20W LZR UltraBright on Face
Personal Cold Laser use at home
LZR UltraBright on Dog

Cold Lasers for Personal and Home Use

Cold Laser Devices are Very Safe, Easy-to-use and the Ultimate Medication Replacement for Pain Relief, Skin Care, Wound Healing, Anti-Aging, Joint & Spine Care

Some Examples of Lasers for home use include: the TerraQuant Laser, TQ Solo, MR4, AVANT LZ30 Laser, the PowerLaser Basic 500 Acupuncture Laser or PowerLaser Pro 1500, Quantum Laser and Quasar MD for Skin Care. Here is a link to my favorite MultiPurpose home use laser. Why? Because they have a 16 year track record of making excellent cold lasers in the US, built with quality laser diodes and components, utilize advanced technologies, and provide significant life changing results. These are not “cheap lasers” made in China. They are high quality laser devices proven to work exceptionally well and they are easy to use and safe. They are also portable, cordless, hands free cold laser machines or devices that fit comfortably in the hand and work for many treatment categories with the best FDA clearance in the industry.

If you are new to the subject of Cold Laser Therapy Equipment and want to learn more, then I suggest you review our blog post of Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Laser Therapy, and then come back to this page. Why so many choices of light therapy cold lasers, healing lasers and class 4 laser for home use? Because different therapeutic lasers offer different features, with different wavelengths, power densities, frequency capabilities and combinations. These variations allow you to treat a variety of conditions, depending upon the combination of wavelengths, power and frequencies. That’s why we give you a free phone Concierge Service with a laser specialist at Toll Free 1-800-575-7963. It’s helpful to have someone who can answer your questions, explain the differences, hear your needs and help you to match the right laser with your needs and budget. 

The LZR UltraBright is like having a Class 4 Laser for Home Use

LZR UltraBright on Dog
LZR Ultrabright-On Shoulder-768x432-1


The newest Light Therapy product over the last year features up to 20 WATTS OF POWER with dual wavelengths. This is true power, not pulsed or super pulsed power. True class 4 power but without the high cost, no prescription needed and so safe that glasses ore not required to be worn. It also covers a large treatment surface area (7″ x 4″) and treatment times are extremely fast at just 30-60 seconds per large area. INTRODUCING the LZR UltraBright, which comes in 2 models 10W or 20W

Fantastic for humans and animals of all ages and types. The LZR UltraBright is the closest thing to Class 4 Laser for Home Use without the need for a prescription. If you have the budget for a full featured class 4 laser and you have a prescription, then give us a call and our concierge service will assist you and provide training with a Doctor. However, ANYONE can buy the most powerful 20W LZR UltraBright and start treating themselves at the “speed of light” in the comfort of home in total safety with no eye glasses needed. Built by a team of Doctors and a Class 4 laser manufacturer in the US. You can now get the speed and performance of class 4 laser therapy for home use at an affordable price with 2 models to choose from and NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED.

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Cheaper lasers do exist, but unfortunately they don’t have the power or features to make them perform as effectively as the therapeutic lasers available through Discover Lasers LLC. Most of the cheaper “Lasers” on the market are actually extremely low powered lasers or even worse, low powered LED devices (NOT true lasers), which are merely being promoted as “Lasers”. Or, they are experimental lasers, not cleared by the FDA for use on humans, or even worse, they are low powered 5mW laser pointers. Make sure you get the real thing because you get what you pay for. 

Good quality true laser diodes are not “cheap”. High quality optical LED’s are extremely rare and can be good for skin care and musculoskeletal issues. If you are working on pain management, stick to a reputable laser products or light therapy device with optical power LEDs, and you’ll be much more satisfied. Avoid all of the cheap lasers and LED devices and make sure you get something that is FDA cleared for human use to ensure safety.

Doctors and patients love it!  Read the Dr Testimonials  or WATCH THE VIDEOS.

How does light therapy work? It works by upregulating energy metabolism within cells of the body.  This increased energy supply allows the body to perform all its vital functions, including maintenance, repair, digestion, detoxification and reproduction.  Additionally, it provides full-body protection by serving as a potent antioxidant with added antibacterial and antiviral properties. Light medicine is here!

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Secrets to Cold Laser Therapy Revealed! Learn many options and choices for dramatically improving your success with your therapeutic laser or light therapy device. Now you can learn to use your healing laser features for the best results. Less guessing and faster improvement . A laser beam can replace a needle or pressure.

Acupressure and acupuncture are the third most popular method for treating pain and illness in the world. It’s a 5000 year old method documented to treat over 1000 symptoms and conditions. This is a proven, natural, cost-effective system that can radically improve quality of life for you or your patients. Anything that you can do with a needle or pressure, you can do with a cold laser, only more effectively, much faster, easier and totally painless. The key is to get a laser with variable power of 100-500 milliwatts (mW) or a More Powerful laser for faster treatment.

Acu-Point Healing with Cold Lasers

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Here are 3 of the Best Light Therapy Devices for Using at Home

LZR UltraBright 10W Optical LED Power with NASA Technology – Class IV Power at a Class II Price. Ideal for Humans and Animals. LZR is US Made & FDA Registered!

Ultrabright Red & Infrared Light Therapy with 10,000 mW (10 Watts) of true OPTICAL Power, Continuous Wave (CW) in Red and Infrared wavelengths 810/660. As it turns out, 10 Watts of the LZR UB10, which is measured in Optical Power is far superior in performance, power and speed of treatments and results compared to Electrical Power. There are countless benefits to red and infrared light therapy. The real test is the amount of photon energy or joules that is delivered to the target tissue. Thus the LZR UltraBright 10W at 10 Watts produces 600 joules per minute distributed evenly over 3″ x 5″ surface area in 60 seconds. Thus, blazing fast and effective treatments are attainable in just 1 minute per spot treatment, one to three times per day. PERFECT for use on Humans & Animals. Veterinarian and Farms.  LZR UltraBright 10W users love the power, speed and effectiveness of this device. The amount of true power for the price is unheard of. This is the ultimate light therapy device at unbeatable price compared to power output. This level of power and performance from a home use light therapy device has never been available before. The 810nm Infrared is for hard and deep tissues and scar reduction, joint and spine regeneration, hand, foot and knee issues, all over body pain relief, cartilage production and more. Red 660nm is for skin therapy, shallow muscles, nerves, inflammation reduction and soft tissue issues. The combination of red and infrared is now the gold standard in healing, pain relief and tissue/joint rehabilitation. You can not go wrong with this rugged, powerful, easy to use and effective UltraBright therapy device. Every home, farm and clinic should have at least one and many clinics are using several of them because they cover a larger surface area than the typical cold laser, they are affordable and they work really fast. Just plug it in and rejuvenate as pain and inflammation melt away. Affordable, deep, all over body healing is now possible with the LZR. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Order Online or Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963 and if you want twice the power at 20 Watts with half the treatment time click Here.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • LZR Ultrabright 10W Optical LED Power with Red Light Therapy & Infrared Light Therapy Combined, Simultaneously in Continuous Wave (CW)
  • This is the 10 Watt Model with 10,000mW Power with 14 High Power Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy.
  • This is an All Purpose Use Device for Humans, Horses, Dogs and Veterinarian Clinics, Farms and Pets
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1.25 and Very light-Weight at 8 oz.
  • Portable with Medical Grade AC Adapter - Power Supply Included
  • Automatic 60 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
  • LZR Ultrabright Operator User Guide
  • Hard Body Carrying Case for Travel and Storage
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • BONUS FREE Gift $98 Value - 2 eBooks: Acupoint 3.0 and 22 Acupoint Healing System = 500 Protocols Made Easy
  • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America
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The MOST POWERFUL Model – LZR UltraBright 20W. 20 Watts of Pain Banishing, Health Optimizing, Optical Power. UltraBright Covers 5″x 3″ treatment area per 30 seconds with 600 joules of therapeutic energy.
As you can see from the pictures. It’s so powerful that the 20 Watts of 810nm and 660nm light shines right through the hands and feet. Nothing else compares!

The UltraBright 20W is perfect for humans, horses, dogs and pets. Banishes pain and inflammation. Restores circulation and accelerates healing of all cells. As it turns out, 20 Watts of the LZR UB20, which is measured in Optical Power is far superior in performance, power and speed of treatments compared to over 90% of all other light therapy products on the market.

LZR UB20 is more powerful than 90% of all lasers on the market! The real test is the amount of photon energy or joules of energy that is delivered to the target tissue. The LZR UB20 at 20 Watts produces 1200 joules per minute or 600 joules per 30 seconds. Blazing fast and effective treatments. More power and a larger aperture equals more coverage, deeper penetration, faster pain relief and faster treatments, allowing the user to more effectively treat more of the body. Easy to use on yourself or others. Includes Free Shipping, 3 Light Therapy eBooks, Written instructions, User and Protocol Guide, Medical Grade Power Supply, Hard Body Case and 1 year manufacturer warranty. No risk ordering with free shipping and 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction guaranteed!

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If you can’t afford the 20W model, then get the
LZR UltraBright 10 Watt  for a lower price.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • 14 High Power OPTICAL Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy with output of 20 Watts (20,000mW)
  • LZR UB20W is the newest and most powerful 20 Watt Model w/ Super fast treatments 30 seconds/spot
  • 810nm Infrared (NIR) producing 14,000 milliwatts and 660nm Red Light, producing 6,000 milliwatts
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1.25 and Very light-Weight at 8 oz.
  • Automatic 30 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
  • LZR Ultrabright Operator User Guide
  • eBook INCLUDED: "LED and Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures"
  • Lightweight and Portable Size: 7” x 4” x 1.25” with Medical Grade AC Adapter - Power Supply Included
  • Hard Body Carrying Case for Travel and Storage
  • Treats Humans and Animals
  • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • BONUS FREE Gift $98 Value - 2 eBooks: Acupoint 3.0 and 22 Acupoint Healing System = 500 Protocols Made Easy
  • ORDER with Online Shopping Cart or Toll Free 1-800-575-7963
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I LOVE my LZR UltaBright 12.5 Watt!!! My friends love it too, and my mom loves her 10 Watt LZR UB10W for her knees and brain! She was having issues remembering words with her age of 86, and is doing amazing now after just 2 weeks of twice daily brain sweeps! I’m hoping it helps her incontinence as well, since her knees and shoulders are so much stronger since starting the LZR UB therapy daily. I have also started using my second 20 Watt unit in my clinic and patients are doing remarkably well. My partners are stunned!! Thank you so much for these great products. They are honestly life altering for me as well. I have been using the LZR UltraBright for my Necrotizing Vasculitis, which causes massive vein and nerve edema (of up to 800% enlargement on MRI and ultrasound scans); as well as painful open sores on my legs (vascular eczema). The damaged blood vessels released inflammatory cytokines and histamine causing burning and itching in the skin and deep down into the bone where I cannot reach. I have been using this device starting at L5 and S1 segment of my spine traveling down along the course of the sciatic nerve to the back of the knee and then tracing all 3 branches of the sciatic nerve to my feet and shins. I probably spend 1 minute over the spine and sciatic nerves bilaterally, 1 minute on the thighs and back of the knees where the sciatic nerve splits, and then 1 minute between the shin and calf on each side and then 1 minute over each foot top and bottom. It is absolutely remarkable! It stops the burning and itching within a few minutes. The UltraBright has done a remarkable job healing the open sores quite surprisingly and eliminating a lot of the prior scars and discoloration that have developed over the last 15 months of having this disease. It is absolutely outstanding and has allowed me to continue working throughout the day without the need for pain medications.
– Dr Ghazi