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When you compare Class 3b with Class 4 Cold Laser, which laser class is better? How can you tell them apart? Why does it matter?

Setting the record straight. 8 reasons why Class 4 Therapy Lasers outperform Class IIIb Cold Lasers. There is much misinformation online that is spread like gospel about the comparison between CLASS 3b COLD LASER vs CLASS 4 COLD LASER Therapy Machines. With over 20 years full time experience with both types of lasers, I will help to bring clarity and education to this debate. There are some good cold lasers out there so I’m not knocking all cold lasers. However, some of them are less than desirable and if you are really looking for power and speedy treatments, then you should know the difference.

A typical cold laser will deliver energy from either a single laser diode or a cluster of diodes in one, two or three wavelengths and at different power densities that conform to the cold laser category of low level laser power, which is between 5mW and 500mW. A Cold laser can only increase its power if a manufacturer combines multiple 5mW-100mW up to 500mW laser diodes in a cluster, and utilizes an effective heat sync technology to prevent the laser from overheating. Cold lasers include Class I, Class II, Class IIIR and Class IIIB.

For over a decade I have specialized in cold laser therapy equipment at Health Is Wealth and Discover Lasers LLC. As the owner of two prominent health and laser therapy equipment companies, I am required to keep up with the constant changes, modifications and advancements in therapeutic laser technology. My diverse clinical and health equipment background since 1985 qualifies me to evaluate laser therapy systems. Having evaluated and tested over 300 light therapy devices throughout the world has given me deep knowledge and insight into the variety of components that goes into making a good laser and, sharing it with those who can benefit the most.

Some Cold Lasers are excellent and produce outstanding results over a wide range of treatment issues. They come in a variety of common wavelengths and combinations of low level laser delivery systems that include combining laser with additional energy medicine healing technologies. There are however, many “lasers” and LED devices sold on the market, which have dismally low amounts of power and they produce poor results. They take hours or days to produce a sufficient dose of photons to illicit Photobiomodulation or PBM for short. PBM is most prevalent in the 810nm wavelength, plus or minus 30nm. When initiated, PBM supports a chain of biological healing responses that encourage long term healing and regeneration. PBM tapers off, or diminishes completely with other wavelengths (out of the optical window), but additional healing, pain relieving and therapeutic benefits are common from numerous wavelengths and combinations of wavelengths.

The debate of comparing class 3b with class IV cold laser changes depending upon if the educator is biased, miseducated or mislead, and herein lies the confusion. Who is really right? Which Class of laser is better?

If a class 3b biased person says, “Class 3b cold laser is better because you don’t have to move the device, and you can deliver a recommended dose in 15 min. This would be something to consider. And what if they said that it will penetrate deeper than with class iv because you can press the laser into the tissue without burning, thus displacing blood and increasing depth of penetration.” Would they be correct in these assumptions and allegations?

No, they would not be correct about their assumptions and allegations. Here’s why.

REMY and MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Therapy Machines work on the newest and most advanced architecture, and operating systems. Thus allowing them to work much faster and more effectively than class 3b cold lasers. Based on extensive use in the field, with nearly 90% successful results across a wide range of musculoskeletal, hard and soft tissue issues, numerous clinical benefits, pain relief, healing and increased range of motion were experienced.


1. In under 5 minutes a 30-45 Watt Class 4 laser can deliver a therapeutic dose of photons to the target tissue of most joints, and the lumbar spine, initiating a flood of ATP (energy) to compromised cells to support immediate healing and analgesic effects.

2. The Power of Cold Lasers is extremely limited by the laws of physics and the FDA, compared to higher powered Class 4 Therapy lasers.

3. The depth of penetration is deeper and broader with a general area the size of 6″ deep x 4-6″ wide by 12″ long.

4. The PHOTON DENSITY delivered to the the target tissue is maximized with greater penetration and a more complete healing response, over a significantly wider range of target, and surrounding tissues.

Class 4 Pano right

5. We can cover a much larger area in up to 90% shorter treatment times.
6. It supports lowering of the surrounding inflammation, and initiates a more effective healing response with activation of helpful endorphins, enzymes, and trigger points.
7. Additionally the patient feels a soothing warmth from the laser as it glides across the tissue, relaxing the muscles and opening the meridians and nerve energy pathways from the spine to the extremities.
8. And finally the sheer numbers of satisfied practitioners and thrilled patients all over the world for nearly two decades shows that the demand is increasing significantly, along with higher quality laser machines, more power, better performance and the lowest prices of the past decade due to constant advancements in software, LCD Screens, semiconductors, circuitboard printing technology and superior laser build quality.

There has never been a better time to buy a Class 4 Therapy Laser. Class 4 provides numerous models to meet the needs of a wide range of practitioners who treat humans and animals in a wide range of hard and soft tissue categories. REMY Class IV Therapy Lasers come in a dozen models and configurations for most practitioners.

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