REMY FX Premium Class 4 Lasers

REMY FX are the Most Powerful Class IV Lasers on the Market, All Inclusive Packages, Our Elite Brand. Dissolve Pain in 1-5 minutes and support regenerative healing in the best of ways. Manufactured to the highest quality standards with German Laser Diodes and a 5 year warranty. All inclusive Turnkey Laser Packages for the Practitioner who wants the best laser power, performance and quality.

Introducing the REMY FX Elite Class 4 Laser

Your BEST CHOICE in Powerful Class IV Laser Therapy for PT, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Veterinary, and Sports Medicine.

The REMY FX comes with more features, more power, more wavelengths and more hand-piece options, making it the ultimate choice for practitioners. It’s compact, portable, and weighs only 8 lbs. With up to 60 watts of power divided between 2 or 3 of the industry’s best wavelengths: 810nm, 980nm, and 1064nm with the FX45 Triwave. FX is suitable for human and animal use and can be used for all manner of chronic or acute pain, regeneration, foot fungus, wart and bunion removal, minor surgical procedures, and serious pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. This laser is an advanced, powerful, and versatile laser for pain relief and countless therapeutic applications throughout the entire body. It has the best FDA/510k Clearances available for any Class 4 Laser.

About the REMY FX - Our Elite Brand

The REMY FX Laser is the Elite brand for our most distinguished customers requiring the highest quality and most power available on the market. Designed for maximum performance and longevity with German laser diodes and the newest ANDROID self updating WiFi based operating system. Includes the deluxe wheeled cart, hands free arm with wide angle 4″ (100mm) headpiece, and up to 5 specialized hand-pieces.

The REMY FX includes the newest  software in an 11″ rapid response color touchscreen for ease of use. With 50+ preset protocols, it can banish pain quickly in just 1-5 minutes. It is built to withstand all-day use every day, and has a US based five-year manufacturer warranty (1 year on hand-pieces). With advanced and versatile features, such as the inclusion of five hand-piece options, the REMY FX is the ultimate tool for practitioners to make a transformative impact on their clients’ lives. It’s made by practitioners for practitioners, so there’s no middleman to deal with, which saves you 30-50% compared to other brands. We offer 3 different power output models to best fit your budget. The 30 Watt model can be upgraded to 45W at a later date if desired. Training, CME credits and Laser Certification for up to 6 technicians is included with our Medical Director, who is a wealth of information and has decades of experience to support your practice. Remy FX cart and hands-free arm w/ 4″ head included FREE with FX Purchase – pictured here:


REMY FX – Premium Professional Class IV Lasers

REMY FX 60W Dual | REMY FX 45 Tri | REMY FX 30W Dual

Choose from 3 REMY FX Models offering the Best Value/Watt in High-end Laser Models. Competitive Prices. Guaranteed to treat more issues safely and effectively with the best FDA/510k Clearances including for Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, Fungus, Warts, bunions and for minor surgical applications in Podiatric and Veterinary Medicine. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED or Money Back!

REMY FX 60W Dual


✓ Most Powerful with 60 Watts

✓ Dual Wave: 810 & 980 nm

✓ 11″ Color Touch Screen

✓ 8 lbs Portable with Case

✓ 50+ Built-in Professional Use Protocols

✓ WiFi Based Self Updating Software

✓ Professional Training & Cert. Included

✓ Includes Zoom & GlassBall Handpieces

✓ Wheeled Laser Cart with Power Strip

✓ 5 Year US Based Warranty



✓ Most Wavelengths at 45 Watts

✓ Tri Wave: 810, 980 & 1064 nm

✓ 11″ Color Touch Screen

✓ 8 lbs Portable with Case

✓ 50+ Built-in Professional Use Protocols

✓ WiFi Based Self Updating Software

✓ Professional Training & Cert. Included

✓ Includes Zoom & GlassBall Handpieces

✓ Wheeled Laser Cart with Power Strip

✓ 5 Year US Based Warranty

REMY FX 30W Dual


✓ Most Affordable at 30 Watts

✓ Dual Wave 810 & 980 nm

✓ 11″ Color Touch Screen

✓ 8 lbs Portable with Case

✓ 50+ Built-in Professional Use Protocols

✓ WiFi Based Self Updating Software

✓ Professional Training & Cert. Included

✓ Includes Zoom & GlassBall Handpieces

✓ Wheeled Laser Cart with Power Strip

✓ 5 Year US Based Warranty

REMY FX Redefines What is Possible!

Watch this video to learn about how this laser is used on humans. All REMY FX Models are preloaded with two completely separate banks of protocols: One for Humans and the other for Animals: Dozens of Human use Protocols for the entire body, and an additional 25+ Veterinary Protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animals. Each Protocol can be modified according to body size, skin color plus the pain level and chronicity. Fully customizable at all levels. 

• View Laser Video Demonstration with Laser Specialist, Mr Kalon Prensky

REMY FX Specifications

*Depending upon model

Wavelengths:* 650nm | 810nm | 980nm | 1064nm

Peak Power:* 30W Dual | 45W TriWave | 60W TriWave

Pilot Beam: Red Diode Laser of 650nm

Laser Type: GaA1As Diode

Laser Class: IV

Operation Modes: Continuous Wave (CW) or Repeat Pulse

Repetition rate: 1 Hz- 20 KHz

Display: 11″ True Color touch screen | 600 x 1024 resolution

Dimensions: 160 (w) x 180 (l) x 235 (h) mm

Weight: 8 lbs/4 kg

REMY Class 4 Laser Practitioner Testimonials:

“I have always known that laser therapy can be effective, but it is important to have the proper machine with the appropriate power and wavelengths to provide the best therapeutic effect. I could not be more happy with the ease of use, the efficacy, and the patient response to treatments. I am also grateful for your help in facilitating the quickness of getting the machine and for being very responsive to my questions. I highly recommend the REMY Laser for anyone who is practicing in the Sports Medicine and Podiatry world. It is something I would have been doing sooner, but I’m glad I waited for this powerful and affordable Class 4 Laser device!”

– P Bergman, DPM (Foot, Ankle and Nerve Center)

“This Remy 30w is a much nicer 30 Watt laser package than I expected, and everything about it is superior to what my friend got for $24,000. Plus the customer service and training are exceptional.”

Bishop, LAC

“Just a note to say this Remy laser is freaking amazing!  The results we are getting are phenomenal. Clients are calling it our “black voodoo magic”  Obviously there is science and research behind the therapy and its efficacy. We are seriously happy to be helping clients with the REMY SPORT30W in our Fitness Studio.”

– J Thompson, Athletic Trainer

REMY FX is the best we have tested and the results are great!

“We tested the power of a REMY FX45 on a Gentec-EO Pronto 250 power meter, and there was indeed full power.  Better than any other unit we’ve tested including: Aspen laser, Diowave laser 60W, and Litecure laser 25/40W.

10W   →  10.2
20W  →  20.4
30W  →  30.1
45W  →  45

Additionally, the REMY FX45 feels high-quality, and is reasonably transportable.”

– Dr. Kraft, M.D. in CA (aka Dr. Laser)

“My REMY FX 45 Watt Package Included absolutely everything I needed to be successful from day one. Hands down the best investment in my practice without exception. A true game-changer. Plus the price was half that of a LiteCure.” 

– Dr. Force, DC

“I have utilized the RemyFX, 45 watt laser over the last two years in my chiropractic office. There is no comparison using this high-powered quality laser to the previous underpowered lasers l have used in the past. The amazing clinical results with a multitude of conditions and financial benefits have made it one of the best investments in my 42 years of practice!”
– Gary Cebek, DC, Murrysville, PA 

REMY FX45 45W Class 4 Laser
New REMY FX Protocols Screen

REMY FX in 60W, 45W and 30W  – Your BEST CHOICE in Powerful and Effective Class 4 Lasers 

PAIN RELIEF in 1-4 Minutes. More Therapeutic Applications. Works much faster and more effectively than a Cutting Edge Laser. It’s not over priced like a Litecure Laser. it’s lighter, more efficient, and affordable than an Aspen Laser. Comes with a deluxe cart and hands free options.

REMY Class 4 Lasers have many features that you are going to love. 
The FX has a beautiful iPad-like 11” color, rapid-touchscreen and an advanced, self-updating WiFi based Android software with intuitive, user-friendly graphics. These tap-and-treat preset screens help you quickly optimize patient treatment protocols and parameters, allowing you to easily select body size, skin color, pain level and chronicity level for personalized treatments in just minutes. 

Now you can MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE with REMY FX. It weighs only 8 lbs and puts out a full Continuous Wave (CW) or pulsed wave through 5 frequency sequences at: 60W, 30W or 45 Watts of POWER (depending on model), in optimal wavelengths Dual or TriWave, & fully customizable.

Remy FX Quad Wavelengths Explained

REMY FX Hand-Pieces

REMY Standard Zoom Hand-piece

Included with every REMY Laser purchase

The hand-piece is constructed from high strength aircraft aluminum, it’s lightweight (8oz), comfortable to hold, has a built in Start/Stop finger switch, and an adjustable Zoom function that allows you to choose a beam size between 15-20-25 or 30mm. It comes with 4 convex clear ball shaped lens covers that glide easily over body parts, fur, feathers or skin. You can apply pressure when appropriate & they are easy to keep clean & sanitized. You are going to love the Zoom hand-piece. It can easily be switched with other optional hand-pieces for ENT or Surgery, and the GlassBall Rollerball Hand-piece is popular as well.

REMY GlassBall Hand-piece

$300 optional add-on, now Included for FREE with most REMY Lasers.

The GlassBall is a special attachment that fits all REMY Lasers, featuring a GlassBall  lens that effortlessly glides across the skin, hair or fur during treatment. This allows less friction, an enjoyable massage experience, and deeper penetration into larger muscle groups. Humans, horses and dogs love it.

The GlassBall screws onto the emitter of the REMY lasers in just a couple of seconds. Unlike other roller-type treatment devices, the GlassBall  can be taken apart extremely fast and the GlassBall can be cleaned and disinfected. 

The GlassBall will fit any REMY Zoom Hand-piece and additional rollerball hand-pieces are available for $300.00 with free shipping.

REMY Surgery, Fungus, ENT & Wart Removal Hand-pieces:

Optional REMY Laser Specialty Hand-pieces are available with different packages to meet the needs of different types of practitioners. Ask your sales person if you have a specific need in mind.

The special attachment shown to the right with the pointy protrusion has a single fiber optic strand from which the laser energy is emitted. This attachment fits with any REMY Laser & makes it possible to do minor surgical procedures, cutting and coagulation, to gently and effective remove warts without pain, do minor cuts, ablation, cauterize, declaw, neuter/spay and many other procedures. We also have ENT/Acupoint emitters and a popular toenail fungus hand-piece (2nd from right).

Remy Special Emitters

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