Lease-to-Own Financing Options

Laser Equipment Financing available from NCMIC, Stearns Bank, and OnePlace Capital.

Discover Lasers LLC and does not do in-house financing. We are APPROVED VENDORS with these well established financial institutions, which allows for fast, professional funding and delivery of your new Class 4 Therapy Laser. If you prefer, we can also work with any financial lender of your choice.

Our Affordable Class 4 Lasers Provide a Fast Return On Investment (ROI). Take Advantage of Financing Tax Benefits, Get a Game Changing Tool for Your Practice, and Establish a New Cash Based Income Stream that will add cash flow to your bottom line for years to come. Choose from our top 3 curated lenders below, or utilize the APPROVE Platform Here, where 17 lenders compete for your business.

Please contact Mr. Kalon Prensky, Laser Specialist, to request a Proforma Invoice that the Finance Company may request from you to complete your equipment financing approval. Call Toll Free at 1-800-575-7963 or via cell at 808-870-0348, or Contact Us Via Email


Magda Lippold
Account Manager, NCMIC

tf 877-770-7244 ext. 4775
d 515-313-4775 |

Online Express Application:
Financing Application with NCMIC

Stearns Bank

Joshua Eastman 
Account Manager, Business Development

Direct: 800-247-1922 ext. 3255
Cell: 320-980-1371 |
Financing Application Stearns Bank

OnePlace Capital

Tony Biondi 
Business Development Manager

Cell: 515-720-1577

Click to Download OPC Benefits PDF

OnePlace Capital Financing Details and Notes:

A super flexible financing program with no prepayment penalty, no down payment and no payments required for the first 6 months. After that you get another 6 months of low $99/mo payments and then you can choose terms of 60 or 72 monthly payments. 

This will qualify you for full capital equipment Section 179 tax advantages as long as you receive the equipment in this year, with no out of pocket expenses.

OnePlace Capital is the equipment finance division of Bank Midwest. OPC is competitively positioned as an ideal lender option by offering a true, simple interest finance agreement (loan). Similar to a mortgage with no prepayment penalty, and you own the equipment from day 1.

Once of the best bundled financing solution in the marketplace.

This offering gives you immediate ownership, tax benefits and simple interest payoffs.

The ability to pay off at any time with no penalties or future interest
The value of no hidden fees
The benefit of no blanket liens against an individual or a business
The most competitive pricing
You are the owner of the equipment from day one – invoices are billed and shipped to the business; we remit payment on your behalf including taxes
You can prepay at any time with no penalties or remaining interest
You are allowed to send in additional funds at any time which will be applied directly towards principal
Our loan offerings will not appear on your personal credit report
Once set up with us, you can easily add on additional equipment or orders at any time, with just a single signature

Upon credit approval, OPC will send the loan agreement via DocuSign for electronic signature. When the signed order paperwork is received OPC remits payment immediately to Class 4 Lasers on your behalf, ensuring prompt shipment of your new device within 48 hours.

If you have any additional questions, please send me an email or give me a call. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Tony Biondi
Business Development Manager, OnePlace Capital (OPC), Bank Midwest. Ph 515-720-1577   Click to Download OPC Benefits PDF

NCMIC Financing Details and Notes:

Soft credit pull
Flexible terms available 12-60 months
NO down payment
NO prepayment penalties at any point, including no future interest charges at the time of pay off
NCMIC does not report business loans to personal credit bureau when in good standing, therefore it will not impact personal debt to income ratio
NCMIC loans quality for the section 179 and section 44 tax deductions
NO payments for 90 days options available
NO hard credit inquiry, soft credit check only
$99 documentation fee
100% financing including tax and s/h Most credit decisions available within 2 business hours
Click this secure NCMIC website link to fill out application.
• For personalized assistance Call Magdalena at NCMIC 515-313-4775


“NCMIC and I have been working together for many years now. I cannot find a better partner who is always responsive to the needs of my customers. Also, the staff is outstanding. They understand the marketplace and are creative on helping finance customers, like a program of 90 days deferred payment, and early pay-off no penalty helps customers establish some income before a payment is due.”

Thank you, NCMIC.
– Michael J. Tokash, Imaging Services President

• 100% financing – Finance your entire purchase, including software, freight, taxes, and more.
• Flexible Plans & Deferrals – Choose a repayment plan from 12 to 60 months. Defer your first payment for up to 90 days, so you can put your equipment to use without immediately impacting cash flow.
• No Prepayment Penalties – You can pay off the remaining principal balance any time you like. You’ll only pay interest for the time you have the loan. The earlier you pay off, the more you save.
• Fast Approvals and Funding – credit decisions in as few as 2 hours
• Protect your lines of credit – NCMIC does not report business loans to personal or business credit bureaus.
• Preserve your borrowing power for other business opportunities.

NOTE: A minimum purchase of $2500 is required for financing

Stearns Bank Financing Details and Notes:

Flexible terms up to 60 months
Customized payments to meet YOUR needs!
Delayed Payments(up to 6months!) – Widen your repayment timeline to build your cash flow.
Seasonal Payments – Align payments with the fluctuations of your industry.
Step Payments – Reduce payments at the beginning or end of the term.
Semi-Annual Payments – Make payments every four or six months to fit your cash flow.
100% financing (including tax).
Loans qualify for Section 179 tax deductions.
Fast approval and funding.

1. Up to a 6 mo deferral.
2. No prepayment penalty after 12 payments made on time. 
3. Ability to reprice the transaction 1 time during the term after 12 payments made on time to take advantage of when rates come down.
4. We take startup companies with ownership having prior industry experience.
5. A live person answers the phone on the 1st ring (Try it! – Call 1-800-247-1922) – “We are readily available to support you.”

Secure Stearns Bank Link to apply or Call Joshua Eastman for support at Ext 3255

Payment calculator helps you to determine your terms and payments.

Individual Financing Options

For consumers who don’t have a business, you can potentially use PayPal Pay Later.

Financing Information

Why Finance?

Cover the cost of your new equipment with the revenue it generates
Safeguard against inflation
Monthly payments to fit your budget
Realize tax advantages

Tax Benefits:

Take advantage of any tax deductions that apply when purchasing new or used equipment. We recommend you talk with your financial or tax advisor to make sure you’re maximizing those opportunities.

Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code is meant to help you improve your practice by adding new or used equipment. The tax savings help you offset payments if you choose to finance.

Under Section 179, your practice could deduct up to $500,000 for any qualifying equipment purchases, even if it’s 100% financed.

How Section 179 Could Work for You
Let’s say you’re expanding your practice and negotiated great prices on a new table and X-ray machine. The total cost is $25,000. Under Section 179 rules, you may be able to deduct the full equipment cost in the year you put the equipment to use.

If you’re in the 35% tax bracket, your tax savings could be $8,750. The amount you save in taxes could exceed the number of loan payments made through the entire first year. Take a look:

Big Tax Savings:

Equipment Cost:                                $25,000
Section 179 Deduction:                    $25,000
Tax Savings (35% tax bracket):    $8,7500

How to Apply?

For business owners and practitioners, please choose from the 3 bank financing options above or if you are going with NCMIC  then use the link below to complete the online express application, which offers approval in 2 hours:

Please contact Mr. Kalon Prensky, Laser Specialist, to request a Proforma Invoice that and Financing companies will require including NCMIC Finance Corporation. They will request from you a Proforma Invoice in order to complete your financing request.

We look forward to doing business with you and serving your Class 4 Laser needs.

Call Laser Specialist Mr Kalon Prensky for support at Toll-Free 1-800-575-7963 or 808-870-0348