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LZR UltraBright 20W Red/Infrared Light Therapy Device

The MOST POWERFUL Model – LZR UltraBright 20W. 20 Watts of Pain Banishing, Health Optimizing, Optical Power. UltraBright Covers 5″x 3″ treatment area per 30 seconds with 600 joules of therapeutic energy.
As you can see from the pictures. It’s so powerful that the 20 Watts of 810nm and 660nm light shines right through the hands and feet. Nothing else compares!

The UltraBright 20W is perfect for humans, horses, dogs and pets. Banishes pain and inflammation. Restores circulation and accelerates healing of all cells. As it turns out, 20 Watts of the LZR UB20, which is measured in Optical Power is far superior in performance, power and speed of treatments compared to over 90% of all other light therapy products on the market.

LZR UB20 is more powerful than 90% of all lasers on the market! The real test is the amount of photon energy or joules of energy that is delivered to the target tissue. The LZR UB20 at 20 Watts produces 1200 joules per minute or 600 joules per 30 seconds. Blazing fast and effective treatments. More power and a larger aperture equals more coverage, deeper penetration, faster pain relief and faster treatments, allowing the user to more effectively treat more of the body. Easy to use on yourself or others. Includes Free Shipping, 3 Light Therapy eBooks, Written instructions, User and Protocol Guide, Medical Grade Power Supply, Hard Body Case and 1 year manufacturer warranty. No risk ordering with free shipping and 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction guaranteed!

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If you can’t afford the 20W model, then get the
LZR UltraBright 10 Watt  for a lower price.


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LZR UltraBright 20W - The Ultimate 20 Watt Light Therapy Device!

LZR UltraBright delivers Class 4 Laser power for home use with Class II safety and price, larger coverage & faster treatments.

The LZR UltraBright 20W Red Light Therapy Device delivers more therapeutic light faster than any previous device of its kind. It also combines the therapeutic healing powers of both Red Light and Infrared Light simultaneously for maximum benefits. The LZR UltraBright 20W is a Powerful Medical Grade LED device unlike anything ever made available to the public before it. This is NOT a cheap low grade Chinese LED device. There is no comparison. LZR is made in the United States and comes with a US warranty. It is US Made and FDA Registered!

BONUS: We also include 3 educational eBooks:

1. The popular best selling eBook: LED and Light Therapy, Clinical Procedures by Curtis Turchen MA, DC.

2. Cold Laser Therapy, the 22 Acupoint Healing System plus the micro-systems with 250 Protocols Made Easy

3. Acupoint Laser Treatment 3.0. 283 pages of education material and 250 picture based protocols listed in the index in alphabetical order. 

Armed with this fantastic combination of published knowledge/education with Red and Infrared UltraBright LEDs, you will be well on your way to tackle the stubborn body complaints that come with having a human body. Helps with aging, skin conditions, wear and tear on joints, sports injuries, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, scar tissue, TMJ and life’s basic physical challenges. 

What's Included:

LZR UltraBright 20W Features & Specs:

$2,995 (20W)

✓ LZR UltraBright 20W: Hand-Held, High Optical Power, Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device

✓ Hard-Body Carrying Case: for Travel and Storage

✓ Charger: Power Cable + Medical-Grade AC Adapter

✓ Manual: LZR UltraBright Operator User Guide

✓ 3 Free eBooks: “LED and Light Therapy – Clinical Procedures” + “22 AcuPoint Healing System” + “AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0”

✓ Free Shipping: in North America, 1 year US manufacturer warranty.

14 High Power Red & IR 20W Diodes:
     – 6 × 660nm Red diodes at 6W
     – 8 × 810nm Infrared diodes at 14W

— Built-in timer & cooling fan: 30 second automatic timer

— Lightweight and Portable:
     – Weight: 7.7 ounces  (218g)
     – Dimensions: 7” × 3¾” × 1”  (177.8mm × 95.25mm × 25.4mm)

— Large Coverage Area: 5″ × 3″

A Revolution in Powerful Light Therapy at an affordable price. 

The 20 Watt UltraBright Infrared 810nm Photobiomodulation (PBM) plus Red Light Therapy Technology delivers more therapeutic light faster and deeper (over 6″) with more power than any previous home use device of its kind. Powerful RED LIGHT & INFRARED LIGHT Therapy at the same time in one device in just 30 seconds per large spot, to achieve a perfect therapeutic dose of PHOTONS for healing, pain relief and inflammation reduction at an affordable price. INCREDIBLE RESULTS FAST! This UltraBright at 20 Watts has done what has never been done before. An over the counter OTC Light Therapy Device that delivers more therapeutic light faster than any device of its kind ever offered before. The list of benefits for the LZR therapy is extensive.

Premium, Fast, and Safe

LZR UltraBright 20W covers a large surface area of 5″ x 3″ and works way faster than all other LED products using NASA light therapy technology that delivers both Red Light Therapy & Infrared Light Therapy at Class 4 power levels with a Class 3b price and Class 2 safety (no eye glasses needed). How can it treat an area in just 30 seconds? Pure POWER and a combination of 2 ideal wavelengths (six 660nm Red diodes and eight 810nm Infrared diodes), combined with true optical light power, which is far higher and brighter than all other LED products. This results in more Photons to Cells faster!

LZR UltraBright In Use

High-Power, Dual Wavelengths.

Powerful Red and InfraRed Light Therapy

The LZR UltraBright 20W features powerful InfraRed and Red Light Therapy with a full 20,000 mW (20 Watts) of Power. Your pain and inflammation doesn’t stand a chance against this ultimate light therapy device at an unbeatable price compared to power output. Infrared is for hard and deep tissues and scar reduction, joint and spine pain relief. Red is for skin therapy, inflammation reduction and soft tissue issues. The combination of red and infrared is now the gold standard in healing, pain relief and tissue/joint rehabilitation. You will be amazed by the power, speed and efficiency of this powerful, easy to use and effective UltraBright therapy device. Every home, clinic, veterinary clinic, animal shelter and farm should and will be incorporating red & Infrared Light Therapy in the near future. 

Full Spectrum Treatments

The LZR light therapy device features both wavelengths for full spectrum treatments simultaneously. Each home should have at least one as it is good for the whole family including all animals large and small, and many clinics are using them as well because they cover a larger surface area than the typical laser. Additionally, they work really fast (30-60 seconds per location or you can scan it over larger areas, the abdomen, meridians and the spine). Just plug in the UltraBright Therapy Device and let the powerful light rejuvenate your body from the inside out on a profound cellular level. You are going to love it!

LZR UltraBright 20W Reviews:


Why is LZR UltraBright Better than the Rest?

The Fact is, You Get What You Pay For.

If you want a cheap LED device that sits on the floor or a table then go with that. But, if you want an impressive LED Device that works more like a Class 4 Laser, that you can conveniently and safely use directly over problem areas for just 30 seconds in humans and animals large and small, and experience speedy results, then get the UltraBright. You will not be disappointed. There really is no comparison. One of the testimonials for a competitors LED device that claims to have more power said, “I still need to use it longer to feel the benefits.”
That says it all. Get the UltraBright and experience results in mere seconds. Each day you use it your body will feel the incredible biostimulating results as the body begins to heal on a deep cellular level. It works better than many true lasers that cost up to 10x the price of the LZR UltraBright Health Scanner. You are going to love this product!

Comparing LED products is difficult.

I asked a laser manufacturer how some companies can make wild power claims of 300W or 600W? The laser technician said, the claim of 300W isn’t possible with the power consumption they are claiming, it’s simply not possible. They are also claiming much lower power densities than are achieved with our 10W UltraBright. After testing numerous LED products we found ourselves repeatedly disappointed with the actual output. Stick with an LZR UltraBright and you will be a happy customer.

Typical LED Devices are cheap for a reason.

Most LED devices are simply too Low Power to work well, or they show an overly exaggerated power, they use cheap, poor quality diodes, they require to be used for a long time to get any benefit and yet most LED devices provide Minimal Effectiveness.
Example of a common LED device. 650nm-5mW each (visible) 850nm-150mW each (invisible) Total Power = 615mW
vs LZR UltraBright 20,000mW Total Power. Then there are the ones that claim 300-600W. I purchased several of them, because they were cheap, and I wanted to see what they can do. Guess what? After awhile I got frustrated and stopped using them because they didn’t produce much in the way of results. Turns out that Watts measured in Electrical Power vs Optical Power makes all the difference in the world. The LZR UltraBright is the only OPTICAL POWER LED device on the market. They really do work and we back that up with a money back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

LZR UltraBright Educational Videos:

Research Shows Benefits With:

•      Arthritis and Excessive Inflammation
•      Soft Tissue Injuries
•      Sports Injuries
•      All Types of Trauma
•      Wounds & Fractures
•      Chronic and Acute Pain
•      Depression and Anxiety
•      TMJ Pain
•      Neuropathy
•      Wrinkles and skin conditions

•      Nerve problems of all types
•      Acute & Chronic Sprain/strains
•      Head, Face & Mouth Pain
•      Sinus problems and Headaches
•      Muscle Pain & Trigger Points
•      Degenerative Disc Conditions
•      Strokes & Other Brain Injuries
•      Side Effects of Chemotherapy
•    Joint and Spine Regeneration
•     Blood Circulation

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LZR UltraBright Light Therapy Device w/ Diodes On

LZR UltraBright 20W Red/Infrared Light Therapy Device

  • 14 High Power OPTICAL Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy with output of 20 Watts (20,000mW)
  • LZR UB20W is the newest and most powerful 20 Watt Model w/ Super fast treatments 30 seconds/spot
  • 810nm Infrared (NIR) producing 14,000 milliwatts and 660nm Red Light, producing 6,000 milliwatts
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1.25 and Very light-Weight at 8 oz.
  • Automatic 30 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
  • LZR Ultrabright Operator User Guide
  • eBook INCLUDED: "LED and Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures"
  • Lightweight and Portable Size: 7” x 4” x 1.25” with Medical Grade AC Adapter - Power Supply Included
  • Hard Body Carrying Case for Travel and Storage
  • Treats Humans and Animals
  • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • BONUS FREE Gift $98 Value - 2 eBooks: Acupoint 3.0 and 22 Acupoint Healing System = 500 Protocols Made Easy
  • ORDER with Online Shopping Cart or Toll Free 1-800-575-7963
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