LZR UltraBright is the real deal. Not some gimmick like many others. LZR UltraBright is the Ultimate High Power Red Light Therapy Device + Infrared. It Shines Brighter & Works Faster than Cold Lasers Using Red & IR Optical Power. 10 & 20 Watt Models

Customers are asking, “What is the best light therapy machine for human, veterinary and equine treatments, for pain, Arthritis, Neuropathy, joint, spine and skin issues?” Higher optical power produces faster & more effective treatments w/ Red & Infrared (IR). The 10W & 20W have six 660nm red diodes to treat soft tissue issues & eight 810nm Infrared diodes to treat hard tissues and maximize PBM. With LZR UltraBright you get the most optical power of any hand-held home use device ever made to date.

LZR UltraBright on Back
LZR UltraBright on hand
LZR UltraBright on Foot

INTRODUCING the LZR UltraBright.  — NEW Models for 2023   

The world’s most powerful, optical light therapy machine has been born. Download PDF Brochure

After 20+ Years in Pursuit of the Ultimate Light Therapy Device. BENEFITS INCLUDE:

• The perfect combination of wavelengths, power and penetration with 660nm Red and 810nm IR
• Compact size with superior surface coverage of 3″x 5″ per spot with even power distribution
• High Optical Power of 10 Watts or 20 Watts, with 6″ penetration with blazing fast 30-60 seconds treatment time per spot. Effective dose of photons to target tissue at 600 & 1200 Joules per minute.
• Safe for eyes, children, elderly and pets with no glasses needed.
• Equally effective for humans & animals to treat hard & soft tissue issues. FDA Cleared!

LZR UltraBright is So Powerful it Penetrates 6″ Deep into the Cells and right through the hands & feet.  
LZR UB is now the most powerful, portable, analgesic Photobiomodulation device on planet earth.

LZR Delivers Class 4 laser power for home use with Class II safety, larger coverage & faster treatments. LZR is a new breed of Class 4 Optical Power LED that is being manufactured in the US by a Class 4 Laser Manufacturer with advanced NASA technology and more optical power than was ever possible before. It’s like having a Class IV Laser for home use therapy but with a Class II Laser Safety Rating (more safe).

LZR UB High Power Dual Wavelength Red & Near Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy Devices Will Change Healthcare Forever! 99% of LED devices are measured in Electrical Power which pales in comparison to  Blazing FAST Optical Power of LZR. Proven by the amount of photon energy or joules per cm squared (j/cm2) delivered to the target tissue. The LZR UB 20W at 20 Watts produces 1200 j/cm2 per 60 seconds & LZR UB 10W produces 600 j/cm2 per 60 seconds. LZR UltraBright, blazing fast & effective treatments.


LZR UltraBright on Dog


LZR UltraBright is Ideal for Humans and Animals.
The LZR PhotoBioModulation (PBM) Therapy machine puts many laser therapy machines and pretty much all LED therapy devices to shame. This new breed of ultra high power LED therapy device is called the LZR UltraBright, and they use Class 4 Power with FDA rated Class II Safety. Due to the extremely high optical power output, they work faster & deeper than any other LED product we have tested over the last 20 years. The 20W model is 100x more powerful than a 200mW cold laser. Cold lasers are typically 100mW to 500mW & 200mW is commonly available at prices between $2495 and $4995 vs LZR UB10W $1995 or LZR UB20W $2995

How do you measure the REAL POWER in Red & IR Device?
Light therapy is measured in milliwatts (mW) or Watts (W). 1000 mW = 1 Watt. 20 Watts = 20,000mW. LZR UltraBright combines Red 660nm & 810nm Infrared light therapy in a single device at the same time with true power output of 20 Watts or 10 Watts, which allows you to do treatments for home & pro applications in 30-60 SECONDS/spot. Warm, Powerful Light Therapy with Continuous Wave, measured in Watts, not mW (Milliwatts) & not Super Pulsed.
100% True CW Optical Power. 20W LZR Produces 1200j/cm2 in 60 seconds & LZR UB10W Produces 600 j/cm2 in 60 seconds.

Doctors and patients love it!  Read the Testimonials lower on this page or WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW.

How does light therapy work? It works by upregulating energy metabolism within cells of the body through the conversion of photons to ATP within the Mitochondria.  This increased energy supply allows the body to perform all its vital functions, including maintenance, repair, digestion, detoxification and reproduction.  Additionally, it provides full-body protection by serving as a potent antioxidant with added antibacterial and antiviral properties, increased blood circulation and activation of pain melting endorphins. Powerful, effective Light medicine is available now!

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Choose Your LZR UltraBright Model Below: 20 Watts or 10 Watts. 

LZR UltraBright 20 Watts

Most Powerful, Fastest Working, for Professionals, Homes, Clinics & Vets

✓ 20 Watts Optical Power = 20,000mW

✓ Red & Infrared Therapy in one device

✓ 14 High Power Diodes: 6-660nm Red Produces 6000mW  & 8-810nm Infrared produces 14,000mW. 

✓ Large area coverage of 5″ x 3″

✓ Automatic 30 second built-in timer and cooling fan

✓ Lightweight and portable with medical grade power supply included.

✓ Also includes hard body case and eBook “LED & Light Therapy…”

+ Free Shipping in North America, 1 year manufacturer warranty.

✓ PRICE: $2,995 to your door.

LZR UltraBright 10 Watts

For Families, Pets, Dogs, Cats,  Fast, Effective Light Therapy at Home

✓ 10 Watts Optical Power = 10,000mW

✓ Red & Infrared Therapy in one device

✓ 14 High Power Diodes: 6-660nm Red Produces 5000mW  & 8-810nm Infrared produces 5,000mW. TL 10,000mW/cm2

✓ Large area coverage of 5″ x 3″

✓ Automatic 60 second built-in timer and cooling fan

✓ Lightweight and portable with high grade power supply included.

✓ Also includes hard body case and eBook “LED & Light Therapy…”

+ Free Shipping in North America, 1 year manufacturer warranty.

PRICE: $1,995 to your door.

Doctors and patients love it! Read the Dr Testimonial of personal use for Dr Ghazi and his Mom below.
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TESTIMONIAL from Dr Ghazi: 

I LOVE my LZR UltaBright 20 Watt! My friends love it too, and my mom loves her 10 Watt LZR UB10W for her knees and brain. She was having issues remembering words with her age of 86, and is doing amazing now after just 2 weeks of twice daily brain sweeps. I’m hoping it helps her incontinence as well. Her knees and shoulders are so much stronger since starting the LZR UB therapy daily. I have also started using my second UltraBright 20 Watt unit in my clinic and patients are doing remarkably well. My partners are stunned!
Thank you so much for these great products. They are honestly life altering for me as well. I have been using the LZR UltraBright for my Necrotizing Vasculitis, which causes massive vein and nerve edema (of up to 800% enlargement on MRI and ultrasound scans); as well as painful open sores on my legs (vascular eczema). The damaged blood vessels released inflammatory cytokines and histamine causing burning and itching in the skin and deep down into the bone where I cannot reach. I have been using the LZR UltraBright starting at L5 and S1 segment of my spine traveling down along the course of the sciatic nerve to the back of the knee and then tracing all 3 branches of the sciatic nerve to my feet and shins. I probably spend 1 minute over the spine and sciatic nerves bilaterally, 1 minute on the thighs and back of the knees where the sciatic nerve splits, and then 1 minute between the shin and calf on each side and then 1 minute over each foot top and bottom. It is absolutely remarkable! It stops the burning and itching within a few minutes. The UltraBright has done a remarkable job healing the open sores quite surprisingly, and eliminating a lot of the prior scars and discoloration that have developed over the last 15 months of having this disease. It is absolutely outstanding and has allowed me to continue working throughout the day without the need for pain medications.
– Dr Ghazi

LZR UltraBright Light Therapy Training Videos and Education

Brain Health is more important than ever as we age. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural remedy to strengthen and enliven the brain? Well, there is. 
“Light therapy can improve cognitive functions such as attention, learning, memory and mood. Aging Research Review, 2021 Sept. 70:101415
And, many studies are showing significant improvements with light therapy in patient’s with Parkinson’s disease. BMC Neurology (2021) 21:256″
The LZR UltraBright was created by a team of Doctors looking for a patient alternative to drugs, and they wanted to have the most powerful and effective light therapy device on the market. They created something more powerful and effective than has ever been available before and now you can benefit from using it in your own home. No license or prescription needed and no need to wear eye protection because it is a Class II device, anyone can buy and use it.

Not to be confused with dozens of LED array products now sold on the market, which are actually repurposed Chinese Grow Lights that are being sold as light therapy devices with fake power outputs. The LZR was created by a team of doctors to be the most outstanding light therapy device on the market and they succeeded. Once you try it, you are going to love it. It’s easy to use, fast and effective for the entire body, joints, spine, meridians, organs, glands, brain, micro-systems and more. 

LZR UltraBright works equally well on both HUMANS and ANIMALS, so everyone in the family can benefit. Treatment times per large area are Blazing FAST! Just 30-60 seconds for a large area of 3″x 5″. Talk about healing and pain relief at the speed of light. The speed of spot treatment allows the user to cover large areas of the body and multiple treatment points or large treatment areas in an efficient and effective manner. Arthritis, neuropathy, poor circulation, pain, cramps, repetitive strain disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Golfers Elbow, wounds, wrinkles, and more, don’t stand a chance. LZR UB delivers lighting fast class 4 power and results with FDA cleared class II safety, so anyone can buy an LZR UltraBright without a license or prescription. 

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