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Class 4 Lasers Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What is a Class 4 laser?
A. The FDA classifies lasers from 1 to 4. A Class IV Laser is any laser device that the FDA has determined is powerful enough to pose a significant risk of injury to the eye. Consequently, being class 4 does not necessarily make a laser more effective, as that would depend upon what you intend to do with it and how you use it. Some Class 4 lasers are used in health and medical settings for a wide range of therapeutic applications. Others are used for construction, cutting, burning and by hobbyists such as high powered laser pointers.

Q. Can you buy a Class 4 laser? or Who can buy a Class 4 laser?
A. Therapeutic Class 4 Lasers are typically in the range of 1 Watt to 60 Watts and can be sold to people in different ways. Clinical use Class IV Laser can only be purchased by licensed practitioners. However, if they are being purchased for use on animals, no license is required. If a patient or individual wishes to purchase a Class 4 laser for personal use, they must present a prescription for laser therapy from a licensed medical professional.

Q. How dangerous is a Class 4 laser?
A. Class 4 visible-light lasers pose a significant risk of injury to the eye if direct exposure to the retina occurs without correct eye protection. They can cause burns to the retina. A person cannot turn away or blink fast enough to prevent retinal eye injury from a Class 4 laser. Prevent all eye exposure to beams from Class 4 lasers. Additionally burning can occur to skin and tissues if the laser is left in one spot for long enough. The time for this to occur depends upon the power output of the laser. The higher the power, the more important to keep the laser emitter in constant movement to prevent heat buildup.

Q. Are Class 4 lasers illegal?
A. Therapeutic Class 4 lasers are NOT illegal. However, there have been some Class 4 laser pointers which have been sold illegally, can cause severe eye damage and are not permitted for sale in the US.

Q. What is Class 4 laser therapy and does it work?
A. Class 4 laser therapy stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which drives many of the processes within our cells. This increased production of ATP helps speed up the healing process within cells. Laser therapy is a safe and effective solution to relieving pain and inflammation. It helps the body to heal without invasive surgery or potentially harmful medications. Over 5,000 studies demonstrate the positive effects of laser therapy, and it has earned approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat a range of conditions.

Q. What is the difference between a Class 3 and Class 4 laser?
A. The use of low level lasers is increasing in medical applications. Most of these lasers are in the so called Class 3B category, meaning lasers with a maximum power of 500 milliwatts (mW). Lasers with higher power are in the Class IV category and can deliver powers between 501mW up to 60,000mW (60 Watts) or potentially even more. The most popular Class 4 Lasers produce 9 or 10 Watts, 27 or 30 Watts, 45 Watts and 60 Watts. Prices typically increase with increased power.

Q. How much does a Class 4 laser cost?
A. Class IV lasers are able to deliver up to 1,500 times more power than Class III lasers. As a result, they reduce treatment times and offer greater penetration. Class IV lasers range in price from $7,000 to $50,000. A popular starter Class 4 Laser is the 9 Watt PILOT Diode Laser. The REMY Lasers come in 9-45 Watt Configurations with single, dual, tri or quad wavelengths for a wide range of practitioners including Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Sports Practitioners, Trainers, Veterinarians and Animal Care Specialists. The MEDRAY Class 4 Laser is very popular for Chiropractors and comes in 10W, 27W, 30W and 45W outputs with single, dual, tri or quad wavelengths.

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