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Every Veterinary Practice Needs a MultiFunctional Class 4 Therapy Laser

Next Level Light Therapy for Animal Care. With REMY CLASS 4 LASERS, More Treatment Options are Possible than ever before. FDA 510k Cleared for the widest range of treatment options. Customers Experience Results Faster & More Effectively for More Conditions.

Class 4 Vet Laser
vet laser for dog applications

Powerful Pain Relief in 1-4 minutes.
2-4 Wavelengths maximize trtmt options.
Minor Surgical Applications made easy.
Reduce Inflammation & Accelerate Healing

  • Treat Arthritis & Degenerative Joints
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Dental Issues
  • Sinus Issues
  • Wound Care
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remy veterinary laser

TESTIMONIAL: I have 2 Remy lasers and been using them for over a year.  In conjunction with a good therapy and maintenance health program I have found the results to be excellent for Equine care. So good I’m about to order our third laser. 
– M. Calderone
– Founder of Exceed Equine Rehabilitation

TESTIMONIAL: Absolutely incredible! Best addition to my Veterinary clinic ever. The REMY FX45 is a joy to use, super effective and extremely versatile, allowing for a wide range of treatment capabilities in small and large animals. It’s easy to use and provides reliable performance.
– Dr Andrews 

I have become comfortable using the REMY laser and I am getting very good results on the horses. I look forward to my training session on the the laser surgery applications.  – Dr Radde

I recommend the REMY FX laser if you want the most power, deepest wavelength capabilities, the option to switch between PBM phototherapy rehab and a wide variety of surgical procedures. It’s very versatile.  
– Dr Stevens

remy vet front screen
Remy Laser Emitter Options
goggles for dogs or doggles

Choose from a Dozen Veterinary Laser Therapy Equipment options in
Class II  & Class 4 Lasers:

• 3 Models of Class 4 Therapy Lasers:

We offer a selection of high quality, feature rich Class 4 Lasers 1, 2 or 4 wavelengths for
animal applications from biostimulation, wound healing, pain relief, sprains, tendon and
ligament repair, cutting, minor surgeries such as declaw, neuter/spay and much more.
Training is included at no extra charge and we also provide customized marketing brochure
and poster templates to help increase business and speed ROI. Our REMY Class IV Veterinary
and Equine Lasers are high quality medical devices with 510k FDA clearance. They are built
tough to be reliable for all day every day work. They are feature rich, fully customizable class
IV medical/veterinary lasers available in 9, 10, 27, 30 & 45 Watt Configurations w/ wavelengths
in single, dual, tri and quad models designed to meet all of your veterinary laser needs.


A new breed of Class 4 Optical Power LED is being manufactured in the US by a Class 4 Laser
Manufacturer with advanced NASA technology, and more power than was ever possible before.
The LZR UltraBright delivers blazing fast & effective treatments. 

These High Power Class II, Dual Wavelength Red & Near Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy Devices 
will change healthcare forever! Featuring high power Optical LEDs at 810nm Infrared (IR) and
650nm (Red). They are portable plug in devices that cover a large 3″ x 5″ surface area utilizing
OPTICAL POWER for fast performance with a 30-60 second timer per spot. 99% of LED devices
are measured in Electrical Power which pales in comparison to the blazing FAST Optical Power of
LZR UltraBright. The power is proven by the amount of photon energy or joules per cm squared
(j/cm2) delivered to the target tissue. The LZR UB 20W produces 1200 j/cm2 per 60 seconds & 
LZR UB 10W produces 600 j/cm2 per 60 seconds. 

• LZR7 ZX2 & PRO M3 Class 4 Cool Temperature Lasers:

Choose from the Tabletop LZR7 or the Portable Pro M3 Battery Powered Main Control Units.
Choose from 9 different emitters including the 6.1W, 18.1W, 750mW Acupoint probe, 1W or
3W super pulsed, and others. The beauty of the “Cool Temperature” class 4 lasers is their
ability to deliver a fast and consistent dosage to the subject with minimal heat sensitivity and
less need to keep moving the emitter in order to prevent any sensation of excess heat.