Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Discover the Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy for Treating Peripheral Neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy can be a debilitating condition, affecting millions worldwide with symptoms like pain, numbness, and muscle weakness. While traditional treatments often offer limited relief, Class IV laser therapy is emerging as a revolutionary approach to managing and alleviating these symptoms effectively. If […]

Benefits of Class 4 Laser Therapy

Most Practitioners across the board can utilize Class 4 laser therapy in their practice to produce superior patient results. It is common to produce a positive patient response in the 90%+ range for a wide spectrum of conditions with 30W to 60W Class IV Lasers, using numerous laser treatment strategies. Treatment for dozens of common […]


10 Reasons to Buy a REMY Class 4 Therapy Laser? REMY LASERS are World Class, High Performance Medical Lasers. They are FDA 510k cleared to surgical grade laser standards for the widest range of treatment options. They utilize superior fiber optics with 400 and 600 micron precision, high power therapeutic laser diodes in premium gold […]


When you compare Class 3b with Class 4 Cold Laser, which laser class is better? How can you tell them apart? Why does it matter? Setting the record straight. 8 reasons why Class 4 Therapy Lasers outperform Class IIIb Cold Lasers. There is much misinformation online that is spread like gospel about the comparison between […]

Light Therapy Better Life

Light Therapy for a Better Life Red and Infrared Light and Laser directly affect the pharmacopia of the brain, the physiology of the body and the Mitochondria of the cells. Photons are absorbed by the Mitochondria and instantly converted into ATP, the fuel source of all cells in the body. Heal the cell and the […]

Class 4 Laser Comparison

Now can see a visual chart of the top Class 4 Laser Brands, Prices and Features shown side by side.  How much do you want to spend? Which wavelengths do you want or how many? What are the features that are important to you? Which types of treatments do you want to be able to […]

Benefits of Red Light Therapy and IR

Not all red light therapy is created equal. Not even close. With a low power red light device it can take 50 to 1000 times longer to produce the same results as you can get from a high-power red light therapy device such as the LZR Ultrabright. High-power red light therapy with the LZR Ultrabright […]

Every Veterinary Practice Needs a MultiFunctional Class 4 Therapy Laser

Next Level Light Therapy for Animal Care. With REMY CLASS 4 LASERS, More Treatment Options are Possible than ever before. FDA 510k Cleared for the widest range of treatment options. Customers Experience Results Faster & More Effectively for More Conditions. Powerful Pain Relief in 1-4 minutes.2-4 Wavelengths maximize trtmt options.Minor Surgical Applications made easy.Reduce Inflammation […]

Photobiomodulation and Regenerative Medicine

PBM, Phototherapy or Light therapy is uniquely effective for use in regenerative medicine techniques, as it produces a wide range of benefits that are often dictated by the output energy of the laser wavelengths, which frequently include one or more of the following red and infrared spectrums: 635-650nm, 810nm, 905-915nm, 980nm and 1064nm wavelengths. Stem cell […]

8 Tips When Shopping for a Class IV Therapy Laser

As a doctor of chiropractic or as a practitioner in a field that could benefit from using a Class IV Therapy Laser, there are several features and benefits that you are probably looking for in a product and vendor to help support your purchasing decision. In other words, you may want to consider the following […]