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REMY PROMAX 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser


REMY PROMAX 45 WATT TriWave 3 WAVE Practitioner Package – A turnkey Class 4 laser system – Includes 2 specialized treatment hand pieces for a range of treatment options.

The REMY ProMax 45W Class IV Laser System represents state of the art technology that allows the clinician to treat all body parts and conditions with hands-on in mere minutes. REMY PROMAX comes with a dozen preset conditions built into the touchscreen software. A quick three touch sequence and you are treating. With the extremely high power and photon density, you can achieve the deepest penetration and fastest treatment times ever, with effective life enhancing results for your patients. With the REMY ProMax 45W you get the newest software with deluxe graphics, built-in touchscreen protocols, and personalized training with certification.
ProMax gives you more power and the best wavelengths for the lowest price per watt. For a more Powerful ProMax see the 60 Watt ProMax TriWave.

The REMY ProMax Includes two specialized new hand-pieces and a steel reinforced fiberoptic cable for long life. Call for FREE Concierge Service Today 1-800-575-7963

REMY ProMax 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser Package

The REMY ProMax 45W TriWave – A 45 Watt, 3 Wave, Turnkey Laser Package for Practitioners. 

Delivering More Power, Features and Performance with Lower Cost/Watt.

This Quad Wave laser raises the bar on Class 4 lasers when you compare power, wavelengths, features and price. The PROMAX 45W Class IV Laser is one of the best technical lasers made to date. It features complete ease and simplicity of use for you and your staff, quickly making you a proficient and effective laser therapist. 

Includes dedicated customer service, training & certification.

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laser functions on knee
medray supermax laser why power is important

Are you thinking about adding laser therapy to your practice or upgrading to more power or the latest technology? If so, then the REMY PROMAX 45W is an excellent choice. New for 2023 with more power, more wavelengths, newest technology, latest software and design, newest hand-pieces, free training with certification and a 2 year warranty. Your practice, and your patients will love the versatility and unparalleled performance of the ProMax. This laser offers the latest, easy-to-use technology, 11″ high resolution touch screen, advanced features, exceptional power, 3 optimal wavelengths, and high-quality craftsmanship at the most affordable price per Watt. What you get is simply the most innovative and affordable 45 Watt, Quad-wavelength, Class IV Therapeutic Laser System available for Practitioners.

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• 45 Watts of Class IV laser power in 4 Wavelengths:
15W 810nm, 15W 980nm & 15W 1064nm all at the same time or individually

• REMY PROMAX 45W  Includes:

– REMY PROMAX 45W Laser Base Unit with 11″ TouchScreen

– Custom hard body, foam lined carrying/storage case

– 2 Specialty Hand-pieces 

– 3 pairs of laser glasses

– 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

– A professional marketing program with customized brochures/poster

– Laser training and certification included (for up to 6 techs)

–  Premier Software with Dozens of Protocols. All preset treatments are optimally programmed for quick setup and ease of application.

REMY PROMAX Handpieces

REMY PROMAX Glide Handpiece

Included with every REMY PROMAX Laser purchase.

3 cm diameter homogeneous target area
• Automatic adjustment of the parameters to optimize the intensity on the tissue
• Ideal for the treatment of large anatomical areas homogeneously, reducing treatment times
• Does not cause the contact surface to be very hot, can work for a long time Scroll ball can be used for massage and cooling

REMY PROMAX Spot Handpiece

Included with every REMY PROMAX Laser purchase.

1 cm diameter homogeneous target area
Collimated beam for maintaining the spot size both at contact and at a distance
Ideal for treating trigger points, intra-articular areas, muscle band

REMY PROMAX 60W Specifications

Wavelength: 3 Waves: 

15W 810nm, 15W 980nm & 15W 1064nm 

Peak Power: 45 Watts

Max Average Power: 45 Watts Continuous Wave (CW)

Pilot Beam: Red 650nm±10nm, Power<5mW

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser Class: IV

Emission Modes: CW (continuous wave), Repeat pulse

Repetition rate: 1 Hz- 20 KHz

Display: 11″ True color, fast response touch screen

Dimensions: 283(W), 275(L), 186(H) in millimeters

Weight: 7kg/14lbs.

More Info

Class 4 Laser Therapy is the ULTIMATE because, Power Density equals depth of penetration. More power delivers more photons to deeper target tissue faster and easier. Nothing else compares when it comes to producing RESULTS. No matter the hype, or salesman mumbo jumbo, Class 4 lasers have shown time and time again that results are obtained faster and with less patient cost. In order for healing and rehabilitation to take place, the laser must deliver enough joules to actually trigger the healing response, and many lower power lasers simply don’t or can’t give this power.  This is the reason so called “super pulsing” was introduced, to try and give more power to the treatment. Unfortunately, many ridiculous claims regarding super pulsing are made. A billionth of a second pulse has very little therapeutic value compared to the high power of a true class 4 therapeutic laser.

The REMY PROMAX 45 WATT Laser is provides exceptional power and features. Plus, it is priced at the lowest end of the spectrum at only $16,995. The REMY PROMAX 45W TriWave includes quality customer service, training and support from our highly experienced medical director and repeatable treatments that produce patient results time after time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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REMY PROMAX 60W TriWave – A 60 Watt, 3-Wave, Complete Turnkey Laser Package for Practitioners.

This Tri-Wave laser raises the bar on Class 4 lasers when you compare power, wavelengths, features and price. The PROMAX 60W Class IV Laser is one of the best technical lasers made to date. It features complete ease and simplicity of use for you and your staff, quickly making you a proficient and effective laser therapist. The REMY PROMAX 60W comes with a deluxe carrying case, 3 pairs of glasses, training, marketing kit and handpieces to get you up and working fast and effectively.

Order today by calling Toll Free 1-800-575-7963

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REMY PROMAX 45 Watt TriWave Class 4 Laser

  • REMY ProMax 45W TriWave - A Powerful Class 4 Laser System for Practitioners
  • REMY 45 Watt TriWave, 3 Waves: 15 Watts 810nm, 15 Watts 980nm & 15 Watts 1064nm
  • 2 Specialized laser emitter hand pieces
  • 400 Micron Steel Reinforced Fiber Optic Laser Cord for long lasting performance
  • 11" Full Color Touch Screens Guides You Easily
  • Dozens of Preset Protocols & You Can Program Your Own
  • Training, Certification & CME w/Dr Included for up to 6 Practitioners or Staff ($1250 Bonus Value for Free)
  • Turnkey marketing tool kit included - Customized Brochure and Poster
  • Laser Sign & 3 Pairs of Laser Glasses
  • 2 Year Laser Manufacturer Warranty
  • Custom Foam Lined Hard Body Carrying Case
  • BONUS: Over 500 Protocols Made Easy in 2 eBooks: "22 Acu-Point Healing System" & "AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0"
  • SAVE $300 TODAY - Use or mention CODE: 300DLSAVE
  • Call Toll Free for Complimentary Concierge Laser Service Today: 1-800-575-7963

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