Laser Therapy Business Regulations by State

Regulations for Cold Laser Practitioners, Class 4 Laser Therapy & Clinics. Help with determining if the laws within your state allow for use of hot or cold laser therapy Following is a summary of the regional and special regulations for using hot and cold therapy lasers in a business. This resource is not 100% complete […]

500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols

Laser therapists are often asking, what else can I do with my laser?Are there more protocols available for cold laser therapy?How do you know where to use the laser for what symptoms and conditions?Can you use a laser on the micro-systems?How do you use a laser on the micro-systems?How do you know what points on […]

Cold Laser Therapy Equipment Supplies & Devices for Pro & Home Use

INTRODUCING: The LZR UltraBright Class 4 Powered Light Therapy Device with Class 4 Speed, Yet No Prescription or Glasses Needed. LZR UltraBright comes in 3 models and the newest one features up to 20 WATTS OF POWER with dual wavelengths. This is true power, not pulsed or super pulsed power. True class 4 power but […]