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REMY VET 30W Dual-Wave Veterinary Class 4 Laser

The #1 BEST Equine and Small Animal Laser for the money. REMY VET30W Class IV Veterinary Laser with 30 Watts or Click Here for REMY VETQ27W QUAD 4 Wave

This is a Top Tier Class IV Laser weighing in at a compact 4.5 lbs. for ease of use and transportation anywhere. It now includes a built in battery for use in the field. Comes in a deluxe travel/storage case that is shock and water proof. The 30 Watts of power allows a busy Veterinarian or animal care professional to work with speed and efficiency. The 7.2″ picture-perfect color touch screen makes use and programming a pleasure. Easily select from dozens of preset veterinary protocols: Canine, Feline, Equine or Exotic Animals, or program your own presets. Ideal for Veterinarians, small animals and Equestrian Farms due to ease of use (large color touch screen). It includes a comfortable 8oz. adjustable zoom hand-piece, plus 4 removable and easily sanitized, convex hand-piece attachments to make gliding over fur, skin or feathers easy and comfortable. NEW: We now include the popular REMY Rollerball for easy and effective class 4 laser massage.

REMY VET30W delivers 2 optimal Infrared Laser wavelengths 810nm & 980nm to ensure premium treatment of target tissue. It is extremely safe, produces minimal heat compared to other class 4 lasers, which allows for maximum animal patient comfort. It delivers exceptional power variability and has frequency variables to choose from if desired. It starts up fast, has a digital fan to reduce noice, and is built tough to withstand extensive daily use in extreme situations. This laser features a compact portable size, it’s easy to use and the safety switch is now positioned on the hand-piece for greater convenience  compared to a cumbersome old foot switch. There is an optional, minor surgery hand-piece kit available with training if desired. It makes minor surgeries relatively easy, such as declawing or incisions. Each Remy VET30W comes with an 8 oz lightweight standard hand-piece that utilizes 400 Micron Fibre Optic cable for maximum durability and performance allowing you to easily switch between 15, 20, 25 or 30mm laser output. The price is extremely competitive for all that you get.
We GUARANTEE that with the REMY you will receive the most class 4 laser power and performance for your money with best warranty in the industry. Free training and certification is included with purchase, along with free shipping and an easy access code to reveal over 25 preset protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animal varieties. Call for free Concierge Service and Support 1-800-575-7963.

  • REMY VET30W Class 4 Laser Control Unit Dual Wave: 810nm & 980nm
  • 30 Watt Peak Power & 30W Continuous with 25+ Preset Easy Touch Animal Protocols
  • Large 7.2" Full Color, high resolution Touch Screen makes use fast and easy
  • Includes built in protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animals
  • Internal Battery for easy portable use in the field
  • Class 4 Laser Ergonomic ZOOM Therapy Handpiece w/Zoom adjustment Feature & Handpiece Holder
  • NEW: Now including Class 4 Laser Massage Roller Ball emitter attachment
  • 400 Micron Heavy Duty Fiber Optic Cable
  • 3 pair safety goggles
  • Mobile carrying case (Shock Proof and Water Proof)
  • Includes 5 Year Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Class 4 Laser Training $300+ Value, Included for FREE
  • Ask about the Optional Upgrade: Surgical hand-piece kit + training ($1000)
  • Ask about easy financing with maximum tax advantages through NCMIC or Stearns for Practitioners and Business Owners
  • For Questions or to Order by phone, Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963


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REMY VET30W Dual Wave Class 4 Laser for Veterinary & Equine

The REMY VET30W is Your Best Choice in Dual Wave Veterinary and Equine Class IV Lasers.

Delivering More Power, Features and Performance with Lower Cost and Longest Warranty. REMY VET30W is a game changer for the Veterinary, Equestrian, Canine and animal care industry. Better health, superior performance, faster recovery and an effective, non-invasive, natural therapy that is fast and easy to apply.  REMY Class IV Lasers are the best and most affordable lasers of their kind on the market today! They comes with more FDA/510k Clearance, more features, more power, and more wavelengths, at a more affordable price. It’s made by practitioners for practitioners, so there’s no middleman to deal with, which saves you 30-50% compared to other brands. Includes dedicated customer service, training & certification.
remy veterinary laser

Is it Time to Add Class IV Laser Therapy to Your Veterinary or Equine Practice?​
Improve Clinical Outcomes While Creating a New Revenue Stream from Day One.

Customers are asking, “What is the best equine laser machine for sale in the market today?” The answer is easy, the REMY 30 WATT DUAL is hands down the best all purpose equine and veterinary laser machine available, delivering more Watts per dollar, the longest warranty, best training, service and support.
Animal Care Providers who utilize our therapeutic laser technology learn that the laser PAYS FOR ITSELF QUICKLY! 

Financing available on all lasers with NCMIC or STEARNS Bank Equipment Financing

Remy vet brochure

SAMPLE – Let our marketing expert make a professional marketing piece for your animal laser practice. Included for free with laser purchase

The REMY Class IV Veterinary Laser - REMY VET30W

30 Watt Veterinary & Equine Laser, Dual Wave with Optional Surgery/Declaw Tool Kit

The REMY VET30W Veterinary Laser offers animal care providers with exceptional treatment ADVANTAGES & FEATURES including:

The fastest & easiest learning curve of any Class 4 Laser.
The onboard digital memory is pre-programmed with OVER 25 preset protocols for speed and ease of use, or make and save your own. 
Includes the newest ANDROID software with a 7.2″ Color Touch Screen, which allows for special parameters and setup for chronic or acute pain. With the touch of a picture on the screen, you can choose an animal type between: Equine, Canine, Feline, or Exotic.
With 30W pulsed power and 30W Continuous Wave power in the 2 optimal wavelengths of 810nm & 980nm, your Remy VET30W laser works fast to eliminate pain & reduce inflammation like a champ. 
Delivering extreme versatility. While you have a maximum power of 30W, this laser can also be turned all the way down to class 3b cool temperature power levels in order to take advantage of laser acupuncture and hundreds of protocols in the class IIIB treatment range.
The REMY VET30W 30 Watt 2-Wave Class 4 Laser System is ideal for Equestrian Racing and Show Horse Care, Performance, and Recovery.
Optional accessories are available to allow for the greatest range of treatment options including minor surgery, ablation, coagulation, cutting & more.

NEW: We now include the popular REMY Rollerball FREE with REMY VET for easy and effective Class IV Laser massage.

3 REMY Veterinary Class IV Laser Option:

 REMY VET30W DUAL  (Our #1 Vet Laser with Internal Battery)  |  REMY VETQ27W QUAD  |  REMY VET10W SINGLE

Order yours today or call for free Concierge service and support from a laser specialist 800-575-7963

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does it come with a battery charger? 
A. YES, an internal battery is included with your new laser purchae. 
Q. Is an external battery available?
A. YES and No. We no longer offer them due to complications in mailing batteries, however, a wide array of external battery power supplies are available for purchase online for around $200, which allows the use of this laser in the field without using a standard AC power outlet. With all Class 4 lasers, an internal battery allows for maximum power output of 15 Watts. However, if an external battery is used, it’s like plugging the laser into a normal 110v outlet, which results in full power capabilities.
Q. Is it portable?
A. Yes, it weighs only 4.5 lbs, has built in handle, and is extremely portable with a deluxe, foam-lined, hard body, water, and shockproof case.

REMY VET30W Laser Specifications:

• Laser Type: GaAIAs Diode Laser

• Wavelength: 810 nm – 980 nm

• Maximum Pulsed Power: 30 watts

• Maximum CW Power: 30 watts

• Operation Mode: CW, Single or Repeat Pulse

• Pulse Duration: 10us – 3s

• Pilot Beam: 635 nm, Power<5mW

• Control Mode: True Color Touch Screen (7”)

• Transmission System: Medical Fibers, 400 Micron Fiberoptic with SMA905 Connector

• Dimensions: 160(w) x 180(l) x 235 (h) mm

• Weight: 2.1Kg

REMY Android Treatment Screen Med
REMY Standard Zoom Emitter

Included with every REMY Laser purchase

The hand-piece is lightweight (4oz), comfortable to hold, has a built in Start/Stop finger switch, and an adjustable Zoom function that allows you to choose a beam size between 15-30mm. It comes with 4 convex clear ball shaped lens covers that glide easily over body parts, fur, feathers or skin. You can apply pressure when appropriate & they are easy to keep clean & sanitized. You are going to love this laser emitter. The Zoom Emitter can easily be switched with other optional emitter heads for ENT or Surgery, or the GlassBall Rollerball Hand-piece.

REMY GlassBall Hand-piece

$300 optional add-on, now Included for FREE with most REMY Lasers.

The GlassBall is a special attachment that fits all REMY Lasers, featuring a GlassBall  lens that effortlessly glides across the skin, hair or fur during treatment. This allows less friction, an enjoyable massage experience, and deeper penetration into larger muscle groups. Humans, horses and dogs love it.

The GlassBall screws onto the emitter of the REMY lasers in just a couple of seconds. Unlike other roller-type treatment devices, the GlassBall  can be taken apart extremely fast and the GlassBall can be cleaned and disinfected. 

The GlassBall will fit any REMY Zoom Emitter and is available for $300.00 with free shipping.


Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Back Pain (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
Trauma (Skin, Muscle, Bone)
Wounds (Trauma)
Surgery (Incisions, Growth Removals, Bone Surgery)
Inflammatory Conditions
Acute or Chronic Otitis (Ear problems)
Anal Gland inflammation
Hot Spots
Lick Granulomas
Idiopathic Cystitis – (Bladder Inflammation)
Sinusitis, Rhinitis (Nasal problems)Acral Lick Granuloma Ablation
Anal Sac Abcessation
Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma
Chronic Ulcer Debridement and Sterilization
Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Cutaneous Masses
Deep Mass Removal
Epibulbar Melanoma
Acral Lick Granuloma Ablation
Anal Sac Abcessation
Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma
Chronic Ulcer Debridement and Sterilization
Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Cutaneous Masses
Deep Mass Removal
Epibulbar Melanoma
Graft Bed Preparation
Granulation Tissue Shaving
Hepatic Carcinoma
Liposarcoma Resections
Graft Bed Preparation
Granulation Tissue Shaving
Hepatic Carcinoma
Liposarcoma Resections

Why Buy A REMY or MEDRAY Laser From

• We’ve got your back – as a dedicated laser pro shop since 2003, serving many thousands of satisfied customers is our passion. We will go out of our way to ensure that you receive fast, friendly and professional service, training and support now and ongoing.
• Guaranteed Best Price – We always offer the lowest manufacturer-authorized prices and if you find it for less (within 30 days), we will meet or beat it. We ensure exceptional value with low prices, free shipping, training, certification, high quality products & ongoing support.
• The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers are 510k FDA Cleared for the widest range of therapeutic applications of all the class iv therapy lasers on the market, they are also granted CE Mark for distribution and use in Europe and the UK.
• We offer the lowest price per Watt of all FDA Cleared Class IV Lasers on the market without compromising the quality, features, longevity, or performance of the product. This ensures satisfaction with higher power performance and a faster ROI.
• We provide up to a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty to make sure each laser really lasts.
• We have a Florida-based service center – to support fast and reliable service if ever needed, with all parts and technician for fast turn around. If determined a longer repair will be needed (unlikely), we will rush you out a loaner laser.
• We are factory-authorized distributors – which means you can rest assured that you are buying an authentic product from a reputable dealer.
 We provide a marketing tool kit to support the success of your class 4 laser business and the building of clients to accelerate ROI. This includes beautiful color digital templates of trifold brochures, post cards and posters customized with your logo and contact info.
• We provide a custom case – shockproof, waterproof, carrying case, and “Laser in Use” sign.
• Discover Lasers LLC is an A+ BBB Accredited Company since 2008. Your satisfaction is our goal and commitment, and we back that up with a *30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
• We have a dedicated toll-free number for concierge service and support with a laser specialist: Call Toll Free: 1-800-575-7963

The REMY Laser & MEDRAY Laser Details

The REMY Class 4 Lasers & MEDRAY Lasers deliver the most proven optimal wavelengths for successful treatments with options of single wave length, dual (2) or quad (4). The most revered primary wavelengths for class IV lasers are either 810nm or 980nm and lesser known but also popular wavelengths are 1064nm, 905nm and 635nm. The 2 wave (dual) laser model is available as a 30 Watt Dual (with 15 Watts each of 810 & 980nm wavelengths) or 4 wave (QUAD), which is available as a 27.2 Watt System (9W 980nm, 9W 905nm, 9W 810nm & 200mW 635nm). The newest REMY FX45 is available as a TriWave (with 15 Watts each of 810, 980 and 1064nm, totaling 45 Watts Pulsed or Continuous Wave Power). 

Current independent research reveals that the 810nm is the best wavelength for deep penetration, musculoskeletal applications and hard tissue issues, supporting deep photobiomodulation (PBM). It can deliver great results for almost all applications where photobiomodulation is the primary goal. In the research, they found that 810nm provides up to 30 times the penetration of 980nm because it is not absorbed by the hemoglobin/blood or water. However the 980nm is the Class 4 laser gold standard for its exceptional ability to increase circulation and deliver rapid pain relief with reduced inflammation. It grew popular for use in medium and larger pain clinics, where fast and effective treatments were necessary. We offer 810nm and 980nm in our dual, triwave and quad wavelength versions because they work very effectively together.

The REMY Dual offers 810nm and 980nm wavelengths (Available in SPORT, PODIATRY, VET & PTLAC Models), REMY FX45 TriWave  & MEDRAY T3 45  offer 1064nm, 980nm, and 810nm wavelengths at 15 Watts each. The Quad offers 980nm, 905nm, 810nm, and 635nm wavelengths. The  secondary wavelengths are independently controlled just like with most high-end multi-wavelength systems. As a secondary or tertiary wavelength, these wavelength options add flexibility for muscle relaxation with increased photobiomodulation or PBM at 810nm and increased circulation, reduced inflammation and fastest pain reduction at 980nm, faster treatments and deepest penetration with cooler temperature at 1064, improved soft tissue and wound treatments at 635nm and increased NO plus blood absorption at 905nm. 

For optimal PhotoBioModulation (PBM) 810nm is typically the primary and most desired wavelength due to deep penetration with beneficial effects throughout the entire musculoskeletal system, joints and hard tissues. Even though 1064nm, 980nm, 905nm and 635nm are outside of the therapeutic window they still add significant benefits in many applications and make the laser more versatile for additional treatment options. The REMY, Remy FX & MEDRAY Class 4 Laser Therapy systems easily switch between pulsing and continuous wave and includes an extensive internal protocol library with 25 preset protocols for human applications and an additional 25 preset protocols for animal applications. The MEDRAY also contains built-in protocols for hands free operation with the optional S.T.A.R. cart system. All of these exceptional class 4 lasers come in a shock-proof, waterproof case with 3 pairs of protective eye glasses, 4 convex emitter head covers, first rate emitter options, free training/certification for you and your staff, and a professional marketing package to support you and your practice in realizing the fastest possible ROI for your investment.

DC9 Single Wave
DC10 Single Wave
VET9W Single Wave
VET10W Single Wave
VET 27.2QW Quad Wave
VET 30W Dual Wave
DC30W 2-Wave
PT/LAC30W 2-Wave
POD30W 2-Wave
SPORT30W 2-Wave
POD27QW 4-Wave
T3 45W 3-Wave
Remy FX45 45W 3-Wave
Remy FX30 30W 2-Wave
Power & Wavelength

9W @810nm
10W @980nm
30W @810/980nm
27.2W @635/810/905/980nm

30W Combined Max Output

15W @ 810nm & 15W @ 980nm
27.2W = 200mW, 9W, 9W, 9W
45W TriWave 15Wx3
45W @810/980/1064nm
Typical Dosage10W CW = 6480 joules in 12 minutes25W CW = 7500 joules in 5 min
45W CW = 8100 joules in 3 min
(that’s 2700 j/cm2 per minute)
Best ApplicationHuge step up from most class 1-3b laser systems.Perfect for medium and large practices. 
Price$8,950 and up  $12,500-$14,500-$24,000

*The MDC30 can deliver 15 Watts at 810nm OR 15 Watts at 980nm or both wavelengths simultaneously up to 25 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) and 30W pulsed. The 30W system is limited by the cooling system to deliver a maximum of 25 joules/sec. We call it a 30 Watt system since it contains 30 watts of laser diodes. The REMY FX can deliver a full 45W CW, which equals 2700 joules/cm2 every one minute or 5400 j/cm2 every 2 min.

Why spend more money than you have to?

The REMY Laser & MEDRAY Laser are top-quality FDA cleared, CE Mark Approved, class-4 lasers designed with high-end features and great support at a more affordable price. These generation 2 Class 4 Lasers are designed to meet or surpass the similar Italian-made “gold standard” Eltech K-Laser™ (that cost twice the price) and provides many of the same higher-end features found in ASPEN Laser, LiteCure Laser, LiteForce Laser, Summus Laser and other Class IV lasers, but at a considerably lower price. Thus resulting in a much faster return on investment. The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers feature a 7.2 inch graphic, color touchscreen for ease of use and the compact overall design weighs just 4.6 lbs. With the REMY FX you get 15 Watts of added power and a large 11″ color, touch-screen for maximum visibility, in an overall laser package that weighs just 10 lbs. This provides a great compromise between portability, functionality, performance and ease of programming, when compared to some class 4 laser systems that are heavy and clunky or those with tiny or non-graphic displays. The compact, lighter weight design of REMY and MEDRAY with full color graphic and touch screen display make it a joy to use. View some of the screens to the right and you can see how well they are laid out for ease of use.

Multiple Models of REMY and MEDRAY Lasers

We offer over 20 different models for different types of users. After years of supporting a wide range of practitioners, we came to the conclusion that very few practitioners really need a 60 watt laser. Although these are the highest profit lasers (causing some manufacturers to really push them), very few practitioners have a real need to make it worth the risk and downsides of buying a 60 watt system, which typically produce excessive heat. Additionally, treatment times are literally too fast and not psychologically satisfying past 45 Watts. After looking at the trade-offs of price, weight, reliability and safety on the extremely high power lasers, we decided to specialize on the Class 4 Lasers where our clients see the best result and fastest ROI without any downsides of over-powered machines. This means that all the REMY/MEDRAY LASERS range from 9W to 45 Watts. 60W custom orders are available.

The 9 Watt 810nm is a great entry level class 4 laser with the most popular 810nm wavelength for structural issues. Moving to the dual wavelength (810nm and 980nm) is great for both structural and musculoskeletal issues and is pretty standard for Chiropractors, Podiatry, Veterinary, Sports Medicine and Pain Management Clinics. If you want even more wavelength diversity, tri and quad-wavelength models are available. The Quad delivers 27.2 watts at 630nm (200mW), 810nm (9W), 915nm (9W) and 980nm (9W). The Quad, while not as popular as the dual, gives more versatility for anyone who is treating issues other than structural and musculoskeletal. 

The newest, most advanced and most powerful REMY FX45 45Watt TriWave lasers or FX30  30W Dual are the Gold Standard for perfection in pain management and deep tissue therapy for multiple modalities, and all kinds of practitioners. If you really want the best class 4 laser on the market, the FX outperforms everything else at a price that is often 40-50% less than other popular name brands without any compromises. 

Compact, Attractive and Functional Design

The beauty and functionality of the REMY & MEDRAY Lasers is a work of technological art. Just as the iPhone has become more feature-rich and compact over time. So have these powerful products. They are built with the highest quality components from top to bottom so you can expect many years of trouble-free service. The REMY Laser & MEDRAY Laser system performs a self-check at boot up so you always know they are working properly.

All Remy & Medray lasers use a specially-designed emitter shown above, connected to a flexible, yet industrial quality, 400 micron fiber-optic cable, or 600 micron with the REMY FX. A foot pedal is no longer required, but is optionally available for those who do like it. The hand-piece is beautifully crafted from aircraft aluminum to be durable, lightweight (4oz), and comfortable to hold. It has a built in Start/Stop finger switch, and an adjustable Zoom function that allows you to choose a beam size anywhere between 15-20-25-30mm. It comes with 4 convex clear ball shaped lens covers that fit over the Zoom emitter cage, which allows you to apply pressure or massage when appropriate, which displaces blood and increases penetration. Patients like the contact with skin and the covers can remain in contact with the body as the emitter is guided over body parts. The emitter and accessories are easy to keep clean and sanitized. You are going to love the REMY ZOOM laser emitter. The top part can be easily switched with optional emitter heads for use in ENT, GlassBall Laser Massage, Acupoint Therapy, Toenail Fungus, Warts and minor surgery. It can be quickly and easily taken apart for cleaning and sanitation.

REMY Zoom Emitter
Medical Laser Cart Option

Some of our REMY Laser & MEDRAY Laser customers are asking for a medical laser cart.  This laser on a rolling cart can be a good combination for some clinics. It’s best to get a  cart that is at a good standing or sitting height, and that is heavy enough that it will not tip over. Some have a pocket or basket in the front for holding accessories such as glasses and manuals. If you would like to get a rolling laser cart for your new laser just let us know. 

A laser cart is PROVIDED with the REMY FX 45W TriWave Package and the MEDRAY PRIME and MEDRAY PRIME PLUS Turnkey packages as well.


Every detail on our REMY Lasers & MEDRAY Lasers is top-of-line and that extends to the water-resistant, shock-proof carrying case (included).

This is not one of those cheap aluminum hard cases that weighs a lot but scratches and dents easily, this is the same type of water-resistant case (Pelican Style) used by professional photographers to protect their most expensive equipment. Inside the case is soft custom foam inserts for holding all your accessories. A perfect compliment to your top-of-the-line laser.


When you combine all these features with the exceptional support and service you get from, you can’t go wrong with our selection of REMY Lasers & MEDRAY Lasers. While we understand that you want to enhance your practice with a quality class 4 laser, we also understand that you should be able to do so without overextending your wallet. The cost savings with a REMY/MEDRAY compared to comparable lasers are significant and we assure you that their performance is second to none. Our goal is happy customers and enthusiastic referrals. Once you incorporate this laser into your practice you will wonder how you ever managed without it. These class 4 lasers are very safe and easy to use, but because they do warm tissue to the touch, free training and a “LASER in Use” sign is provided as part of the package to ensure maximum safety.

Your new Laser systems include the laser controller with touch screen, zoom and Rollerball hand-pieces, 400 micron cable, deluxe hard-body mobile case, 3 pairs of glasses, manuals, training, and an exceptional US based warranty. The price also includes training, certification and shipping. 

To Order Call Toll-Free 1-800-575-7963 and Mr. Kalon Prensky, 20+ year laser specialist will be happy to assist you with a complimentary Concierge consultation. You can also text 808-870-0348 or eMail any questions with the form below.


Superior Protocol Support for the REMY & MEDRAY Lasers

Most laser companies don’t put much effort into their protocols. With REMY & MEDRAY Lasers you get 25 human protocols and 25 animal use protocols built in and ready to use with a couple of clicks. In the blue man picture above you can see the protocol choice screen for human applications. For animals you will find even more options for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animal treatment options. Simply tap the part of the body on the screen you want to work on, and the customized protocol will launch. In many of the protocols offered from other companies, only the name of the protocol changes. Most protocols default to delivering maximum power for 10 minutes with no pulsing. Some systems will put the same dosage into an arthritic hand as they put into a bad hip,  compromising your effectiveness as a practitioner. No compromises here. Each protocol is tailor crafted by a team of doctors who are laser specialists

The advanced presets of the internal protocol library on the REMY & MEDRAY work perfectly and are highly developed and proven. They allow you to set the laser up to get the best results for each condition listed in the library. Additionally, you can create and save your own custom presets for quick and easy use any time. If you have used another high-end system, then you will really appreciate the effort that went into the REMY & MEDRAY protocols. Now you will deliver superior results with the best internal protocol libraries of any high end laser.


Fully Adaptive Protocols & Programmable Duty Cycle

The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers follow the best industry practices by adapting the treatment parameters to the patient. The setup screen as seen above shows how each protocol is adapted based on the patient size, skin color and the chronicity of the condition. In addition to following the best industry practices, the REMY Laser & MEDRAY system allow for manually over-riding the standards. One of the secrets of the laser industry is the effect of duty-cycle (on/off ratio) on the dosage delivery. Many systems like the LiteForce & K-laser use a fixed 50% duty cycle. What this means is that users are paying a very high price to get a 25-watt system (that costs about $30,000) that only puts out 12.5 joules/second anytime they are pulsing the laser. Since you pulse the laser for most applications, most users are wasting a huge amount of money because they are confused by the specification and how they change the performance.
The REMY Laser & MEDRAY Lasers have solved this problem by providing users the ability to program the duty cycle considerably higher than most other lasers. With the REMY Laser & MEDRAY Laser you can set up to a 90% duty cycle so that means that a (15 watt) REMY pulsing at 90% will deliver more power (14 joules/second) and save you $16,500 when compared to a LiteForce Class IV Laser system. It’s your time and money. We’ll help you make it work for you most effectively.

Programming REMY FX

Power & Wavelengths

The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers utilize the most established wavelengths. 810nm is the primary wavelength for lower power units and with 20 Watts and higher units, a secondary wavelength of 980nm is utilized in the dual wave units for the quad units adding 905nm to enhance NO and micro-circulation, and 635nm for soft tissue issues. Although these wavelengths have a shallower depth of penetration, they are great for supplemental therapies. For surface injuries, soft tissues, and skin conditions. For animals with hoof and blood-related problems or wounds, the 635nm wavelength is preferred and when you want a wavelength where most of the energy is converted into heat, the 980nm can be used for increasing circulation and extra pain control. 

The REMY & MEDRAY lasers provide a very high power density that many experts think is the key to better therapeutic outcomes. Although lower power devices can deliver the same total energy level given enough time (hours vs minutes), they can never reach the same power density or depth of penetration as the REMY & MEDRAY Class 4 Laser systems. This  laser system gives practitioners full access so they can optimize and customize their treatment for a wide variety of applications. 


For some practices, minimizing patient treatment times while still delivering great results is a high priority. For these types of practices, we offer a variety of powerful options including: the  REMY FX 45W 3-Wave, REMY FX30W 2-Wave, and the 30 Watt 2-Wave Original REMY & MEDRAY providing a cost-effective solution for professional Class 4 Laser therapy. Practitioners can deliver over 4500 joules in 5 minutes with a MEDRAY MDC30W and an amazing 2700 j/cm2 per min. with the REMY FX 45W. This device gives you the option to have extremely short treatment times or deliver very high dosages for maximum impact for your patients.

The REMY & MEDRAY Lasers have the programmable duty cycle (on/off ratio), which allows you to deliver 4300 joules pulsing in 5 minutes. This totally crushes most other systems that have a fixed duty cycle of 50% or less. With the REMY & MEDRAY Lasers, you can create custom protocols that include high-duty cycle pulsing. For example, you can pulse in the 4 – 40 Hz range, but at a 90% duty cycle. This gives practitioners both pulsing and higher dosage. Very few other systems on the market allow this control at any price.


Featuring the newest technology and most advanced laser diodes and components and generous size, full color touch-screens. REMY Lasers feature the newest WiFi based self updating software so they always utilize the newest and most up to date operating system.

Unlike some other Class 4 lasers, the REMY & MEDRAY Lasers do not require a long startup time. Turn it on and the laser boots up and is ready for treatments. Similar products can take up to 4 minutes to warm up the laser before you can start your first treatment. The REMY & MEDRAY Laser systems are built using much of the same design principles as surgical lasers so they are designed for critical operation and made to last, even under constant and regular use. They are built with the most advanced digital fan cooling systems that automatically turn on and off as needed to help reduce noise and increase efficiency. All REMY lasers are FDA 510k Cleared both both Pain/Rehab and Surgery. MEDRAY is FDA 510k for Pain/Rehab.

All REMY Lasers since 2022 are equipped with the newest self updating ANDROID software. You can rest assured that your laser is always automatically updated via WiFi to highest standards and most advanced protocols.

REMY VET Veterinary Class 4 Laser with Handpieces

REMY VET 30W Dual-Wave Veterinary Class 4 Laser

  • REMY VET30W Class 4 Laser Control Unit Dual Wave: 810nm & 980nm
  • 30 Watt Peak Power & 30W Continuous with 25+ Preset Easy Touch Animal Protocols
  • Large 7.2" Full Color, high resolution Touch Screen makes use fast and easy
  • Includes built in protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animals
  • Internal Battery for easy portable use in the field
  • Class 4 Laser Ergonomic ZOOM Therapy Handpiece w/Zoom adjustment Feature & Handpiece Holder
  • NEW: Now including Class 4 Laser Massage Roller Ball emitter attachment
  • 400 Micron Heavy Duty Fiber Optic Cable
  • 3 pair safety goggles
  • Mobile carrying case (Shock Proof and Water Proof)
  • Includes 5 Year Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Class 4 Laser Training $300+ Value, Included for FREE
  • Ask about the Optional Upgrade: Surgical hand-piece kit + training ($1000)
  • Ask about easy financing with maximum tax advantages through NCMIC or Stearns for Practitioners and Business Owners
  • For Questions or to Order by phone, Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963


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Save $300 on all Class 4 Lasers

Use code 300DLSAVE in the shopping cart or on the phone to save $300 on any Class 4 Laser purchase over $2,900