Gently Used Cold Lasers

Every home, farm, family and clinic needs a cold laser.

Save money, buy a slightly used or refurbished laser here.

All of our used lasers are cleaned and tested to be “good as new”

perfect as can be or we won’t sell them.

Used lasers for purchase, below.

Discover our all time Best selling Equine/Canine Laser, Small Animal Veterinary Class IV Laser. With 30 Watts of Power divided by the two legendary top performing wavelengths in the industry: 

– 15 Watts of 980 Fast Performance Analgesic Pain and Inflammation Relief

– 15 Watts of 810nm the top wavelength in the industry worldwide for Photobiomodulation or PBM for short. This wavelength allows for deep penetration, pain relief and photon saturation of target tissues including deep or hard tissues/joints. Photons convert to ATP in the Mitochondria, supporting the energy needed for serious repair, healing and regeneration of hard and soft tissues. 

The REMY VET30W DUAL WAVE 810/980 is slightly used, refurbished and backed with a 4 year manufacturer warranty. Click that link and it will take you to the REFURBISHED laser page.
This REFURBISHED ONE IS AVAILABLE FOR JUST $9,995.00 Includes 4 year warranty, training with certification, deluxe hard body carrying and storage case, plus free UPS insured shipping. 

or Order it by phone by Calling Toll Free 1-800-575-7963


Get a slightly used demo model LZR UB20 UltraBright 20 Watt, All purpose light therapy device at a $500 discount. 


Learn more online about how to use this amazingly power healing light for skin care and fat loss. So versatile it goes from dissolving pain and warming tissue to healing, tightening, toning and firming skin while simultaneously melting fat molecules to help shrink the waste-line. 

Ideal for both humans and animals. This is truly the best, most versatile and most powerful Red and Infrared light therapy device on the market. 


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This Slightly Used LZR is refurbished and good as new. It Includes:
    • 14 High Power OPTICAL Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy with output of 20 Watts (20,000mW)
    • LZR UB20W is the newest and most powerful 20 Watt Model w/ Super fast treatments 30 seconds/spot
    • 810nm Infrared (NIR) producing 14,000 milliwatts and 660nm Red Light, producing 6,000 milliwatts
    • Note: These specs are based on an optical power output of 1,500mW per LED.
    • Automatic 30 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
    • eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy – Clinical Procedures
    • Lightweight and Portable Size: 7” x 4” x 1.25” & Medical Grade Power Supply Included
    • Hard Body Case and eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy – Clinical Procedures
    • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America. 1 YR MFR Warranty.
    • ORDER with Online Shopping Cart or Toll Free 1-800-575-7963


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