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The new 18,100mW (18,000mW of 808nm and 100mW of 658nm) Probe is finally here. The most powerful cool laser just went to a whole new level! If you thought your treatment times were quick with the 6.1W this is the same cool power density in a third of the treatment time or 1/6 the treatment time with 2. Compatible with the LZR7 ZX2.

Type: Continuous Wave (CW) Large area Multi (Cluster)

Application: Analgesia Inflammation, Tissue Repair, Large Areas

Total Maximum Power Output: 18.1W

Wavelength: 658nm x1 & 808nm x12

Laser Classification: Class 4

NOHD*: 150cm, 5ft

Treatment Time for 4 J/cm2: at the skin 5.2 seconds and at the disc 4.5cm deep 40 seconds

658nm Emitter
Maximum Output Power: 100mW

808nm Emitters
Maximum Output Power: 18,000mW

* Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance

Your Purchase Includes:
  • 18.1W Multi Probe compatible with the LZR7 ZX2
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Our 500 protocol AcuPoint Healing System in 2 eBooks


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