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8 Tips When Shopping for a Class IV Therapy Laser

As a doctor of chiropractic or as a practitioner in a field that could benefit from using a Class IV Therapy Laser, there are several features and benefits that you are probably looking for in a product and vendor to help support your purchasing decision. In other words, you may want to consider the following 8 tips as you look to make an investment in your next Class 4 Therapy Laser:

  1. Power output: Class IV lasers offer higher power output than Class III lasers, which means they can penetrate deeper into tissues, provide significantly faster photon delivery and greater therapeutic benefits. I would look for a vendor who offers lasers with power output ranging from 9 Watts to 60 Watts.
  2. Wavelengths: Different wavelengths have different therapeutic effects. For example, 810nm is good for pain relief, while 980nm is effective for inflammation, 1064nm allows for overall, the deepest penetration and 650nm is ideal for soft tissue and wound healing. A vendor that offers a variety of wavelengths would be preferable, as this allows for more treatment options and better outcomes.
  3. User-friendly interface (the software or operating system): The laser should have an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. This will allow for efficient treatment and reduce the risk of errors. The newest lasers feature WiFi based, self updating software. Regardless, it should be intuitive, adjustable, customizable, loaded with quality protocols and be easy to use, allowing adjustment of most variables if desired.
  4. Portability: A portable laser is more convenient for a chiropractor or practitioner who may need to travel to different locations to provide treatment. A vendor that offers a lightweight and easy-to-transport laser, provided in a durable carrying case would be a good choice.
  5. Training and support: A vendor that offers comprehensive training, certification and support can help to streamline the getting started process and ensure successful outcomes for patients. This may include training on laser safety, application of specific protocols, use of a variety of specialized hand-pieces, plus general setup and operation, as well as ongoing support for troubleshooting and maintenance if needed in the future.
  6. Cost: While cost should not be the only factor in the decision-making process, it is still an important consideration. A vendor that offers a competitive price for a full featured laser that is FDA/510k Cleared, without sacrificing quality, power or features, would be a good choice.
  7. Warranty and service: A vendor that offers a strong warranty and reliable service can provide peace of mind. This may include a warranty that covers parts and labor, as well as quick turnaround times for repairs.
  8. Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: Nobody wants to be stuck with a product that they are not sure will do what it claims to do, or live up to the claims made of it by the vendor. To ensure that you actually receive what you paid for, it is wise to shop with a company that stands behind their product and service by providing a money back satisfaction guarantee.

In summary, when shopping for a Class IV Chiropractic laser, Class IV Physical Therapy laser, Class IV Podiatry Laser or Class IV Veterinary Laser, I would look for a vendor that offers: a powerful laser with 2-4 prime wavelengths, a user-friendly interface, portability, comprehensive training and support, a competitive price, a strong warranty, quality service and a money back satisfaction guarantee. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best product and vendor for your needs. and Discover Lasers LLC in conjunction with Mr Kalon Prensky, 38 year practitioner, author and 20 year laser specialist, along with his team of doctors are available to help you. We have based the parameters for every class 4 laser therapy product we offer on the above criteria. We guarantee to ensure that you receive the optimal laser for your needs, with sufficient power, prime wavelengths, user-friendly interface, portability, comprehensive training with certification, ongoing support, competitive pricing, a 5 year warranty with a Florida based service center (with ultra fast turnaround in case a repair is ever needed) and a money back satisfaction guarantee.


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