MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Training

Class 4 Laser Training for Chiropractors with MEDRAY Lasers MEDRAY Lasers has teamed up with the MEDICAL LASER Research and Educational Training Academy to provide a comprehensive Training Program with Certification. Upon purchase of any new MEDRAY Class IV Laser you will receive via email two get started files:  1. The Ultimate Setup and Usage Guide […]

Guide to Affordable Class 4 Therapy Lasers

When is a Class 4 Laser Therapy System the best choice?  Class 3b lasers commonly deliver 100mW to 500mW of Power. There are 1000mW in 1 Watt. Class 4 therapy lasers typically start around 9 Watts and go up to 60 Watts. Over the last decade researchers and the medical community have been steadily raising […]

Therapeutic Lasers and Wavelengths Explained

There are 3 main categories that people use to compare therapeutic laser systems:  • Power density (measured in milliwatts [mW] for class 1-3b and watts [W] for class 4 laser systems)  • Wavelength (measured in nanometers [nm]) or Wavelengths (when multiple wave forms are used in the same laser) • Pulsing, which includes: Pulsed laser (PL), […]

Class 4 Laser Training

REMY and MEDRAY Class IV Laser Training and Certification for You and up to 6 Staff Included Free w/ Purchase ( a $1250 Value): We have two highly experienced Doctors to support you in developing the knowledge and skills needed to utilize REMY class 4 lasers for superior results in treatments and in developing a successful practice. […]

Class IV Laser Therapy Science, Clinical Studies and Education

Class IV Laser Therapy Science, Clinical Studies and Education To date, there are now over 5000 Proof Positive Clinical Studies and Research Papers that reveal beyond a shadow of a doubt that laser therapy, phototherapy aka Photobiomodulation (PBM) is effective at treating a wide range of conditions that were previously untreatable, except sometimes through drugs and […]

Class 4 Laser Therapy is the Future of Medicine

Class IV Lasers are now more powerful and more affordable than ever before. Have you ever watched the TV series Star Trek and looked in amazement as the doctor pulled out a hand-held healing device and waved it like a magic wand over the effected area, causing it to heal immediately? That is how I […]