Cold Laser and Class 4 Laser Therapy International Clinical Studies

Understanding Laser Therapy is to understand that not all lasers are created equal. Over the years we have gained the knowledge that some lasers, certain power outputs and specific wavelengths yield superior results than others. Contact 20 Year Laser Specialist Mr Kalon Prensky if you would like support in choosing an ideal laser for your […]

How do you choose a laser for your practice?

Pulsed Wave, CW or Super Pulsed Laser, which is better? Class 4 Lasers vs SuperPulsed Lasers and Cold Lasers – How do you choose? Cold Lasers and Class IV Lasers emit light via laser diodes in three primary methods: Continuous Wave (CW) Pulsed Wave (PW) Super Pulsed Wave (SPW) Continuous wave therapy lasers emit a […]

BONE Healing with Laser

Research and Clinical Studies that Support Bone Healing and Osteogenesis with Laser Therapy Treatments. Photomed Laser Surg.  2014 Mar 20. [Epub ahead of print] Therapeutic Outcomes of Low-Level Laser Therapy for Closed Bone Fracture in the Human Wrist and Hand. Chang WD1, Wu JH, Wang HJ, Jiang JA. 11 Department of Sports Medicine, China Medical University , Taichung […]