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LZR UltraBright Red Light Therapy and Infrared Light Therapy Device 12.5 Watts

LZR 12.5 Watt Units are Discontinued & Replaced with the 20 Watt.

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NOW You can choose between an LZR ULTRABRIGHT 10 Watt or get twice the power at 20 WATTS with half the treatment time click Here.


We are continuing to offer 10 Watt and 20 Watt models. 

I LOVE my LZR UB 20 Watt! My friends love it too, and my mom loves her 10 Watt LZR UB10W for her knees and brain! She was having issues remembering words with her age of 86, and is doing amazing now after just 2 weeks of twice daily brain sweeps! I’m hoping it helps her incontinence as well, since her knees and shoulders are so much stronger since starting the LZR UB therapy daily. I have also started using my second 20W unit in my clinic and patients are doing remarkably well. My partners are stunned!! Thank you so much for these great products.
– Dr Ghazi

LZR UltraBright on Dog

The fact is, you get what you pay for when it comes to lasers and LED light therapy products. This is the first EVER, Class II light therapy product that has ever been made available that is more powerful and works better than Class IIIb laser products. It works faster and covers more surface area.

If you want a cheap LED device that sits on the floor or a table, or hangs on the wall, then feel free to waste your money. But if you want results, then get an LZR UltraBright. These devices really work!

The LZR UB is without exception, the most impressive LED light therapy device that has ever been manufactured and FDA cleared to date. It is manufactured by a class 4 laser company and it works more like a class 4 laser, only covering a larger surface area and having the superior class II safety rating, making it available for anyone to purchase without a license or prescription. You can conveniently and safely use the LZR without glasses, by placing it directly over the problem areas, or scanning it over the spine, joints, limbs and brain. It produces speedy results and covers more surface area faster than 95% of all lasers. The UltraBright is in a class all by itself. You will not be disappointed. There really is no comparison. One of the testimonials for a competitors LED device that claims to have more power said, “I still need to use it longer to see if I can feel the benefits.”
That says it all. Get the UltraBright and feel the results in minutes. Each day you use it your body will feel the incredible biostimulating results. 
It works better than many true lasers that cost up to 10x the price of the LZR UltraBright Health Scanner. You are going to love the LZR UltraBright. Nothing else compares!

Comparing LED products is difficult because there are many lies and deception to wade through:

I asked a laser manufacturer how another LED company could make such wild claims of 300W and 600W? The laser technician said,
1) Electrical power and optical power are vastly different and can not be compared, because optical power is the true power that is being delivered to target tissue,
2) Such a claim like 300W isn’t possible with the power consumption they are claiming as the power cords they use would not even support it. LZR has to use medical grade power supply just to deliver 10-20 Watts of true optical power, and you can actually feel the heat, which is impressive.
3) Cheaper LED’s produce much lower power densities than is achieved with the UltraBright, and that makes a world of difference when it comes to the amount of time to treat and the results experienced. When a company represents their product with a lie or deception, it’s hard to trust the product or make a realistic comparison.
4) The majority of red light therapy panel products on the market are repurposed LED Grow Lights. They were not designed from the ground up as a therapeutic, high power light therapy devices like the LZR, which was created by a team of doctors looking to create a “home use class 4 laser” that has the safety and security of a class II laser device.
The LZR UltraBright is Manufactured in the US by a Team of Doctors and Class 4 Laser Manufacturers.
It is the first LED pain relief & regeneration device that we have ever offered, because it is the only one that uses true OPTICAL POWER & works like a laser, delivering true “laser-like” results.

Typical LED Devices are cheap for a reason.

Low Power or overly exaggerated power, poor quality diodes, Long Time Use Per Area, Minimal Effectiveness.
Example of a common LED device. 650nm-5mW each (visible) 850nm-150mW each (invisible) Total Power = 615mW
vs UltraBright Health Scanner at 12,500mW Total Power. Then there are the ones that claim 300-600W. I purchased several of them, because they were cheap, but guess what? After awhile I got frustrated and stopped using them because they didn’t produce much in the way of results. Turns out that Watts measured in Electrical Power vs Optical Power makes all the difference in the world. LZR UB are the only OPTICAL POWER LED devices on the market.

Research shows benefits with:

·      Arthritis

·      Soft Tissue Injuries

·      Sports Injuries

·      All Types of Trauma

·      Wounds & Fractures

·      Chronic and Acute Pain

·      Depression and Anxiety


·      Nerve problems of all types

·      Acute & Chronic Sprain/strains

·      Head, Face & Mouth Pain

·      Sinus problems and Headaches

·      Muscle Pain & Trigger Points

·      Degenerative Disc Conditions

·      Strokes & Other Brain Injuries

·      Side Effects of Chemotherapy

·     Joint and Spine Regeneration

The 12.5 Watt UltraBright Health Scanner is Now Brighter and More Powerful than ever. We include the above pictured eBook on LED and Light Therapy, Clinical Procedures by Curtis Turchen MA, DC. 

Armed with this fantastic combination, you will be well on your way to tackle the stubborn body complaints that come with having a human body. Helps with aging, wear and tear, sports injuries, and life’s basic physical challenges. Works FAST! 30-60 sec/spot.

We also include the two eBook series of Cold Laser Therapy with hundreds of protocols made easy including the micro-systems. 


LZR UltraBright Red Light Therapy and Infrared Light Therapy Device 12.5 Watts

  • Automatic 60 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Book INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • Lightweight and Portable Size: 7” x 4” x 1.25” & Medical Grade Power Supply Included
  • Hard Body Case and Book INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America.

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