work for both Pain Relief and Injury Repair.

Laser therapy is the application of therapeutic wavelengths of light and sometimes frequency to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Application of the laser beam over the skin or injured part of the body delivers a flood of photons (energy packets) to support healing and ATP synthesis. Specific wavelengths penetrate the tissue at different depths where it interacts with various molecules (chromophores) that cause different biological effects such as Analgesic pain relief and tissue regeneration.


Therapeutic lasers aka deep tissue lasers provide a non-invasive and cost effective tool for practitioners to provide superior care for their clients. Laser therapy helps Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, Sports Medicine and Pain Management Practitioners to work better and faster. It supports your goal to provide higher quality patient care and improve your patient’s quality of life.

Class 4 Laser therapy has been used to treat pain and inflammation associated with:

• Acute and Chronic Pain• Soft tissue trauma
• Arthritis & Osteoarthritis • Join regeneration
• Ligamaent sprains• Strained Muscles
• Edema• Tendonitis
• Nerve regeneration• Repetitive stress injuries
• Lumbar & SI Joint Issues• Inflammatory Issues of all kinds
Class 4 Laser Therapy does more in less time than any other tool, device or technology

Discover Lasers LLC & offers numerous Class 3b and Class 4 Laser Therapy devices for practitioners online since 2013.

There is a broad range of prices and styles of laser therapy equipment to choose from. Some years ago we used to only sell the higher end, expensive class 4 laser brands. However, we noticed that due to the extremely high cost of the most common name brands, most practitioners could not afford them. In the last few years some dramatic improvements have been made that make it possible to have comparable quality and performance for approximately half the price. Now we specialize in these more affordable, high quality class 4 lasers and are able to help a lot more people, which is our ultimate goal.

The REMY CLASS 4 LASERS and MEDRAY CLASS 4 LASERS are backed with a 5 year warranty for quality assurance and are built to the highest standards of performance with all the same bells and whistles of the big brands such as dual, tri or quad wavelengths, full color graphics, color touch screens, 25 preset protocols, multiple emitter options, light weight consoles, power outputs from 9 Watts to 45 Watts and much more. Our customers love these lasers and their clients love their treatments and the results that follow.

Check out the different models and price points and/or call an 18 year laser specialist, Mr Kalon Prensky for help in getting the right product for your practice at the best price. CALL TOLL FREE 800-575-7963

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