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500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols

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Laser therapists are often asking, what else can I do with my laser?
Are there more protocols available for cold laser therapy?
How do you know where to use the laser for what symptoms and conditions?
Can you use a laser on the micro-systems?
How do you use a laser on the micro-systems?
How do you know what points on the micro-systems to use?
How do you know what points on the body to use?
And many other questions.

The point is, a book has been written that teaches you about body points and micro-system points and provides many pictures and charts and descriptions. It lists hundreds of symptoms and conditions in alphabetical order, for easy reference, providing 2-8 master points for each issue and provides images of the points on the body as well as descriptions so that anyone can locate the correct points.

If you would like to learn more, visit this page about Cold Laser Therapy, the 22 Acupoint Healing System

Cold Laser Therapy eBooks
2 Cold Laser Therapy eBooks with Over 500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols

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