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MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Training

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Class 4 Laser Training for Chiropractors with MEDRAY Lasers

MEDRAY Lasers has teamed up with the MEDICAL LASER Research and Educational Training Academy to provide a comprehensive Training Program with Certification. Upon purchase of any new MEDRAY Class IV Laser you will receive via email two get started files: 

1. The Ultimate Setup and Usage Guide for your new Medray Class 4 Laser.

2. The Training & Certification Program as PDF. Contains an advanced Class 4 Laser training program for Chiropractors, PT’s and Medical Professionals that is broken down into 4 training modules with a relevant quiz for each module. This allows for you and up to 5 additional team members to complete the training, plus quiz for each module. Receive up to 6 personalized certificates with successful completion by up to 6 technicians.


The Medlaser Photomedicine (Laser Therapy) Training Program is offered free to all Medray & SuperMax Laser Customers. The Program features 4 modules with learning objectives and quizzes for each of the four lesson modules, plus official Certification documents. The Medlaser Foundation’s Laser Training Program is the finest training program of its type ever offered, and is free to anyone who purchases lasers from Medray. Video consulting is available for only $295, and is for as long as you own your laser!

MEDRAY Training Example Certificate


Upon completion of your training you should be able to understand:

  • Medical Laser Safety
    • Identify the safety risks for lasers
  • Describe procedures for safely working with lasers
    • Scientific Basis of Medical Lasers
    • Discuss the theory of the production of laser light and radiation.
    • Discuss the difference between continuous wave, pulse, super pulse and intermittent laser output.
    • Describe the most beneficial model of laser light penetration.
    • Define the terminology used in connection with medical lasers.
  •  General Laser Therapy Principles
    • Describe how laser therapy promotes analgesia and reduces inflammation
    • Explain how laser therapy accelerates wound healing
    • Identify proper dosages, settings, and procedures for applying laser therapy
    • Describe proper techniques for applying laser therapy

The Medical Laser Photomedicine (Laser Therapy) Training Program

The Medlaser Photomedicine (Laser Therapy) Training Program is offered for FREE to all Medray & Accuray Laser Customers (a $1,250 value). The Program features 4 modules with learning objectives and quizzes for each of the four lesson modules, plus official Certification documents. The Medlaser Foundation’s Laser Training Program is the finest online training program of its type ever offered, and it is free to anyone who purchases a Medray laser.    



  • Fundamental Basics of Laser Therapy – Overview  
  • Laser Therapy Terminology  
  • Laser Therapy Contraindications  
  • Laser Setup and Operation    




  • Benefits of Photomedicine – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Effects  
  • Electromagnetic spectrum  
  • Primary wavelengths  
  • What are Chromophores?  
  • What Human Factors Impact Photomedicine Benefits?  
  • Photochemical Reactions in Biological Systems  
  • What Happens when Photomedicine is Absorbed by Chromophores?  
  • What is Mitochondrial Respiration?  
  • What is fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)?  
  • Enhanced Cytokine Modulation  
  • Enhanced Immunoregulatory Response  
  • Heightened ATP Synthase    




  • Laser Safety Checklist   
  • Differences between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation  
  • Three mechanisms by which tissues are impacted by photomedicine  
  • Protection for the skin and the eyes  
  • CDRH, ANSI performance standards and protocols  
  • Maximum permissible exposure  
  • Descriptions, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4 laser systems  
  • The Laser Safety Officer, duties and responsibilities of…    




  • The nature of energy medicine  
  • Physical laws governing the transference of electromagnetic energy to living tissues  Laser Stimulation vs. Laser Inhibition (L.S. vs. L.I.)  
  • Energy – How much is too much?  
  • When does laser stimulation end and laser inhibition begin?  
  • How to Calculate Energy Density, or Dosage  
  • Continuous Wave vs. Pulsed, Phased, Fractional, or Gated Wave  
  • How to determine which laser mode will determine optimal treatment outcomes 

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