Class II, Class 3b & Class 4 Laser Therapy Devices for Animals

Veterinary Laser Therapy Equipment for Horses, Dogs and Cats or Equine, Canine and Feline Patients:


Pain Relief, Inflammation Reduction, Improved Circulation, Tissue & Wound Healing, Cell Regeneration, Rehabilitation and Overall Much Faster Healing of the widest range of hard and soft tissue issues, with the most powerful light therapy ever made. REMY Veterinary Lasers have the rare and coveted FDA Clearance for many minor surgical applications. LZR UltraBright delivers most Watts/$. Your Choice.

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REMY Class IV Lasers for Veterinary applications delivers a world class product at unbeatable prices, ensuring More VALUE in Watts, Features and Add-Ons than any other laser brand.

CLASS 4 Lasers for Veterinary or Equine Laser Therapy are Available in 3 REMY Class IV Laser Models.

For 3 Exceptional CLASS II Veterinary Lasers See the 10-20 Watt LZR UltraBright Models $1695 to $2995

REMY makes the Best lasers for Class IV Laser Therapy, with portable and rechargeable, compact Laser Models for a wide range of Veterinary & Equine Treatments. Many applications include Rapid Pain Relief,  Rehab, warts, fungus and even Surgery. REMY Class 4 Lasers have the Best FDA Clearances and a proven track record in the US for 6 years.

LZR Equine Light Therapy Devices – Since not everyone can afford a high power, professional Class 4 Laser, we also offer a powerful light therapy product that has the most comparable, Continuous Wave (CW) power, at 20 Watts, with Class II Eye Safety rating, making it safer and easier to use for non laser professionals.

This video explains, How to treat Horse Shoulder & Fetlock w/ LZR UB20W

Using the REMY VET30W Dual Wave 15W 810nm and 15W 980nm 30 Watts Peak Power and 25 Watts Continuous Wave Class IV Laser Therapy with 25 Built-in Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic Animal Protocols. Surgical Ready. Choose from 3 Class 4 Laser REMY VET MODELS 9W to 45W

Equine Light Therapy #1 – How to treat bacterial infection Rain Rot with LZR

How a Veterinarian can use LZR UltraBright light therapy to treat Pets

How to treat Small Animals with LZR UB LED Light Light Therapy for animals

Class 4 Veterinary Laser Options Include: The REMY VET10W, VET27W Quad and REMY VET30W Dual.

Our #1 Most Popular Veterinary Laser that is used in many Veterinary Clinics, Small Animal Hospitals, Equine Care and Rehabilitation Facilities and Private Animal Care Practices is the REMY VET30W 30 Watt, Dual Wave Class 4 Laser with 25 built in protocols, and includes multiple specialized hand-piece emitters for Pain Relief, Surgical Procedures, Dental Applications, Rehabilitation and more. Includes Training with Certification and a 5 Year US based Warranty.

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Choose from a Dozen Veterinary Laser Therapy Equipment options in Class 3b  & Class 4 Lasers:

• 3 Models LZR UltraBright Models:

These are Class 1 Portable high power LED devices in red and infrared. They are reasonably portable plug in devices in the 808nm Infrared (IR) and 650nm (Red), utilizing OPTICAL POWER for fast performance with 30-60 second timer per spot.

• 3 Models of Class 4 Therapy Lasers:

We offer a selection of high quality, feature rich Class 4 Lasers 1, 2 or 4 wavelengths for animal applications from biostimulation, wound healing, pain relief, sprains, tendon and ligament repair, cutting, minor surgeries such as declaw, neuter/spay and much more. Training is included at no extra charge and we also provide customized marketing brochure and poster templates to help increase business and speed ROI. Our REMY Class IV Veterinary and Equine Lasers are high quality medical devices with 501k FDA clearance. They are built tough to be reliable for all day every day work. They are feature rich, fully customizable class IV medical/veterinary lasers available in 9, 10, 27, 30 & 45 Watt Configurations with wavelengths in single, dual, tri and quad models designed to meet all of your veterinary laser needs.

• We also offer the LZR7 ZX2 & PRO M3 Class 4 Cool Temperature Lasers:

Choose from the Tabletop LZR7 or the Portable Pro M3 Battery Powered Main Control Units. Choose from 9 different emitters including the 6.1W, 18.1W, 750mW Acupoint probe, 1W or 3W super pulsed, and others. The beauty of the “Cool Temperature” class 4 lasers is their ability to deliver a fast and consistent dosage to the subject with minimal heat sensitivity and less need to keep moving the emitter in order to prevent a warming sensation

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LZR UltraBright 10W Optical LED Power with NASA Technology – Class IV Power at a Class 3 Price.

Ultrabright Red & Infrared Light Therapy with 10,000 mW (10 Watts) of true OPTICAL Power in Red and Infrared wavelengths. As it turns out, 10 Watts of the LZR UB10, which is measured in Optical Power is far superior in performance, power and speed of treatments compared to dozens of other LED devices on the market that claim power of 40-400W, but who’s power is measured in Electrical Power, which is not comparable. The real test is the amount of photon energy or joules per cm squared (j/cm2) that is delivered to the target tissue. Thus the LZR UB10 at 10 Watts produces 600 j/cm2 per minute. Thus, blazing fast and effective treatments are attainable in just 1 minute per spot one to three times per day. PERFECT for use on Humans & Animals. Veterinarian and Farms.  LZR UB10 users love the power, speed and effectiveness of this device. The amount of true power for the price is unheard of. This is the ultimate light therapy device at unbeatable price compared to power output. This level of power and performance has never been available before 2021. Infrared is for hard and deep tissues and scar reduction, joint and spine pain relief. Red is for skin therapy, inflammation reduction and soft tissue issues. The combination of red and infrared is now the gold standard in healing, pain relief and tissue/joint rehabilitation. You can not go wrong with this rugged, powerful, easy to use and effective UltraBright therapy device. Every home, farm and clinic should have at least one and many clinics are using several of them as well because they cover a larger surface area than the typical laser, they are affordable and they work really fast. Just plug it in and relax, refresh and rejuvenate as pain and inflammation go away.

SORRY, the  10 Watt LZR UltraBright is SOLD OUT and won’t be available again for a couple months. For the same price, CLICK HERE and you can order the 12.5 Watt while supplies last, or Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963

and if you want twice the power at 20 Watts with half the treatment time click Here.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • LZR Ultrabright Optical LED Power in Red Light Therapy & Infrared Light Therapy Combined
  • This is the 10 Watt Model with 10,000mW Power with 14 High Power Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy.
  • This is an All Purpose Use Device for Humans, Horses, Dogs and Veterinarian Clinics, Farms and Pets
  • Automatic 60 second timer
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Standard Power Supply and Hard Body Case
  • eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • Made in USA. Free Shipping.
  • Order with cart or Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963

The MOST POWERFUL Model – LZR UltraBright UB20W. 20 Watts of Pain Banishing, Health Optimizing, Optical Power. UltraBright Covers 5″x 3″ treatment area per 30 seconds with 600 joules/cm2.
As you can see from the pictures. It’s so powerful that the light shines right through the hands and feet. Nothing else compares!

The UltraBright UB20W is perfect for humans, horses, dogs and pets. Banishes pain and inflammation. Restores circulation and accelerates healing of all cells. As it turns out, 20 Watts of the LZR UB20, which is measured in Optical Power is far superior in performance, power and speed of treatments compared to over 90% of all other light therapy products on the market.

LZR UB20 is more powerful than 90% of all lasers on the market! The real test is the amount of photon energy or joules per cm squared (j/cm2) that is delivered to the target tissue. The LZR UB20 at 20 Watts produces 1200 j/cm2 per minute or 600 j/cm2 per 30 seconds. Blazing fast and effective treatments. More power and a larger aperture equals more coverage and faster treatments. Easy to use on yourself or others. Includes Free Shipping, Light Therapy eBook User and Protocol Guide, Medical Grade Power Supply, Hard Body Case and 1 year manufacturer warranty. No risk ordering with 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction guaranteed!

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If you can’t afford the 20W model, then get the
UltraBright 12.5 Watt  for a lower price.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • 14 High Power OPTICAL Output Diodes: 6-660nm Red and 8-810nm Infrared supports both Red Light therapy and Infrared Light Therapy with output of 20,000mW
  • LZR UB20W is the newest and most powerful 20 Watt Model w/ Super fast treatments 30 seconds/spot
  • 810nm Infrared (NIR) producing 14,000 milliwatts and 660nm Red Light, producing 6,000 milliwatts
  • Note: These specs are based on an optical power output of 1,500mW per LED.
  • Automatic 30 second timer and Built-in Cooling Fan
  • eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • Lightweight and Portable Size: 7” x 4” x 1.25” & Medical Grade Power Supply Included
  • Hard Body Case and eBook INCLUDED: LED & Light Therapy - Clinical Procedures
  • Made in USA! Free Shipping in North America. 1 YR MFR Warranty.
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The 18.1 Watt LZR7 Cool Temperature Class 4 laser is a high quality US Made, therapeutic laser with many years proven track record of great results. It takes laser therapy beyond Class 3b and gives you faster treatment speeds with more usable power at cooler temperatures. Known for it’s ability to treat neuropathy pain in mere seconds. The high power with cool temperatures is a game changer for many practitioners concerned about delivering a standardized dose of j/cm2 quickly and effectively. 9 Optional probes/emitters are also available to allow for greatest range of treatment styles and needs. The desktop base station allows programmed delivery of specific treatment dose according to easy to use console presets or custom programmed parameter. USA quality built and made for speed and performance. For a less expensive LZR7 class 4 laser check out the 6.1 Watt emitter package. Thanks to 3x the power, this 18.1 Watt laser emitter also works 3 times faster per treatment area and you know what they say, “Time is money!”

Your Purchase Includes:
  • LZR7 XR2 Class IV Pro Laser Controller w/2 Ports
  • Single 18.1 Watt, 808nm, CW Probe/Emitter INCLUDED
  • 2 Pairs of Eye Protection Goggles
  • Training Guide & Laser Light Therapy book with numerous protocols
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Our 500 protocol AcuPoint Healing System in 2 eBooks


LZR7 Pro 3M Class 3B & Class 4 Lasers are FDA Cleared for Rapid Pain Relief. ​Ideal for Veterinary and Equine applications that require a portable power supply and can benefit from the flexibility of a wide range of laser emitters.

We have many specialized emitters to choose from depending on the type of treatments given. The LZR7 Pro 3M is a compact, Portable Controller that is ideal for use in the field by Practitioners, Veterinarians and Athletic Trainers. This laser system works quickly and effectively, offering extreme flexibility with many different specialty emitters to choose from.

Note: The 18.1W and Large-Area emitters are not compatible with this portable laser system because the high-power drains the battery too quickly.

To Order the LZR7 Pro 3M Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963

Your Purchase Includes:
  • LZR7 Pro 3M Portable Battery-Powered Controller (Choice of 7 Probes/Emitters Sold Separately)
  • 2 Pairs of Eye Protection Goggles (when purchased with probe)
  • Training Guide & Laser Light Therapy book with numerous protocols
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Our 500 protocol AcuPoint Healing System in 2 eBooks
  • **PROBES sold separately. Please see below to choose your probes.


The #1 BEST Equine Laser for the money. REMY VET30W Class IV Veterinary Laser with 30 Watts of peak pulsed power or 25W CW power.

This is a Top Tier Class IV Laser weighing in at a compact 4.5 lbs. for ease of use and transportation anywhere. It now includes a built in battery for use in the field. Comes in a deluxe travel/storage case that is shock and water proof. The 30 Watts of power allows a busy Veterinarian or animal care professional to work with speed and efficiency. The 7.2″ picture-perfect color touch screen makes use and programming a pleasure. Easily select from 25 preset veterinary protocols: Canine, Feline, Equine or Exotic Animals, or program your own presets. Ideal for Veterinarians and Equestrian Farms due to ease of use (large color touch screen). It includes a comfortable 8oz. adjustable zoom hand-piece, plus 4 removable and easily sanitized, convex hand-piece attachments to make gliding over fur, skin or feathers easy and comfortable. NEW: We now include the popular REMY Rollerball for easy and effective class 4 laser massage.

REMY VET30W delivers multiple wavelengths of optimal Infrared Laser to ensure premium treatment of target tissue. It is extremely safe, produces minimal heat compared to other class 4 lasers, which allows for maximum animal patient comfort. It delivers exceptional power variability and has frequency variables to choose from if desired. It starts up fast, has a digital fan to reduce noice, and is built tough to withstand extensive daily use in extreme situations. This laser features a compact portable size, it’s easy to use and the safety switch is now positioned on the hand-piece for greater convenience  compared to a cumbersome old foot switch. There is an optional, minor surgery emitter kit available if desired. It makes minor surgeries relatively easy, such as declawing or incisions. Each Remy VET30W comes with an 4 oz lightweight standard hand-piece that utilizes 400 Micron Fibre Optic cable for maximum durability and performance allowing you to easily switch between 15, 20, 25 or 30mm laser output. The price is extremely competitive for all that you get.
We GUARANTEE that with the REMY you will receive the most class 4 laser power and performance for your money with best warranty in the industry. Free training and certification is included with purchase, along with free shipping and an easy access code to reveal over 25 preset protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animal varieties. Call for free Concierge Service and Support 1-800-575-7963.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • REMY VET30W Class 4 Laser Control Unit Dual Wave: 810nm & 980nm
  • 30 Watt Peak Power/25W Continuous with 25 Preset Easy Touch Animal Protocols
  • Large 7.2" Full Color, high resolution Touch Screen makes use fast and easy
  • Includes built in protocols for Equine, Canine, Feline and Exotic animals
  • Internal Battery for easy portable use in the field
  • Class 4 Laser Ergonomic ZOOM Therapy Handpiece w/Zoom adjustment Feature & Handpiece Holder
  • NEW: Now including Class 4 Laser Massage Roller Ball emitter attachment
  • 400 Micron Heavy Duty Fiber Optic Cable
  • 3 pair safety goggles
  • Mobile carrying case (Shock Proof and Water Proof)
  • Includes 5 Year Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Class 4 Laser Training $300+ Value, Included for FREE
  • Ask about the Optional Upgrade: Surgical hand-piece kit + training ($1000)
  • Ask about easy financing with maximum tax advantages through NCMIC for Practitioners and Business Owners
  • For Questions or to Order by phone, Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963


The Remy Class IV 27 Watt VETQ27W Veterinary Laser is now new and improved with black casing, battery option and user friendly self-updating software.

This workhorse of a Class 4 Laser is built tough and ahead of the pack with premium power, 4 wavelengths and features typically reserved for significantly more expensive Class IV lasers. 7.2″ color touchscreen, 4 unique wavelengths add to the Quad performance with Peak Power of 27 Watts. The VETQ27W is a Top Tier Class IV Laser for Veterinarians, Equine Facilities, Dog Kennels, Equestrian trainers, race and show horse owners and trainers. It’s a compact, full featured powerhouse of a laser weighing in at just 4.5 lbs.  The 27 Watts of power is divided by 4 different wavelengths for maximum tissue saturation at multiple depths. The Remy VETQ27W comes preloaded with dozens of common animal use protocols. Choose from Equine, Canine, Feline or Exotic animal presets, which makes dialing in each procedure a breeze. Additional custom protocols can be preprogrammed and ready to use with the touch of a few buttons. The Remy VETQ27W is ideal for beginner and advanced uses alike thanks to the included training, numerous presets, high level of safety, optimal power variables, compact size and the comfortable, 8 oz lightweight standard ZOOM adjustable hand-piece that utilizes 400 Micron Fibre Optic performance and a Zoom feature on the hand-piece that allows you to quickly change between 15-30mm output. We are now for the time being also including the Class 4 Laser Roller Ball emitter attachment. Dogs and horses love the class 4 laser massage. Optional surgical package with training included available for just $1000. Optional 30W Dual also Avail.

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Your Purchase Includes:
  • REMY VETQ27W Laser Control Unit, 27 Watt 4 Wave: 635nm, 810nm, 905nm & 980nm or 2 Wave 30Watt
  • FDA Cleared! Professional Quality Class 4 Laser
  • 7.2" Full Color Touch Screen for ease of use. The body style now comes in a stylish black finish.
  • Built in battery option now available for cordless power while using in the field, plus heavy duty power supply system
  • Includes 5 Year Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Class 4 Laser Ergonomic Therapy Hand-piece w/Zoom Feature & Hand-piece Holder
  • Fantastic Class 4 Laser Roller Ball laser massage attachment
  • 400 Micron Fiber Optic Cable
  • Starting Mode: Code and finger switch with electronic access key
  • 3 pair safety goggles
  • Mobile carrying case - Water and Shock Proof
  • User protocol manual - 25 Preset Veterinary Protocols Included in laser touch screen
  • Optional Surgical hand-piece kit available for $1000 including training
  • SAVE $300 TODAY - Use or mention CODE: 300DLSAVE
  • For Questions or to Order, Call Toll Free 800-575-7963


The REMY VET10W is available as a 10 Watt Class IV Veterinary Laser in the 980nm wavelengths.

A custom order of 9 Watts in 810nm is also available. The REMY is a Top Tier Class IV Laser for animal care givers wishing to treat pain, inflammation, injuries and to speed recovery. The Remy is light-weight and portable at a compact 4.6 lbs with 7.2″ color touch screen for ease of use and portability. This laser comes with a custom, compact, foam lined, portable, shock proof, water proof carrying case. The 7.2″ picture-perfect color touch screen allows user to choose between Equine, Canine, Feline or Exotic Animal Protocols with over 25 preset Veterinary Protocols (or program your own presets). It comes with an easy to use, light weight, 8oz laser hand-piece. The hand-piece has a special Zoom adjustment allowing the user to switch between 15-30mm laser beam delivery through the removable convex hand-piece heads (4 included with laser) that are easy to sanitize between treatments and that glide easily across the skin, fur and muscles. Ideal for animal Therapists who want to make a big impact quickly. The user friendly features include large touch screen, numerous presents, 25 built in protocols, user programmability for custom presets, easy safety switch, power variables, 5 year warranty, compact size, and custom travel case. Want More Power, More Wavelengths and a built-in battery? See: REMY VET30W 2-Wave (Our #1 Vet Laser with Internal Battery) or REMY VETQ27W 4-Wave

Each REMY Class 4 Laser comes with an 8 oz lightweight hand-piece that utilizes 400 Micron Fiber Optic performance and FREE training to get you up and running fast.
Call laser specialist for assistance at 1-800-575-7963.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • REMY VET10W Laser Control Unit with 10 Watts Power at 980nm or Custom Order 9 Watts at 810nm
  • 7" Color Touch Screen allows easy selection of all necessary variables such as: Animal type, power, frequency, continuous or pulsed, preset protocol or custom & more
  • Includes 5 Year Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Class 4 Laser Ergonomic Therapy Hand-piece w/Zoom Feature & Hand-piece Holder
  • 400 Micron Fiber Optic Cable
  • 3 pair safety goggles
  • Mobile carrying case
  • User Guide
  • Financing Available
  • SAVE $300 TODAY - Use or mention CODE: 300DLSAVE
  • Optional Surgery Tool Kit Available for extra $1000.
  • For Questions or to Order, Call Toll Free 1-800-575-7963