AccuRay Class IV Lasers

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” no longer stands true.  The ACCURAY Class IV Lasers are not only superior in quality with more power and multiple wavelengths, but they give you features that are found only on lasers costing anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 more.  Yet, these higher priced lasers are significantly lower in therapeutic treatment power and treatment capabilities.

The ACCURAY D30 and MEDRAY T3 give you the best combination of therapeutic wavelengths available.  Each one is specific for a dedicated function for pain relief, cellular healing, and improved health.  There are currently many lasers being sold that only offer one wavelength, and for a much higher price than ACCURAY.  One wavelength may be good for some conditions or problems but is ultimately quite limiting. Extensive research reveals that optimum results are obtained with lasers that offer two or more wavelengths as all conditions treated cannot be thrown into the realm that only one wavelength lasers can treat. With dual wave and tri-wave class 4 lasers you can significantly increase treatment options and patient  outcomes.

ACCURAY represents cutting edge laser technology, in not only design, but function, accessories and ease of use. There is no reason to pay more for a laser that gives you less. ACCURAY gives physicians and clinicians the opportunity to set up and manage a laser patient data base that records treatment, date, name and all pertinent information. This allows for going back and duplicating, as well as keeping an excellent record on whom was treated.

Many doctors or therapists will use the ample presets that are included. These presets have been formulated for optimum treatment times, joules of energy, and the fastest recovery for your patient. However, some doctors have their own values they like to use, and the ACCURAY allows you to make and save your own treatment protocols that are stored for easy use.

We invite you to look at every laser manufacture that is in business. Very few class 4 laser manufacturers offer the features, the power, usability features including roller ball and the optimum wavelengths as the ACCURAY for less than $20,000. 


It goes without saying, that all good lasers are going to be an investment…  some much more than others. When you look around, some lasers cost more than a premium car or even a small house or condo! Obviously, we know IT IS EASIER TO MAXIMIZE YOUR R.O.I. ON A LASER COSTING $10k-$20k vs. a LASER for $35,000 – $45,000!

Practitioners purchase lasers for two reasons:
(1) to help your patients feel better and
(2) to add a new revenue source to your practice

If charging only $40 per laser session, and treating 10 patients a day with the ACCURAY on a four day work week, you can totally recover your investment in a couple of months. A $35,000 laser would take nearly six months, and a $45,000 laser would take eight months… and this doesn’t even take into account interest payments.

The ACCURAY not only offers more features, more power, and more benefits, but also allows you to recoup your investment much quicker than other lasers that cost more and provide less capability and features.

AccuRay D30

The Power of Photobiomodulation
The photobiomodulation created with Class IV Laser therapy changes cellular metabolism, increasing tissue healing. 

The Importance of Power Levels
Watch video below to understand why the ACCURAY Lasers are superior to other laser classifications.

MEDRAY T3 45 Watt 3-Wave CLASS 4 LASER. 

A Complete Turnkey Class IV Laser System to meet the needs of a demanding Chiropractic business where fast and effective results are needed and expected. Everything is included, so there are no additional out of pocket expenses. Laser cart, hands free S.T.A.R. cart system with preloaded software, protocols, adjustable arm, marketing package, comprehensive training with certification and more.

This is a CUSTOM ORDER Laser System. To Order The Medray T3 Call Toll Free 800-575-7963. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • 45W main unit MEDRAY T3 with triple wavelength performance: 810, 915, 1064
  • New Touch Play Emitter
  • S.T.A.R. Cart Hands Free System
  • S.T.A.R. Software and Protocols
  • Online Training/Certification course included
  • Learn how to create a branded laser treatment center
  • Turnkey marketing tool kit included
  • Create and save your patient database
  • Laser Sign
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • This is a Custom Order laser.
  • Call Toll Free 800-575-7963


10″ color touch screen with built-in protocols. 2 year mfr warranty. Easy to use with more power and wavelengths at affordable per watt prices.

Call for POWERFUL CLASS 4 OPTIONS today at Toll Free 800-575-7963

Your Purchase Includes:
  • FDA Cleared AccuRay Q45 Laser Professional Desktop Model - SORRY - DISCONTINUED!
  • Quad Wavelength: 650nm+810nm+915nm+980nm
  • Optimum performance hand-held emitter with cage and crystal lens attachments, on/off switch and holder
  • 10" Color Touch Screen with Presets for major and minor body parts, skin color, body size and much more
  • Intelligent Computer Enhancement Software
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty with FL service center if needed
  • SORRY - DISCONTINUED - Call for OPTIONS: Toll Free 800-575-7963