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MEDRAY SuperMax 45W Quad-Wave Class 4 Laser Package

MEDRAY SuperMax 45W Quad. The 45 WATT Quad 4-Wave Laser Package – Enjoy $3k Instant Discount This Month.
INCLUDES Over $3,398.00 in FREE Bonuses. A comprehensive, powerful and flexible laser with 2 hands-on treatment handpieces for a full range of treatments.
Optional Hands-free STAR Cart Package Available. Elevate your practice and accelerate your growth by quickly and effectively helping more patients with Class IV Laser Therapy.

The MEDRAY SUPERMAX 45W Quad Class IV Laser Machine represents state of the art technology for Chiropractors. It allows the clinician to treat all body parts and conditions with fast and effective hands-on or unattended laser therapy.
We offer the STAR Cart Add-on OPTION that gives you and your patients incredible hands free treatment capabilities while allowing the doctor to see other patients at the same time. MEDRAY 30W QUAD also available. Your SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

Original price was: $19,995.00.Current price is: $16,995.00.

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MEDRAY SuperMax is a HOT Laser in Big Demand and has Sold Out.
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MEDRAY SUPERMAX DC45W QUAD – A 45 Watt, 4 Wave, Total Turnkey Laser Package for the Chiropractic Professional.

This Quad Wave laser raises the bar on Class 4 lasers when you compare power, wavelengths, features and price. The SUPERMAX DC45W  is one of the best technical lasers made to date at a fair price. It features complete ease and simplicity of use for you and your staff, quickly making you a proficient and effective laser therapist with a short learning curve.

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When power, performance and features are important you can rely on SuperMax. With 45W CW it produces 8100 joules in 3 min or 2700 j/cm2 per minute. True PEAK PERFORMANCE with a Premium Class IV Therapy laser.

Are you thinking about adding laser therapy to your practice or upgrading to more power or the latest technology?
If so, then the MEDRAY SUPERMAX DC45W is hands down your best choice for Advanced Modality Medicine Therapies.

MANY BENEFITS INCLUDING: 30% More power & 30% Faster than 30W, more wavelengths, the newest technology, the latest WiFi based self updating software, large full color rapid response 10″ touchscreen, the newest handpieces, free training with certification, and a 5 year warranty. 



MEDRAY SUPERMAX Multi-roller, Easy Glide Handpiece

Included with every MEDRAY SUPERMAX Laser purchase.

3 cm diameter homogeneous target area
• Automatic adjustment of the parameters to optimize the intensity on the tissue
• Ideal for the treatment of large anatomical areas homogeneously, reducing treatment times
• Does not cause the contact surface to be very hot, can work for a long time Scroll ball can be used for massage and cooling


Included with every MEDRAY SUPERMAX Laser purchase.

1 cm diameter homogeneous target area
Collimated beam for maintaining the spot size both at contact and at a distance
Ideal for treating trigger points, intra-articular areas, muscle band


Wavelength: 4 Waves: 15 Watts 810nm, 15 Watts 915nm, 15 Watts 1064nm and 200mW 650nm Red Laser

Peak Power: 45.2 Watts

Max Average Power: 45 Watts Continuous Wave (CW)

Pilot Beam: Red 650nm±10nm, Power<200mW

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser Class: IV

Emission Modes: CW (continuous wave), Repeat pulse

Repetition rate: 1 Hz- 20 KHz

Display: 10″ True color, fast response touch screen

Dimensions: 283(W), 275(L), 186(H) in millimeters

Weight: 7kg/14lbs.

Patient Stop Switch: Included with S.T.A.R. Package

Your practice, and your patients will love the versatility and unparalleled performance of the SuperMax. 

This laser offers the latest, easy-to-use technology with WiFi self updating operating system, 11″ high resolution touch screen, advanced features, exceptional power, 4 optimal wavelengths, and high-quality craftsmanship at the most affordable price per Watt. What you get is simply the most innovative and affordable 45 Watt, Quad-wavelength, Class IV Therapeutic Laser System available for Chiropractors. 

If you want to be the best, you have to have the best. Get the best MEDRAY Class IV Laser Options here with the best price, warranty, service and support. Serving Chiropractors for 20+ Years. Get Expert Help Today. Call 1-800-575-7963. Easy Financing Available.

Bundle your MEDRAY Laser with the addition of a MEDRAY MedWave SoftShock Therapy System and SAVE $6,995 with a combo.

Doctors Use the MEDRAY Class IV Laser to Adress and Support Pain Relief and Healing Related to:

 Acute/Persistent Musculoskeletal Pain
 Spinal pain: acute, post-traumatic, and chronic
 Injury rehab: following sprains, strains, and fractures
 Temporomandibular (Jaw) Dysfunction (TMJ)
 Migraine, Tension, and Cervicogenic Headache
 Post whiplash and chronic whiplash-associated disorder
 Rehab/Prehab for orthopedic and spinal surgical procedures
 Conservative care for foot and ankle pain
 Pelvic Pain, Lower Back Pain, Sacral Pain
 Arthritis management: spinal, arm/leg joints, hands, and feet
 Persistent and complicated pain management:
Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, CRPS, Central Pain
 Scoliosis and other spinal deformities
 Athletic injuries/performance: Overhead athlete
 Paddlers: surfers, kayakers, SUPers
 Runners, Bi/Triatheltes
 Performing artists: dancers, musicians, gymnasts, ice skaters, singers
 Golfers: recreational and competitive
 The extreme athlete/stuntmen/women

A Powerful Physical Therapy, Phototherapy Adjunctive Treatment to support relief of acute pain and trauma and chronic pain and inflammation with the real possibility of regeneration and rehabilitation, without drugs or surgery. 

MEDRAY Class IV Chiropractic Lasers 

• Deep Tissue Laser Therapy PAIN RELIEF with MEDRAY Lasers

• MEDRAY Specialty Laser Packages for Chiropractic Professionals

3 POPULAR MEDRAY Class 4 Chiropractic Lasers to Choose From:  

medray supermax laser and inflamed knee

MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Practitioner Marketing Trifold Brochure & Laser Training w Certification

MEDRAY Lasers are built specifically for your Chiropractic Practice.

We offer the best selection of hands-on & hands-free, affordable Class 4 Chiropractic Lasers. Includes Training & Certification.

MEDRAY CLASS 4 Lasers for Chiropractors are endorsed by Dr Kaplan and many other Chiropractors. They are an ideal choice for a busy practice, that takes pride in producing excellent patient results. To expedite your success, we include FREE Training with Certification (a $2000 Value) & a professional, customized marketing package ($1000 Value) with customized brochures and poster. Includes a 5 Year warranty and Free Shipping ($300 Value). Your Satisfaction is guaranteed! Ask about the Laser STAR Cart with Hands-Free Option. We will help your practice grow with the best laser education, products, service and support. Mr Kalon Prensky has dedicated his life to helping practitioners for over 20 years. He started in the health care industry in 1989, is the author of several books on laser therapy with over 500 protocols, and has been a full time laser therapy equipment specialist since 2003.

Finally, a Full Featured Class IV Chiropractic Laser that is compact, easy to use, and affordable.

Call Toll Free and Speak with a Laser Specialist Today 1-800-575-7963

What's Included:

What's Included:


– 2 Specialty Handpieces (1 spot handpiece & 1 Multi-roller attachment)

– 2 pairs of laser glasses

– Deluxe hard body, foam lined carrying/storage case

– Dozens of protocols programmed for quick setup and ease of application

– Virtual self directed laser certification course included (for up to 6 techs)

– A professional marketing program w/ customized trifold brochure and poster

– Free 30-day trial in “The Laser Masters” Providing expert help in marketing.


S.T.A.R. Cart Hands-free Package with Easy articulating Flex arm, 4″ wide angle treatment head, emergency romote control shutoff switch and Adjustable Rolling Laser Cart for easy portability. An affordable Add-on for $1995.


MEDRAY Class IV Laser Hands-free S.T.A.R. Cart System


The MEDRAY SUPERMAX 45W, quad-wavelength laser, one of the strongest and easiest to use quad lasers on the market works with the OPTIONAL S.T.A.R. CART SYSTEM. A laser cart with an adjustable flex arm and a head-piece holder and the MEDRAY optical headpiece.  The 4″ wide angle MEDRAY optical headpiece, when combined with the STAR handsfree software allows for complete, unattended, hands-free operation. Includes the MEDRAY – S.T.A.R. Cart Unattended Therapy System. This cart was designed explicitly to be used with the Medray lasers.  It is easily assembled and is height adjustable by squeezing the two-finger trigger.  The MEDRAY SuperMax with STAR Therapy Cart not only makes hands-free therapy easy, but it is a fabulous upgrade to your clinic.

Super Easy to Use: When you turn your MEDRAY laser on and log in, you are taken immediately to the STAR hands-free screen.  Simply adjust the wide-angle headpiece 1.5″ to 2″ from the treatment surface of the body part you want to treat, press the body part on the protocol screen, touch standby, and treat.  You can give the patient the convenient wireless emergency stop switch for that extra added level of safety.  This whole treatment setup takes just seconds.


The S.T.A.R. Hands-free system with an adjustable cart for use with your MEDRAY SUPERMAX DC45W QUAD.


Many doctors have wondered and asked if Class IV Laser can be done “hands-free”.  Usually, the answer is “no,” as a Class IV Laser emitter needs to be moved for maximum treatment coverage, as well as to avoid any possible thermal overload.  Plus, companies that do offer this option have priced it quite expensively.  But now, we introduce S.T.A.R.

S.T.A.R. means Stationary Therapeutic Application of Radiance.  This fantastic new feature takes the MEDRAY SUPERMAX, QUAD & DUAL into a new and affordable realm of hands-free treatment.

supermax with STAR Prime Plus

Now you can add a NEW SHOCKWAVE SOFTSHOCK System to your practice and SAVE $1000 through March with Code: SHOCK1000

More Info

Class IV Laser Therapy is the ULTIMATE because, Power Density equals depth of penetration. More power delivers more photons to deeper target tissue faster and easier. Nothing else compares when it comes to producing RESULTS. No matter the hype, or salesman mumbo jumbo, Class IV lasers have shown time and time again that results are obtained faster and with less patient cost. In order for healing and rehabilitation to take place, the laser must deliver enough joules to actually trigger the healing response, and many lower power lasers simply don’t or can’t give this power.  This is the reason so called “super pulsing” was introduced, to try and give more power to the treatment. Unfortunately, many claims regarding super pulsing are made that don’t necessarily deliver. A billionth of a second pulse has very little therapeutic value compared to the high power of a true class 4 therapeutic laser. The difference between the amount of true average power and photon density extreme. Our Class 4 lasers deliver in excess of 1000X more average power to target tissue.

Many Class IIIb manufacturers like to push the so called high-wattage peak power outputs of their superpulsed laser diodes, without being truthful and realistic about the average power outputs of their laser. Just because a cold laser says 25 Watt Superpulsed laser, doesn’t mean that it delivers 25 Watts. In reality, the amount of average power delivered to the target tissue is extremely small. Approximately 10mW (that’s 1/100 of 1 Watt). Boasting and advertising peak power outputs of superpulsed diodes is one of the many deceptive advertising practices that are being used in the laser therapy industry today.

The MEDRAY SuperMax DC45W 45 WATT Laser, as mentioned before, is one of the strongest Class IV, quad wavelength on the market today.  Plus, it is priced at the lowest end of the spectrum at only $16,995. 

Your practice, and your patients will love the versatility and unparalleled performance of the SuperMax. This laser offers the latest, easy-to-use technology with WiFi self updating operating system, 11″ high resolution touch screen, advanced features, exceptional power, 4 optimal wavelengths, and high-quality craftsmanship at the most affordable price per Watt. What you get is simply the most innovative and affordable 45 Watt, Quad-wavelength, Class IV Therapeutic Laser System available for Chiropractors. 

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MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Details

Why Buy from

• We’ve got your back – as a dedicated laser pro shop since 2003, serving many thousands of satisfied customers is our passion. We will go out of our way to ensure that you receive fast, friendly and professional service, training and support now and ongoing.
• Guaranteed Best Price – We always offer the lowest manufacturer-authorized prices and if you find it for less (within 30 days), we will meet or beat it. We ensure exceptional value with low prices, free shipping, training, certification, high quality products & ongoing support.
• The MEDRAY Lasers are 510k FDA Cleared for the widest range of therapeutic applications of all the class iv therapy lasers on the market, they are also granted CE Mark for distribution and use in Europe and the UK.
• We offer the lowest price per Watt of all FDA Cleared Class IV Lasers on the market without compromising the quality, features, longevity, or performance of the product. This ensures satisfaction with higher power performance and a faster ROI.
• We provide a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all Medray lasers with 1 year on all hand-pieces
• We have a Florida-based service center – to support fast and reliable service if ever needed, with all parts and technician for fast turn around. If determined a longer repair will be needed (unlikely), we will rush you out a loaner laser.
• We are factory-authorized distributors – which means you can rest assured that you are buying an authentic product from a reputable dealer. We are the original online laser shop with over 20 years experience serving our medical community with integrity and respect.
 We provide a marketing tool kit to support the success of your class 4 laser business and the building of clients to accelerate ROI. This includes beautiful color digital templates of trifold brochures, post cards and posters customized with your logo and contact info.
• We provide a custom case – shockproof, waterproof, carrying case, and “Laser in Use” sign.
• Discover Lasers LLC is an A+ BBB Accredited Company since 2008 and an online ProShop since 2003. Your satisfaction is our goal and commitment, and we back that up with a *30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We have a dedicated toll-free number for concierge service and support with a laser specialist: Call Toll Free: 1-800-575-7963

The MEDRAY Lasers deliver the most proven optimal wavelengths for successful treatments with options of single wave length, dual (2) or quad (4). The most revered primary wavelengths for class IV lasers are the 810nm and 980nm, which are both included in the MEDRAY DC 30W Dual and Quad models. The 2 wave (dual) is available as a 30 Watt (15 Watts each wavelength) or 4 wave (Quad), which is NOW delivered as a 30.2 (formerly 27.2) Watt System. Current independent research reveals that the 810nm is the best wavelength for deep penetration, musculoskeletal applications and hard tissue issues, supporting deep photobiomodulation (PBM). It can deliver great results for almost all applications where photobiomodulation is the primary goal. In the research, they found that 810nm provides up to 30 times the penetration of 980nm because it is not absorbed by the hemoglobin, which is why it helps to support regeneration and rehabilitation more effectively. Whereas the 980nm has been the popular Class 4 laser Gold Standard choice for decades because it provides rapid pain relief, plus reduction of inflammation, which is it available in our dual and quad wavelength versions. 

The MEDRAY Quad versions offer multiple wavelengths such as: 1064nm, 980nm, 905nm, 915nm, 810nm, & 650nm wavelengths. The  secondary wavelengths are independently controlled just like with most high-end multi-wavelength systems. As a secondary or tertiary wavelength, these options add flexibility for muscle relaxation and deep PBM penetration (at 810nm) and increased circulation and faster pain reduction (at 980nm), faster treatment, deepest penetration and support for the body and brain, with cooler temperature (at 1064), improved soft tissue treatments and wound care (at 650nm) and increased blood absorption with NO production (at 905-915nm). For optimal PhotoBioModulation (PBM) 810nm is typically the primary and most desired wavelength due to deep penetration with beneficial effects throughout the entire musculoskeletal system, joints and hard tissues. Even though 1064nm, 980nm, 905nm and 650nm are outside of the therapeutic window they still add benefit in many applications and make the laser more versatile for additional treatment options. The MEDRAY systems easily switch between pulsing and continuous wave and includes an extensive internal protocol library with 25+ preset protocols for most human applications. Medray lasers come delivered in a shock-proof, waterproof case with 3 pairs of protective eye glasses, 4 convex Zoom handpiece cage covers, first rate handpiece options, free training with certification for up to 6 techs, and a professional marketing package to support you and your practice.

Most laser companies don’t put much effort into their protocols. With MEDRAY Lasers you get 25+ patient specific, modifiable human use protocols built in and ready to use with just a few touchscreen selections. In the blue man picture nearby you can see an example of a protocol choice screen. Simply choose/tap the part of the body on the screen and the protocol will launch, allowing you you to choose body size, skin color and pain/chronicity level. In many of the protocol libraries form other companies, only the name of the protocol changes but not the pulse frequency. Most protocols default to delivering maximum power for 10 minutes with no pulsing. Some systems will put the same dosage into an arthritic hand as they put into a bad hip, defying all logic and therapy standards. 

The advanced presets of the internal protocol library on the MEDRAY work perfectly. They are each customized by a team of Doctors with precise variable in Hz frequency delivery in sweeps with multiple cycles and may combine pulsed and CW in a single setting for best results if the specific area warrants it. These lasers allow you to set them up to get the best results for each condition listed in the library. Additionally, you can create or modify and save your own custom presets for quick and easy use any time. If you have used another high-end system, then you will really appreciate the effort that went into the MEDRAY protocols. It has one of the best internal protocol libraries of any high end laser and better protocols deliver superior results.

The MEDRAY Lasers follow the best industry practices by adapting the treatment parameters to the patient. The 25+ protocols become hundreds of protocols once you take into consideration that each one can be customized for the patient according several variables. The setup screen as seen in a picture nearby shows how each protocol is adapted based on the patient size, skin color and the chronicity/pain level of the condition. In addition to following the best industry practices, the MEDRAY laser system allows for manually over-riding the standards. One of the secrets of the laser industry is the effect of duty-cycle (on/off ratio) on the dosage delivery. Many systems like the LiteForce & K-laser use a fixed 50% duty cycle. What this means is that users are paying a very high price to get a 30-watt system (that costs about $30,000) that only puts out 15 joules/second anytime they are pulsing the laser. Since you pulse the laser for most applications, most users are wasting a huge amount of money because they are confused by the specifications and how they change the performance.
The MEDRAY Lasers have solved this problem by providing users the ability to program the duty cycle considerably higher than most other lasers. With MEDRAY Laser you can set up to a 90% duty cycle so that means that a (15 watt) MEDRAY pulsing at 90% will deliver more power (14 joules/second) and save you $16,500 when compared to a LiteForce Class IV Laser system. It makes you wonder why anyone would want to pay more for less?

DC10 Single Wave
DC30W Dual
DC30W Quad
SuperMax 45W Quad

DC30W 2-Wave (Dual)
DC30W 4-Wave (Quad)


SuperMax 45W Quad

Power & Wavelength

10W – 980nm
DC30W Dual – 810nm, 980nm 

DC30W Quad – 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 980nm

SuperMax Quad – 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 1064nm

DC30W Dual Combined Max Output:
15W 810nm, 15W 980nm
DC30W Quad Combined Max Output:
200mW 650, 15W 810nm, 15W 915nm, 15W 980nm
SuperMax 45W Quad Max Output:
200mW 650, 15W 810nm, 15W 915nm, 15W 1064nm
Typical Dosage10W CW = 6480 joules in 12 minutes30W CW = 9000 joules in 5 min
45W CW = 8100 joules in 3 min
(that’s 2700 j/cm2 per minute)
Best ApplicationHuge step up from most class 1-3b laser systems.Perfect for medium and large practices. 
Price$9,950 $12,995-$14,995-$16,995

*The DC30 can deliver 15 Watts at 810nm OR 15 Watts at 980nm or both wavelengths simultaneously up to 30 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) and 30W pulsed. The 30W system will now deliver a full 30 joules/sec. The SUPERMAX 45W Systems can deliver a full 45W CW, which equals 2700 joules/cm2 every one minute or 5400 j/cm2 every 2 min. 

The MEDRAY Lasers are top-quality FDA/510k Cleared Class 4 therapy lasers designed with high-end features and great support at a more affordable price. These generation 2 Class 4 Lasers are designed to meet or surpass the similar Italian-made “gold standard” Eltech K-Laser™ (that cost twice the price) and provides many of the same higher-end features found in ASPEN Laser, LiteCure Laser, LiteForce Laser, Summus Laser and other Class IV lasers, but at a considerably lower price without any compromises. Thus resulting in a much faster return on investment (ROI). The MEDRAY DC30 Lasers feature a generous 7.2 inch graphic, color touchscreen built into a compact, portable package weighing just 4.6 lbs. This provides a great compromise between portability, functionality, performance and ease of programming, when compared to some class 4 laser systems that are heavy and clunky or those with tiny or non-graphic displays. The compact, lighter weight design of MEDRAY DC30 lasers with full color graphic, and rapid touch screen display make it a joy to use. The MEDRAY SuperMax lasers are larger, feature 45 Watts in 4 wavelengths, have a big 10″ rapid touch, full color iPad like screen, weigh 10lbs and utilize the newest self updating, WiFi based ANDROID software.

All MEDRAY CLASS 4 LASERS come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty with 1 year on the hand-pieces. When it comes to quality, the MEDRAY LASERS are built tough, to withstand constant use, day in and day out for many years. They are reliable and dependable and we are confident in our knowledge of how well they perform and hold up through years of regular use. If ever you have an issue, which is unlikely, we take care of our customers. We have experienced little to no issues whatsoever with this product for over 6 years, which is how long this product has been available and thoroughly tested in the field. 

MEDRAY DC30 uses the tried and true INTELITECH software, which easily guides the user through the treatment process with clear and easy to follow graphics and intuitive screens. If there is ever a software issue, it can be easily fixed from a distance by sending an easy to install plug and play part or we can help you to quickly fix it over the phone. 

We have a US based service center in FL, which stocks parts and offers fast turnaround service within days. 

The Gen 2 design removes the external connection to the fiber cable and integrates the connection inside the housing similarly to the K laser. Over the years, we learned that the external connection is the weakest link and the cause of most class 4 laser failures (all class IV laser brands). This issue has been eliminated with our new Gen 2 design. The fiber optic cable connection has been moved inside the housing, making the MEDRAY Class 4 Lasers some of the most durable systems on the market. While other companies use a 200-300 micron fiber optic cable, we use a heavy duty 400 micron fiber optic cable for long life and reliability in the MEDRAY Class 4 Lasers. This high quality design allows for the cable to be wrapped around the base or wheel, and the cable is now fixed to the laser body to insure maximum longevity of the laser diode(s). This reduces the potential for kinking and crushing of the cable in transport and makes the system more reliable. These design elements allow us to confidently offer a full 5-year warranty. The system can also be serviced after the warranty period at our Florida service center if ever needed, so you can rest assured that your laser investment will be successful for the long term.

SUPERMAX QUAD 45W is the newest MEDRAY Laser and comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty with 1 year on the hand-pieces. Our experience with this laser has been excellent, with attractive graphics, fast touch responding touchscreen and the newest easy to use hand-piece combination. The high power and 4 wavelengths gives the user significant power, speed, depth of penetration and versatility with dozens of preset protocols. It features the newest operating system that is self updating via WiFi so it is always up to date with the newest features and protocols.

We offer many different laser models for different types of users. After looking at the trade-offs of price, weight, reliability and safety on the extremely high power lasers, we decided to specialize on the Class 4 Lasers where our clients see the best result and fastest ROI without any downsides of over-powered machines. 

The 10 Watt 980nm is an entry level class 4 laser with the most popular 980nm wavelength for fast pain relief. Moving to the dual wavelength (810nm and 980nm) is great for both structural and musculoskeletal issues and is pretty standard for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and pain clinics. If you want even more wavelength diversity, the quad-wavelength models are available. The Quad delivers 30.2 watts at 650nm (200mW), 810nm (10W), 915nm (10W) and 980nm (10W). The Quad gives more versatility beyond treating structural and musculoskeletal issues, allowing for increased applications such as soft tissues, neurological issues, acne, wound and burn care.

The SuperMax 45 Watt Quad allows for increased photon density, deeper penetration, faster treatment times and superior pain management with deep tissue therapy for multiple modalities.

The MEDRAY utilize the most established wavelengths. 810nm and 980nm are the primary wavelengths of most Class IV Therapy Lasers utilized in the single and dual wave laser machines. With Quad 4-wave laser models there is more variety of wavelengths to spread out the power. The DC30 Quad utilizes 10W of 810nm, 10W of 980nm, 10W of 915nm and 200mW of 650nm. The SuperMax Quad utilizes 200mW 650nm, 15 Watts 810nm, 15 Watts 915nm & 15 Watts 1064nm. 

Although the 650nm wavelength has a shallower depth of penetration, it is great for supplemental therapies. For surface injuries, soft tissues and skin conditions. For soft tissue issues, skin conditions, acne, wounds and burns the 650nm wavelength is preferred. When you want a wavelength where most of the energy is converted into heat, the 980nm can be used for increasing circulation and reducing inflammation with rapid pain control. The Quad system gives practitioners full control so they can optimize their treatment for a wide variety of applications. The MEDRAY lasers provide for a very high 3-dimensional power density that many experts think is the key to better therapeutic outcomes. Although lower power devices can deliver the same total energy level given enough time, they can never reach the same power density of the MEDRAY Class 4 laser therapy systems. The 45W Quad delivers the highest photon density to the target tissues, thus accelerating treatment times and patient results. A True Game-changer!

For a high volume practice, minimizing patient treatment times while still delivering great results is a high priority. Time is money and speed is important. A 45W laser will treat the same condition 30% faster than a 30W laser. Practitioners can deliver over 4500 joules in 5 minutes with a MEDRAY MDC30W and an amazing 2700 j/cm2 per min. with the SuperMax 45W Quad. The higher the device power, the more options you have for extremely short treatment times or to deliver very high dosages for maximum impact for your patients. Because the MEDRAY has the programmable duty cycle (on/off ratio), you can deliver 4300 joules pulsing in 5 minutes. This totally crushes most other systems that have a fixed duty cycle of 50% or less. With the MEDRAY you can create custom protocols that include high duty cycle pulsing. When speed matters, you can pulse in the 4 – 40 Hz range, but at a 90% duty cycle. This gives practitioners both pulsing and higher dosage. Very few systems on the market allow this control at any price.

Unlike some other Class 4 therapy lasers, the MEDRAY does not require a long startup time. Turn it on and the laser boots up and is ready for treatments. Similar products can take up to 4 minutes to warm up the laser before you can start your first ttreatment. The MEDRAY systems are built using many of the same high precision design principals as surgical lasers so they are designed for critical operation and made to last, even under constant and regular use. The laser diodes are made of precision laser optics for long life and durability. They are built with the most advanced digital fan cooling systems that automatically turns on and off as needed to help reduce noise and increase efficiency. MEDRAY Lasers have received the highest level FDA/510k Clearances for Physical Medicine, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation.

MEDRAY Lasers are a work of technological art. Just as the iPhone has become more feature rich and compact over time. So it is with this  product. It is built with the highest quality components from top to bottom so you can expect many years of trouble-free service. The MEDRAY Laser systems perform a self-check at boot up so you always know it is correctly calibrated and working properly.

DC30 MEDRAY lasers use specially-designed hot swappable handpieces as shown, they connect to a flexible, yet industrial quality, 400 micron fiber-optic cable. A foot pedal is no longer required, and has been replaced by a convenient on/off switch on the handpiece. The hand-pieces are super strong, built from aircraft aluminum. The main Zoom handpiece with the blue adjustable collar is lightweight (8oz), comfortable to hold, has a built in Start/Stop finger switch, and an adjustable Zoom function that allows you to choose a beam size anywhere between 15-30mm. It comes with 4 convex clear ball shaped lens covers that glide easily over body parts, so you can apply pressure when appropriate and they are easy to keep clean and sanitize. You are going to love using the handpieces as they are each finely crafted tools with specific applications, making the overall versatility of these lasers exceptional. The top part can be easily swapped with the included Massage rollerball handpiece, that not only rolls smoothly over the body, and allows for laser massage, but can also be quickly taken apart for cleaning and sanitation.

The SUPERMAX Lasers utilize a unique dual combination handpiece where the single wand can be capped with special rolling cage. This combination allows for a wide range of treatment capabilities and versatility. The unique rolling cage is an all new design that glides smoothly accross the body and around joints, providing maximum comfort and convenience. 

Both the MEDRAY DC30 and the SuperMax work perfectly with the Hands-free S.T.A.R Cart flex arm wide angle 4″ headpiece and exclusive laser software programming for hands free protocol applications.  The S.T.A.R Cart Package (MEDRAY PRIME) includes, laser programming of hands-free protocols, an adjustable rolling cart, a mountable flex are, a 100mm/4″ wide angle headpiece and a bluetooth remote control that allows the patient to turn off the laser while unattended laser treatment is in progress, in case of unexpected heat sensitivity. The S.T.A.R Cart package is $2500, and is sometimes bundled with the DC30 and SuperMax laser packages at no additional charge.

Remy Zoom Handpiece
Remy Rollerball Handpiece
Medray Unattended Laser
Laser Cart Option

Some MEDRAY Laser customers are asking for a laser cart.  This laser on a rolling cart can be a good combination for some clinics. It’s best to get a  cart that is at a good standing or sitting height, and preferably one that is metal and height adjustable so it is heavy enough that it will not tip over. If you would like to get an adjustable, metal, rolling cart for your new laser just let us know. A cart is included with some of the MEDRAY Laser with S.T.A.R Cart Turnkey packages.


Every detail on the MEDRAY Lasers is top-of-line and that extends to the water-resistant, shock-proof carrying case (included).

This is not one of those cheap aluminum hard cases that weighs a lot but scratches and dents easily, this is the same type of water-resistant case (Pelican Style) used by professional photographers to protect their most expensive equipment. Inside the case is soft custom foam inserts for holding all your accessories. A perfect compliment to your top-of-the-line laser.


When you combine all these features with the exceptional support and service you get from, you can’t go wrong with our selection of Class 4 Lasers. While we understand that you want to enhance your practice with a quality class 4 laser, we also understand that you should be able to do so without overextending your wallet. The cost savings with our Class IV Therapy lasers compared to comparable lasers are significant, and we assure you that their performance is second to none. Our goal is happy customers and enthusiastic referrals. Once you incorporate one of our Class 4 Therapy lasers into your practice you will wonder how you ever managed without it. These class 4 lasers are very safe and easy to use, but because they do warm tissue to the touch, free training is provided as part of the package to ensure maximum safety for you and your clients and maximum clinical results for your practice. 

The laser prices indicated on the website includes training, a professional marketing kit and free UPS insured shipping. For Concierge service and support, or to Order Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963. Mr Kalon Prensky, 20+ year laser specialist will be happy to assist you. You can also text to 808-870-0348 or eMail any questions with the form below.


MEDRAY SuperMax 45W Quad-Wave Class 4 Laser Package

  • MEDRAY SUPERMAX 45W QUAD - A Powerful Hands-on and Optional Hands-Free Class 4 Laser System
  • MEDRAY 45 Watt Quad, 4 Waves: 15 Watts 810nm, 15 Watts 915nm, 15 Watts 1064nm & 200mW 650nm Red Laser
  • 2 Specialized laser hand pieces
  • 400 Micron Steel Reinforced Fiber Optic Laser Cord for long lasting performance
  • 11" Full Color Touch Screens Guides You Easily with fancy graphics
  • Over 25+ Preset Protocols & You Can Program Your Own
  • Learn how to create a branded laser treatment center with increased cash flow. We provide the education.
  • Laser in-use Sign & 3 Pairs of Laser Glasses
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the Laser with 1 year warranty on handpieces
  • Duluxe Foam Lined Hard Body Carrying Case
  • FREE Insured UPS Shipping ($300 Value)
  • Proven Laser Marketing Package to help promote your laser business and speed your ROI; Includes a full color Customized TriFold Brochure, Poster and More ($1000 Value)
  • Exclusive Class 4 LASER TRAINING Program with Certification for up to 6 technicians ($2000 Value)
  • OPTION: Ask for the Optional S.T.A.R. Cart hands-free package available for $1995
  • OPTION: Bundle with the addition of a MEDRAY MedWave SoftShock Therapy System and SAVE $6,995 with a combo.
  • SAVE $300 TODAY - Use or mention CODE: 300DLSAVE
  • BONUS Gift: Over 500 Laser Protocols Made Easy in 2 eBooks: "22 Acu-Point Healing System" & "AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0" ($98 Value)
  • Call Toll Free for Complimentary Concierge Laser Service Today: 1-800-575-7963

Original price was: $19,995.00.Current price is: $16,995.00.

Customer Benefits of a Quick and Easy NCMIC Equipment Loan

A Quick and Easy Equipment Loan means:

1. No down payments
2. No upfront payments
3. No security deposit
4. No prepayment penalties or future interest charges
5. Simple half-page Express Application
6. 2-hour or less credit decision
7. Same day ACH funding of the loan
8. You own the equipment from day one so there is no buy-out 

The Quick and Easy Equipment Loan does not:

Show up on their credit report as an outstanding debt as long as payments are made as agreed (the original credit inquiry will be a soft pull and not show up on your credit report)

Add insurance fees to your payment

Have auto renewal clauses that make the monthly payment renew indefinitely

Require blanket liens like most bank financing does 

It is the best alternative to a lease and is faster and easier than typical bank financing.

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