Every Veterinary Practice Needs a MultiFunctional Class 4 Therapy Laser

Next Level Light Therapy for Animal Care. With REMY CLASS 4 LASERS, More Treatment Options are Possible than ever before. FDA 510k Cleared for the widest range of treatment options. Customers Experience Results Faster & More Effectively for More Conditions. Powerful Pain Relief in 1-4 minutes.2-4 Wavelengths maximize trtmt options.Minor Surgical Applications made easy.Reduce Inflammation […]

Photobiomodulation and Regenerative Medicine

PBM, Phototherapy or Light therapy is uniquely effective for use in regenerative medicine techniques, as it produces a wide range of benefits that are often dictated by the output energy of the laser wavelengths, which frequently include one or more of the following red and infrared spectrums: 635-650nm, 810nm, 905-915nm, 980nm and 1064nm wavelengths. Stem cell […]

Class 4 Laser Therapy Explained

Are you looking for ways to improve the care you provide by utilizing modern technologies such as Class 4 Laser Therapy. Even if many of your patients have never heard of it, you can rest assured that once they try it, they will keep coming back and they will refer friends and family. In this article […]

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Many people are asking, what is the best way to treat peripheral neuropathy and will light therapy help?   It really depends a lot upon what type of laser or light therapy device you are using. Healing damaged peripheral nerves can be an ongoing issue that may be best addressed with a large scanner type of […]

Therapeutic Lasers and Wavelengths Explained

There are 3 main categories that people use to compare therapeutic laser systems:  • Power density (measured in milliwatts [mW] for class 1-3b and watts [W] for class 4 laser systems)  • Wavelength (measured in nanometers [nm]) or Wavelengths (when multiple wave forms are used in the same laser) • Pulsing, which includes: Pulsed laser (PL), […]

Why Use Class IV Lasers

Why Use Class IV Lasers, What Benefits Do They Offer? CLS Site Manager   Class 4 Laser Therapy (C4LT) has a long history of being used any place there is acute or chronic pain, wounds, injury, trauma or inflammation. C4LT may be effectively used to support the healing of most dis-eases or disorders. Users have […]

The LANCET on Laser Therapy

Highly Esteemed Medical Journal Publishes Benefits of Laser Therapy. Kalon Prensky For the first time in history, the highly esteemed medical journal, The Lancet, has published an article about biostimulating laser therapy. The Lancet is regarded as the most credible medical journal in the world. They have very high standards regarding the validity in the […]

NASA Light Therapy

NASA Research Illuminates Medical Uses of Light Experimentation helped demystify, legitimize, and simplify medical uses for long-known but little-understood light therapy Originally published 05/19/2022 Can light help a wound heal faster? Alleviate pain? Prevent loss of eyesight? Although decades of studies indicate it can – including extensive research funded by NASA – the mounting evidence […]

Cold Laser Therapy Business Regulations

Regulations for Cold Laser Practitioners & Clinics. Help with determining if the laws within your state allow for use of hot or cold laser therapy Following is a summary of the regional and special regulations for using hot and cold therapy lasers in a business. This resource is not 100% complete as the regulations can […]

What are the Benefits of Class 4 Laser Therapy?

Class 4 Laser Therapy produces numerous therapeutic benefits that will be revealed below. It starts with high powered Near InfraRed (NIR) laser diodes that produce an electro-magnetic energy, which enters the body as millions of photons. The light beam of photons stays fairly narrow and does not diverge like a regular light bulb. The amount […]