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AccuRay D60 Dual Wave Class 4 Laser

The AccuRay D60 is a 2 Wavelength Professional Desktop Model, Class 4 laser with 60 Watts of Near Infrared power equally divided up between the 2 wavelengths: 810nm  and 980nm. This gives you the two most used infrared (IR) therapeutic laser wavelengths for supreme pain management and healing. Working with the large 10″ digital touch screen is a joy. All necessary working parameters are included, quickly and easily accessed, selected and then the laser is placed into treatment mode. It’s never been so easy to deliver world class performance and results with more power and optimal IR wavelengths at affordable per watt prices. ALERT: The D60 Laser has been discontinued until further notice.

The AccuRay D60 60W Dual Wave: Power and Price

There are only a handful of therapeutic lasers on the market that equal the power of the ACCURAY D60, and nearly all of them are only single wavelength models. With the D60 you get 30W of 810nm and 30W of 980nm power. Use one or use both at the same time. 

The AccuRay has raised the bar. More features, more power and a radically lower price. The other high powered Class IV lasers are priced thousands of dollars more than the ACCURAY D60, which is now available for just $18,995. Other 60W lasers, with a just single wavelength, are priced at nearly $40,000. Save your money, and purchase the most powerful quad laser available. The ACCURAY D60 is offered for an extremely competitive price.

AccuRay 60 Class 4 Laser

AccuRay Intelligent Computer Enhancement

ACCURAY D60 comes with the fabulous new I.C.E. software, or Intelligent Computer Enhancement.

I.C.E. software is a gigantic step forward in the way that therapeutic lasers function and treat. I.C.E.allows the laser to work more smoothly, quicker, and with a faster learning curve than nearly any laser on the market. Old laser operating systems are sorely outdated when being compared with I.C.E., and only found on the ACCURAY D60 and ACCURAY Q45.

AccuRay D60 Dual Wave Class 4 Laser

  • FDA Cleared AccuRay D60 Dual Wave Professional Class 4 Desktop Laser System
  • Dual IR Wavelengths: 810nm and 980nm
  • Optimum performance hand-held emitter with cage and crystal lens attachments, on/off switch and holder
  • 10" Color Touchscreen with presets for all major or minor body parts, skin color, body size and much more
  • Thermal Imager finds optimal treatment locations
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty with FL service center if needed

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