Combine MEDRAY 30W or 45W Quad with NEW MedWave SoftShock System and SAVE $6,995

Premium High Power Class 4 Lasers for Practitioners

Unlock the power of FDA cleared Class 4 therapy lasers ranging from 9W to 90W, offering unparalleled versatility and affordability. With dual, tri, and quad wave options, enjoy faster, smarter, and more effective treatments backed by over 20 years of laser expertise. Our customers unanimously love our Class 4 Lasers for Practitioners. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

REMY FX ELITE Class 4 Lasers

REMY FX, our Elite Brand,Turnkey Packages, Highest Power, Multi-Modality  More Features with Premium Wavelengths. Avail. in 45W & 90W

REMY Class 4 Therapy Lasers

Affordable, Versatile Class 4 lasers for most modalities. The greatest range of features and power on the market.

MEDRAY Chiropractic Lasers

MEDRAY Chiropractic Class 4 Lasers 30W & 45W QUAD, made specifically for Chiropractic Professionals. Hands-Free & MedWave SoftShock Shockwave  Options

Premium Class 4 Lasers for Practitioners: Power, Precision, Performance

Unrivaled Quality, Versatility, and Affordability.

Find the Ideal Combination of Power, Wavelengths, Features, and Price for your unique needs. Starting from 9 or 10W, Single-Wavelength options, all the way to the NEW highest power 90W, Quad-Wavelength REMY FX Elite, and everything in-between. Hands-free Class 4 Laser packages are also available with MEDRAY and REMY FX lasers. Additionally all Class 4 Lasers include 25+ Laser Protocols, Complimentary Hand-Pieces, Training, and Marketing, Live Support, and Free Shipping. NO RISK $ Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Multi-functional lasers for most modalities. The greatest range of features & power on the market.

Class 4 Laser Practitioner Reviews

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REMY Lasers are built specifically for your Physical Therapy, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Practice.

We offer a generous selection of hands-on & hands-free, affordable Class 4 Therapy Lasers.

REMY CLASS 4 Medical Lasers are an ideal choice for a busy practice, that takes pride in producing excellent patient results. To expedite your success, we include FREE Training with Certification (a $1200 Value) & a professional, customized marketing package with customized brochures and poster. Includes a great warranty and Free Shipping. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed! We will help your practice grow with the best laser education, products, service and support. Mr Kalon Prensky has dedicated his life to helping practitioners for over 20 years. He started in the health care industry in 1989 & has been a full time laser therapy specialist since 2003.

See all REMY and MEDRAY Lasers in the following 2 links:  12 REMY Laser Options  |  3 MEDRAY Laser Options Including a Shockwave System.
We have the best selection of Class 4 Therapy Lasers for Practitioners of all types. We offer superior class 4 laser service and savings with professional lasers & training. Our Physical Therapy Lasers and Class 4 Deep Tissue Laser Machines are ideal for all PT and Chiropractic class 4 laser applications. Top laser for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Rapid Pain Relief & deep tissue healing. We will take care of you. 

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Call for Exclusive Laser Assistance from Mr Kalon Prensky, 20+ Year Laser Specialist, Author and Teacher. 

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Popular Class 4 Therapy Lasers for Practitioners

Class IV Lasers are available in various distinct categories, all designed for maximum performance for patients and user, with many versatile features. Choose from over 20 different Class 4 lasers for Chiropractic, PT, Veterinary, Equine, Athletic Trainers, Podiatry, Acupuncture/LAC, Sports, Pain Management and Rehabilitation. Plus high power LZR Red & IR Options.

You can count on Remy and Medray Lasers from

Service & Support you can depend on, A+ BBB Rated & Accredited since 2008.

Chiropractic, PT, Podiatry, Deep Tissue –The Ultimate TURNKEY Class 4 Laser Package with a full 45 Watts of CW healing and pain melting POWER. REMY FX 45 WATT TRIWAVE - 5 Year Mfr Warranty!
• Unbeatable Power • Best Performance & Features • Turnkey package, quality built • Newest Self Updating software with over 50 built-in protocols. • Doctor assisted training & certification included.
Featuring 30 Watts of Power: 10W of 810nm, 10W of 915nm, 10W of 980nm, and 200mW 650nm Red Laser. A 7.2" color touch screen with dozens of protocols, programmable, easy touch screen for selecting size of body, color of skin and level of pain. Now includes Zoom emitter and extra DC Specialty features, 5 yr wty, free training, Certification and Marketing package. This laser is easy to use. An excellent value at $14,995. Add the STAR Hands-free arm and cart for $1995.
Discover Lasers LLC has been my go to laser pro shop for over a decade. We have purchased several lasers from them over the years and I always come back for more because of the quality of care and customer service. The REMY FX is my 3rd laser and the response to it amongst my staff and the clients results have been spectacular. We will definitely be getting another REMY class 4 laser for our new clinic in Texas.
Dr Amy W.
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Athletes, PT & LAC
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