Gently Used Cold Lasers

Every home, farm, family and clinic needs a cold laser.

Save money, buy a slightly used low level laser here.

All of our used lasers are cleaned and tested to be “good as new”

perfect as can be or we won’t sell them.

Used lasers for purchase, below.


Get a slightly used demo model LZR UB20 UltraBright 20 Watt, All purpose light therapy device at a $400 discount. 


Learn more online about how to use this amazingly power healing light for skin care and fat loss. So versatile it goes from dissolving pain and warming tissue to healing, tightening, toning and firming skin while simultaneously melting fat molecules to help shrink the waste-line. This is truly the best, most versatile and most powerful Red and Infrared light therapy device on the market. Order Toll Free 800-575-7963