Photobiomodulation and Regenerative Medicine

PBM, Phototherapy or Light therapy is uniquely effective for use in regenerative medicine techniques, as it produces a wide range of benefits that are often dictated by the output energy of the laser wavelengths, which frequently include one or more of the following red and infrared spectrums: 635-650nm, 810nm, 905-915nm, 980nm and 1064nm wavelengths. Stem cell […]

8 Tips When Shopping for a Class IV Therapy Laser

As a doctor of chiropractic or as a practitioner in a field that could benefit from using a Class IV Therapy Laser, there are several features and benefits that you are probably looking for in a product and vendor to help support your purchasing decision. In other words, you may want to consider the following […]

5 Ways to Profit from Class 4 Laser Therapy

5 Reasons Offering Class IV laser therapy can make a Practitioner’s business more profitable: Overall, offering Class IV laser therapy can be a profitable addition to a chiropractor’s business, providing a new revenue stream, attracting new patients, retaining current patients, and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. CHOOSE FROM: 11 POPULAR REMY CLASS 4 […]

10 Reasons to Add Class IV Laser Therapy to Your Practice

Regardless if your practice is Chiropractic, PT, DPM or Veterinary, Class IV Laser Therapy could be a total game changer for you and your clients. Read on to learn why and how. Click Here Now to Learn about the Best Class IV Laser Therapy Machines on the market today Attention all Doctors and Practitioners – […]

Guide to Affordable Class 4 Therapy Lasers

When is a Class 4 Laser Therapy System the best choice?  Class 3b lasers commonly deliver 100mW to 500mW of Power. There are 1000mW in 1 Watt. Class 4 therapy lasers typically start around 9 Watts and go up to 60 Watts. Over the last decade researchers and the medical community have been steadily raising […]