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MEDRAY T3 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser

MEDRAY T3 45 Watt 3-Wave CLASS 4 LASER. 

A Class IV Laser System to meet the needs of a demanding Chiropractic business.

This is a CUSTOM ORDER Laser System. To Order The Medray T3 Call Toll Free 800-575-7963. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.

MEDRAY T3 - A 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser Turnkey Package

Class 4 lasers help you to bring in more clients, meet more of their physical needs, accelerate pain relief and earn higher revenues. Discover 45W Class 4 Therapy Lasers Today.

Are you thinking about adding laser therapy to your practice or upgrading to more power or the latest technology? If so, then getting 45W Triwave therapeutic laser is a premium choice! Speaking of performance and power, we also offer the REMY FX 45 WATT TriWave with an 11″ touchscreen and the newest Android Software and the newest MEDRAY SuperMax 45W QUAD.
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With the MEDRAY T3, you will have one of the best technical lasers made, yet with complete ease and simplicity of use for you and your staff.  There are no long or difficult learning curves and treatment is as easy as turning on – entering log in – choosing body part – choosing pain level and skin type pressing standby and you’re ready to treat. 

If you are considering adding laser therapy to your practice, or upgrading to the latest, easy-to-use technology, then MEDRAY T3 is for you, you, your practice, and your patients.


There is a tremendous amount of technobabble floating around regarding “super pulsing”.  Many Class IIIb laser companies talk about having the ability to give 200w of power with a 500mw diode while so-called super pulsing at a billion times per second.  First of all, there is no scientific research that says pulsing a billionth of a second has any therapeutic value if it is possible to do this at all.  Secondly, even when asked, many manufacturers cannot give the scientific bases of super pulsing nor how a laser can literally pulse a beam at a billionth of a second.

Many laser manufacturers, especially Class IIIb will claim very high “PEAK POWER” levels, for example, 25,000mW – 50,000mW; or 25 – 50w appearing to equal a Class IV therapy laser power level, but offering a “safer” treatment. This may sound impressive or the optimum way to treat, but these lasers emit only 10-100 mW AVERAGE POWER, and average power is the main factor for clinical effectiveness.  Average power is figured by knowing the Peak Power, Pulse Frequency, and Pulse Duration. At 50,000 mW peak power, the Average Output Power is only 0.050 mW or fifty millionths of one Watt.  With this very low average power, it will take twenty thousand seconds (5.6 hours) for that laser to deliver one Joule.  

In significant contrast, a 45 Watt Class IV therapy laser can deliver:

• 6,000 joules in 10 minutes at 10 watts on continuous wave (CW)

• 15,000 joules in 10 min at 45W, CW

• 5,000 joules in 3.3 min at 45W, CW. 

In other words, true clinical outcomes can be achieved in just minutes.

Why Buy A REMY or MEDRAY Laser From

• We’ve got your back – as a dedicated laser pro shop since 2003, serving many thousands of satisfied customers is our passion. We will go out of our way to ensure that you receive fast, friendly and professional service, training and support now and ongoing.
• Guaranteed Best Price – We always offer the lowest manufacturer-authorized prices and if you find it for less (within 30 days), we will meet or beat it. We ensure exceptional value with low prices, free shipping, training, certification, high quality products & ongoing support.
• The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers are 510k FDA Cleared for the widest range of therapeutic applications of all the class iv therapy lasers on the market, they are also granted CE Mark for distribution and use in Europe and the UK.
• We offer the lowest price per Watt of all FDA Cleared Class IV Lasers on the market without compromising the quality, features, longevity, or performance of the product. This ensures satisfaction with higher power performance and a faster ROI.
• We provide up to a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty to make sure each laser really lasts.
• We have a Florida-based service center – to support fast and reliable service if ever needed, with all parts and technician for fast turn around. If determined a longer repair will be needed (unlikely), we will rush you out a loaner laser.
• We are factory-authorized distributors – which means you can rest assured that you are buying an authentic product from a reputable dealer.
 We provide a marketing tool kit to support the success of your class 4 laser business and the building of clients to accelerate ROI. This includes beautiful color digital templates of trifold brochures, post cards and posters customized with your logo and contact info.
• We provide a custom case – shockproof, waterproof, carrying case, and “Laser in Use” sign.
• Discover Lasers LLC is an A+ BBB Accredited Company since 2008. Your satisfaction is our goal and commitment, and we back that up with a *30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We have a dedicated toll-free number for concierge service and support with a laser specialist: Call Toll Free: 1-800-575-7963

Medray T3 main unit

MEDRAY T3 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser

  • 45W main unit MEDRAY T3 with triple wavelength performance: 810, 915, 1064
  • New Touch Play Emitter
  • Online Training/Certification course included
  • Learn how to create a branded laser treatment center
  • Turnkey marketing tool kit included
  • Laser Sign
  • 5 Year Warranty, 1 year on handpieces
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • This is a Custom Order laser.
  • Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963

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