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LZR7 Large Area Laser with Medical Cart and Extending Arm


The Upside of Superpulsed lasers is the significantly deeper penetration with an equivalent wavelength (nm) laser of same average output.

The Downside is most 25-50 Watt Superpulsed lasers have an average output of around 1/10th of a Watt and this equals very long treatment times to achieve the treatment goal of 4 joules per Cm2.

The Great News is that we now have a Superpulsed laser with an average output high enough to get great results from the Superpulsed wavelengths of 660, 808 & 904 nm.

We now have a Super Pulsed Laser with an average output high enough to get great results from the Superpulsed wavelengths of 904 nm, 808 nm and 660 nm. Properties of these three wavelengths revealed below:

•904 nm Superpulsed: At the 904 nm wavelength, there’s a peak of absorption for hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the bloodstream. So by using this wavelength, you allow for increased release of available oxygen in the bloodstream. This also allows for the removal of carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste products including lactic acid.

•808 nm: The 808 nm wavelength has the highest penetration, and here absorption of cytochrome oxidase enzymes is at its peak. Tests reveal the 808 wavelength can deliver a therapeutic dose of light about 10 centimeters into the body, making it effective for large people and even large animals.

•660 nm: Red light wavelengths at 660 nm are more quickly absorbed by the outer layers of your skin. This helps to produce collagen, resulting in a host of benefits such as wrinkle reduction, enhanced skin tone, and the fading of scars and stretch marks and wound healing.

LZR7 is the Next Generation of CLASS IV & Class 3B LASERS – Featuring a Generous Selection of Super Pulsed and Continuous Wave Lasers for Fast, Effective Results

The LZR7 Large Area Laser with Medical Cart is available with a large OPTIONAL Selection of Class 3B & Class 4 Laser Emitters/Probes that can delivers more power, faster with minimal to no heat. The significance of these new, high power, cooler therapy lasers is that it is easier and faster to treat patients with stubborn issues in record time. The learning curve to using and applying therapy is significantly reduced and it becomes easy to give a standardized dose of joules or energy to a given area quickly (in mere seconds or minutes), depending upon issue being treated and emitter being used.

We have portable and desktop units with numerous interchangeable emitters from single diode to multi-diode cluster heads. You can choose from Continuous Wave (CW) or Super Pulsed (SP) laser diodes with optimal wavelengths at 660nm, 808nm and/or 904nm and power output of 6.1 W to 18.1 Watts of CW or 100 Watts to 300 Watts Super Pulsed, depending upon the emitter you choose. We also offer a sophisticated medical cart with retractable arm and wheels for mobility to support a busy practice and treatment of large areas. Desktop Control Units can power up to two emitters simultaneously.


LZR7 Large Area Laser with Medical Cart and Extending Arm

  • 10,000mW 808 nm & 1,500mW 658 nm
  • 1,811.5 Watts of Cool Power in 3 different wavelengths (nm) Emitter INCLUDED
  • 15,100mW average output for the entire probe
  • 2 Pairs of Eye Protection Goggles
  • Training Guide & Laser Light Therapy book with numerous protocols
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Our 500 protocol AcuPoint Healing System in 2 eBooks
  • *Call for Price: Toll Free 800-575-7963

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