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Guide to Affordable Class 4 Therapy Lasers

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When is a Class 4 Laser Therapy System the best choice? 

Class 3b lasers commonly deliver 100mW to 500mW of Power. There are 1000mW in 1 Watt. Class 4 therapy lasers typically start around 9 Watts and go up to 60 Watts. Over the last decade researchers and the medical community have been steadily raising the clinical dose for laser therapy. It has been revealed that the amount of energy or joules/cm2 that a body can handle to produce a significant clinical outcome is much more than was previously understood. Thus, Class 4 Therapy Lasers are the optimum choice for numerous reasons and the most popular Class 4  Laser Therapy systems now range between 27 Watts and 60 Watts. Why? Because, higher power maximizes photon density, which dictates depth of penetration and overall saturation of target tissue at the root cause of the issue being treated. is the official manufacturers representative of numerous Class 4 Therapy Laser brands including REMY, MEDRAY, LZR7, ProMax and SuperMax. Scroll down to review a comparison of different class 4 therapy lasers and see for yourself why Class 4 Therapy Lasers are rapidly gaining in popularity, in spite of some controversy over the years.

Class 4 laser choices

Class 4 Therapy Lasers are preferred for users who:

  1. Want to have the option of higher dosage, which is translated to joules per cm squared (j/cm2)
  2. Want to have the shortest treatment times (higher power translates to shorter treatment or more j/cm2 in a given time)
  3. Want to treat larger areas such as in neuropathy (due to fast treatments, can quickly move from one point to the next)
  4. Want superior pain control through increased power and depth of penetration
  5. Will be treating a wide variety of tissue injuries with both high and medium dosages
  6. Need to treat very deep areas (higher power density = deeper force of penetration)
  7. Have a higher volume practice
  8. Can afford a higher-end high performance laser

Class 4 laser therapy systems deliver the energy much faster than Cold Lasers and Class 3b lasers because they typically use fiber optics. Also, because of the high power output, they typically warm the tissue, which feels good to the patient and builds confidence, because it is obvious that the treatment is in process, compared to cold lasers, which don’t elicit much of a sensation. Dramatic pain relief and increased range of motion is often experienced within minutes as inflammation is reduced and a flood of photons creates nearly instant ATP in the cells. Additionally, pain blocking and feel good endorphins are released, which are like natural pharmaceuticals released from the brain to support healing, pain relief and mood elevation.

In cases where the energy needs to be delivered over a large or deep area, the extra power from a Class IV therapy laser keeps the total treatment times at less than 12 minutes, with some locations needing only 1-3 minutes and an average treatment is approximately 6 minutes. Practitioners gain the ability to cover more areas and support consistently positive clinical outcomes. The extra power also allows practitioners to deliver class 3b dosages in just a couple minutes or go to higher dosages for superior pain control. All these class 4 systems can deliver medium dosage like you get in a higher quality class 3b system but you also have the choice to treat larger areas faster and deeper, and provide more consistent, faster pain control. It is up to the practitioner to decide how to use the system and all Class 4 lasers sold at include training to ensure the best results. For fast and effective ease of use, the REMY and MEDRAY laser systems come preloaded with dozens of the highest quality protocols for the entire body. MEDRAY also offers a hands free unattended PRIME PLUS package that is effective and extremely unique in the industry, saving practitioners time and money. 

Over the years, there has been some controversy in the therapy laser market about class 4 lasers and their performance vs safety when compared to lower power cold lasers. This controversy is mainly driven by class 1 – 3b cold laser manufacturers spending their money and time downplaying their higher powered competition, to scare people away from what is often a superior product. Since 2003 we have sold thousands of class I, II 3R and 3B cold laser options. The fact is, until just 6 years ago, Class IV therapy lasers were typically $30,000 to $50,000 and not a practical investment for the average practice. We understand that class 4 laser therapy systems are not for everyone, however, now that we have been able to bring prices down by 30-60%, there is really no reason to not get a class 4 laser. Practitioners are getting wise to the many undeniable benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy and making it available to clients is a “no brainer”. 

In the end, the efficacy of CLASS 4 THERAPY LASERS has put them in the top clinics and medical practices throughout the world. Prices have come down significantly and we have seen great strides made in the quality, usability, safety, training and performance of class 4 therapy lasers. In many cases, higher dosages provide better, faster and more consistent results. These days, class 4 laser therapy has become the “standard” in most laser-dedicated pain clinics, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Veterinary & neuropathy treatment centers.

Following are 6+ Affordable Class 4 Laser Reviews and Comparisons:



 Remy 30 Watt 2-Wave

30W, 27W, 10W 9W

• 9 Watts to 30 Watts 
• Wavelengths in Pulse & Continuous Wave (CW) 
• Laser Models with Wavelengths in Single, Dual or Quad
• 5 Year Warranty
$8,950 – $14,995One of the highest performance class 4 laser systems at an affordable price with handsfree option. Personalized Dr lead training with certification.  Marketing package, ongoing support, 5 yr warranty.
9 – 27 watt Up to 4 Wavelengths Pulse & CW

$8,950 – $14,995

One of the highest performance class 4 Chiro systems at affordable price with optional Class 4 hands free, unattended option, 5 yr warranty and online training with certification.
PilotPilot Laser9 watt 810nm Pulse & CW$7,995We have discontinued offering the Pilot Diode Laser due to unresponsive manufacturer, lack of supply and support & it is over-priced for the power and features. 2 yr warranty

30W 45W & 60 Watt models

$9,995 & Up to $20,000+We have discontinued AccuRay lasers due to lower quality standards, customer feedback & 2 yr warranty
Remy FX45 SetREMY FX30 & FX4545 Watt TriWave 
30 Watt Dual Wave
For those who want the very best with maximum power and versatility, plus highest quality German Diodes, up to 6 emitters and personalized training. Includes cart, marketing package, 5 yr warranty.
klaserEltech K-Laser12 – 20 watt Quad Wavelength Pulse & CW$19,990 – $45,000Built in Italy, a popular laser, but it comes at a significant price. We prefer REMY & MEDRAY options

Class 4 laser systems are just like other lower power systems except they deliver the energy faster. The higher power pushes the energy faster so that you can get to your target dosage (at depth) in a shorter time. It is the wavelength of light that determines the efficiency (based on RATS: reflection, absorption, transmission, scatter) at pushing the energy deep. If the goal is to deliver maximum energy at depth and get a photo-chemical reaction, you want one of your highest power wavelengths to be in the 810nm range. This is the wavelength with the highest efficiency at producing a photo-chemical reaction in tissue.

In cases where the energy needs to be delivered over a large problem area, this extra power keeps the treatment times at a fraction of the time compared with class 1 through 3. The average class 4 therapy laser is 10 to 50 times more powerful than a lower class laser.

Dosage equals average power X treatment time, so if you are targeting the same dosage, a 10-watt laser will accomplish in 1 minute what it takes 1-watt to accomplish in 10 minutes.

The extra power also allows practitioners to deliver class 3b dosages in just a couple minutes or go to higher dosages for superior pain control. You can also use the extra power to distribute energy over a larger area which often helps support the surrounding inflammation to help people feel better faster. This is nicely accomplished with a laser roller ball, allowing for a soothing laser massage over an extended area to dramatically reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and distribute photonic energy over a wide area.

If desired, class 4 system can deliver medium dosage such as you get in a class 3b system and lower power systems, but class 4 systems give you the choice to treat larger areas, deeper areas, do shorter treatment times or provide better pain control. It is up to the practitioner to decide how to use the laser.

What are the 3 downsides to Class 4 laser therapy systems:

  1. They are more expensive than class 1 to 3b systems
  2. They must be kept moving (in general) if delivering over about 1 joule/second/cm2
  3. They have a higher potential risk of eye damage. (This is extremely low if everyone wears safety glasses)
Class 4 laser choices


We offer the most Affordable Class IV Therapy Lasers with the most comprehensive 510k FDA Clearance Options than any other brand. For the very best in power, features, warranty, training and affordability, consider the REMY PT, REMY SPORT, REMY FX or MEDRAY CLASS 4 THERAPY LASER SYSTEMS:


 REMY FX30 & FX45

REMY FX30 Watt Dual Wave 
REMY FX45 Watt TriWave
REMY FX60 Dual Wave

30W27W10W 9W

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